Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Post on HoustonSoReal cuz I went to Houston this week


The come out tomorrow night to the Parish to see the same show in Austin. I'ma be up in that mug.


Seriously, if yer in Austin RSVP and come out. Read why here.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Narcisse-Banks Community Resource Center is proud to announce the start up of its 'Destiny by Design' afterschool program at Kealing Middle School

Beginning February 28th...

In cooperation with CitizenSchools, the Narcisse-Banks Community Resource Center will teach its Destiny by Design afterschool program, which focuses on hip-hop culture and opportunities for career development within the artform. Weekly classes will be taught by Music Journalist and Narcisse-Banks Co-Founder/ Director Robert Gabriel over the course of the Spring semester and will include local artists as guest lecturers. Guest artists including DJ Baby G, Tee Double, B-Boy and B-Girl City, Lady Legacy, Blacklisted Individuals, Pilarsito, Capoeira da Rua and Dat Boi Drew will provide introductory information as well as direct training in content areas such as music production, performance, dance, and graphic design. Development for the program will be supported by Educational Specialist and Narcisse-Banks Co-Founder/ Curriculum Coordinator Jules Narcisse. While Narcisse-Banks as a foundation will be volunteering its efforts to Kealing students, funding has been raised so that guest lecturers will be well compensated by the foundation for sharing their expertise with students. At the end of the Spring semester, Destiny by Design participants will showcase their newly developed talents at a culminating event on the Kealing campus, so stay tuned!

The Narcisse-Banks Communty Resource Center would like to thank Mr. Alex Hendrex, a Social Science teacher at Kealing, as well as our most generous donors for making the compensation of guest lecturers possible. We believe in paying artists to do what they do best, share their art! In the Fall of '08, Narcisse-Banks expects to continue its work at Kealing and extend its Destiny by Design program to Bedichek Middle School as well. Please visit our website and library lists at for further information on the non-profit endeavors of the Narcisse-Banks Community Resource Center.

Destiny By Design "Choose your path, Create your future"

Narcisse-Banks Community Resource Center

Guerilla Productions ATX

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Balack Obama by Bavu Blakes
JUST ADDED! Photos from What To Say 'Bout MLK EVENT!

(MY FIRST GUEST POST! From time to time my man Bavu Blakes will be contributing to AustinSurreal. Needless to say I am quite excited about this as Bavu is one of my great friends, favorite MC's, and a good, good mind. Here he shares his thoughts on Barack Obama (and yes the title of the post is spelled correctly) and the upcoming presidential election. Also below you will find the weekly fleaux's from last week and this week. I didn't post last week's cuz I was waiting for him to finish this column. Enjeaux!)

Balack Obama by Bavu Blakes

Barack Obama is a Black presidential candidate who won the Iowa caucus, and folks are excited. Oprah's excited. Common's so excited that he dropped a "we gon' vote for Obama" during a freestyle at a New Year's Eve church service in Chicago!

So if Obama wins, what happens? Well, obviously he gets the job as American President. Who does the President work for? Do you believe the President works for the people? Do you believe the President works for his own beliefs?

I believe Presidents, and CEO's for that matter, work for the shareholders. And I don't know who our country's shareholders are. But I don't believe our national President necessarily works for us, the people, or even for the government itself.

So when people ask me who I'm supporting for the presidency, it raises many thoughts from the back of my mind. I don't believe that I can actually support them or that I, as a citizen, will ever employ them. I think I'll just be voting in good faith, but not to any actual, known effect. And it'll be my first time voting. I don't believe I can really support in any way (besides prayer) because I don't believe the President works for me and needs my support. I believe the candidates' support obviously comes from whoever finances their campaigns. Then, eventually, one of the candidates manages to get the job as President.

A friend of mine, who has a nationality, asked me today if having a Black President would affect me in any way. My reply was that it would look cool to me. I then asked him if Chevron-Texaco having a CEO of his nationality would affect him. He said "not really, but I think our President effects the way people perceive our country... their actions, their statements, etc." and I agreed.

My friend also pointed out that people are generally going to refer to Obama as America 's potential Black or African American President. And I think Presidential skin color, like gender, means very little compared to how important it is made out to be.

I think Black and African American are more non-descript terms than nationalities, like Italian or Indian. The term African American is most commonly used as a vague "racial" qualifier that covers a vast cultural, social, historical and political spectrum. African American is often an ineffectively descriptive blanket term, like hip hop. Africa is obviously a giant continent -- the 2nd largest on Earth -- with more countries than America has states. So the terms "Black" and "African American" mainly refer to skin color and continent of origin. Thus, Blacks and African Americans have as much variety in their skin color -- and often unknown nationality -- as most other "races" and nationalities combined.

On top of all that, is Obama not "Black" and "White"?

What people are generally not going to talk about is, "what is a President, and who does he work for?", which must be more important than race, color, ethnicity and national or continental descent.

In effect, Black Obama is being used as a distraction from any real issues regarding the Presidency and Presidential race. The same can be said for Hilary Clinton. Because there's a woman and a Black guy involved, everyone can stay on the surface and simply root for who or what they like about what they see. Based on what I know and don't know about the Presidential election process, and the job itself... Obama winning the election is as meaningful as a Black coach winning the Super Bowl. It may change the perception of profession football, but it certainly doesn't change the game.

In our discussion today, my friend said that according to my logic, "Bush is not neccesarily the one to blame (for America's problems)". I agreed, because the shareholders of the country are probably more responsible (for America's problems) than their current Presidential employee.

I don't intend for my message here to be negative or cynical, but I understand how it might ruin the fun of rooting for a presidential candidate. Like Jay-Z to Def Jam, any CEO or President is only so responsible for the state of affairs in a given company or country. So Presidents are mainly aesthetic figureheads, yet they are not unimportant.

When attempting to pick the best candidate, I have to ask myself: Am I qualified to judge who the best candidate for the job is if I don't know who the employers are?

My friend: i'm not asking you to judge the qualifications based on actuality, but rather image
Me: oh well i'd go w/ the black guy!
My friend: haha
Me: not certain i'll vote for him though.





Never have I ever given one man so many !!!!!!!!!!'s

Also check out Mr. Blakes on ME Television.


Aw man, I'm having a rough time. Went to bed about three hours ago. How to start... How to start. Looking for the perfect line. Wait, how about...


My first Austin event in some time, was really, really, really extremely off the chain. Word to Grimy Styles - my favorite band, PPT, Zeale 32 and Gerald G - some of my favorite rappers, DJ John the Expert Witnes and his "Friendly" attorney, and everyone who came out and made this night just one of the most magical I've had in a while. Suffice it to say, once again.


Today we celebrate the life and the legacy of one of the most, if not the most, important civil rights activists in modern times, and what better way to do such a thang than to bring a whole lot of different peoples together through music. This my friends, is what I try to do. Always, in life.


If this photo doesn't evoke the good Dr's dream, I don't know what does. Bavlu Blakes, Flynn D, Gerald G and Rapid Ric.

Kam and Martin from Grimy Styles

Gerald G KILLED IT! Went first and just got people all riled up.

y crew

I'm sayin'

Pikahsso - a true Texas Gem

Zeale 32 went second and continued on where Gerald G left off reminding people that yes it still is actually o.k. to rap about things in a creative way.

I mean, seriously.

Boy kills it.

So glad to see Kam in the place. My lil potna in the game in Houston made the trek for the event. THIS is my people!

Richard Henry in the PLACE!

Rappin' Ryan Donowho. You might know this contemplative boy from up in them movies.

PPT (Tahiti and Pikahsso seen here) has one of the most energetic live shows in the world. The Cool Kids have a publicist, PPT writes timeless songs and puts more into their show than any rappers I've seen in years. Seriously, these dudes performed for 40 minutes and had the crowd straight RAPT! Hanging on their every word and command. How many rappers have you seen that can keep a crowd's attention for 40 minutes? These aren't some dudes who are all over the radio, they were new to 85% of the people in the crowd. I just sat there stoned in the back, like damn y'all, you GOT this crowd.

Picnic and Pikahsso

Know'm sayin'?

Then when Grimy hit the stage, the packed house turned into a writhing sea of um, unity, yes, unity.

And when they broke open the mics, shit got CRAZY!

As evidenced by all these here photos.

Sorry Flynn. My man Pretty Todd got me a new zoom lens for my camera, and since I am merely a picture taker, not an actual photographer, I didn't realize what a strong zoom it was. In fact, I didn't get a lot of crowd shots of my people cuz the place was so packed and I had to stand at least ten feet away to get 2 people in the photo. Soooo I'ma have to get past this learning curve. But word to Pretty Todd he is stepping my game up expeditiously!

Flynn D did rock the mic with Gerald and Kam and Zeale and a whole host of folks. KILLER!

And I mean, alas and alak, it's 9:14 a.m. and I'm about to be late for work. I feel like a heathen.

But, this is America after all. This cog must go enter his machine. Thanks to everyone who came out. I saw some faces in the place that really surprised me. Also WORD TO THE DECK!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

300 Skaters About to Look Real Throwed

I remember round about last year sometime when Bun B called me to ask what I thought about the idea of a U.G.K. Skateboard. He told me he had been kicking around the idea with the folks over at Dirty Ghetto Kids and I remember thinking that there really couldn't be a more perfect marriage. Ten years ago, the concept of a UGK skateboard would have sounded "mad funny yo." Simply because closed minded people could never imagine a UGK fan on a skateboard.

But open your eyes America cuz "shit is mad real" and not necessarily the way you might hath thunk it. Peep the real...

I used to kind of sort of skate. Never seriously cuz I was always tall and lanky (with a beer gut since I was like 12), and honestly the ground just looked so far away everytime I'd get up on the board. Maybe if I had one of these I would have been inspired to keep on. Maybe not. I wiped out A LOT.

But I mean, this shit is just next level. My 5 year old, Eva asked for a skateboard this Christmas, and I lobbyed against it. Maybe I'll get one of these and hold it for her till she's able to handle it.

Act fast though, 300 ain't a lot.

And if this is the shirt, I think I'ma start liking street wear again.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Want to Volunteer at SXSW 2008???

They say that half the job is merely showing up. That is some truth right there. Listen to me now, believe me later on.

I don't know ALL the details about this whole thang but SXSW NEEEDS you to come down an volunteer. Read all abut it on the website, or even better, come down Sunday and sign up and be a part of it. We'll give you all the information there. I bet you get a pass or some shit, I don't know. I know I did it for the New Music Seminar in 1994 and I was fully credentialled up. And such. Details below, see you there.

SXSW 2008 Volunteer Call
Sunday, January 20
Hilton Hotel Downtown, 500 E. 4th St.
6th Floor, Austin Grand Ballroom
12:30 - 2:30pm, Returning Volunteers
3:30 - 5:30pm, New & Returning Volunteers

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mr. Lucci, Kottonmouth, Doughski and Stubb-A-Lean Visit the SXSW Offices

It's real! They came thru the office to hip me to their latest venture, ADDIKTION CLOTHING! AND to confirm their place this year once again at SXSW. That's right Mr. Pookie and Mr. Lucci, the Stoney Crook Family and Kottonmouth Jesse will all be at SXSW again this year. I think I stated on HoustonSoReal last year that theirs were two of the sets that I loved the most. Real talk, I'm a Mr. Pookie and Mr. Lucci and Kottonmouth fanatic. Dallas been getting some attention lately, I hope that momentum grows and grows.

Kottonmouth Jesse, Big Doughski G, Mr. Lucci, Stubb-A-Lean

Also coming to SXSW this year - Bun B and the UGK Records Family (A Tribute to Pimp C?), Dizzee Rascal, um, David Banner, Tech N9ne and man, I have quite a lot more to announce.

Unfortunately if you didn't get your application in on time, we won't be able to accept you last minute like in some years past. We have had more hip-hop applications and inquiries this year than ever. Big labels who used to laugh at me and say SXSW is some sort of hippie fest are calling ME now.

It's gonna be insane this year folks. I suggest you buy a badge if you can.

Anyway, as evidenced by these here photos, these boys have a new clothing line dedicated to the um, well, things many of us love so much. Their first shirt is the DRANKHEADZ Design seen here with DROHEADZ and BEANHEADZ and more on the way (I need those ones more than I need the Drank shirt to be real with you. I'd rather spend $4 on a vicodin than $40 on a few sips of lean. THE LEAN AND BEAN GAME IS ALL FUCKED UP THESE DAYS! Sorry, I just had to vent. Legalize Presciption Drugs for the Masses. This my friends is part of my campaign platform. SoReal Surrealstein in 2012.)

Cuz I mean, they done fucked over THE KUCH here in Texas. So tired of these sappy Democrackas and slappy Republibums. So tired. Freedom is dead. Just sign the paper mister. Fuck.

Also, want to get rich? Open a Ron Paul T-Shirt stand in Austin. Seems as though everyone in this town is down for the ReLOVEution or whatever it is. I'm not fully sold on the dude. Though he's better than any other option we have save for the Kuch. I'm saying dudes, there's strength in numbers. If Kucinich and Paul were to posse up, I'd pledge full support for what it's worth. But we wouldn't build no fence. Fuck that. The Narcos have enough power. On both sides (of the damn game).

Wait, we were talking about rap and drank t-shirts.

Anyway, I got a lot of love for these dudes. Real dudes man.

Close up.

Also, this record jams like hell. Track 10 "Smoke Something" with Pookie, Lucci and Mr. Montis is off the freakin' chain. These dudes make some of the best weed smoking music on the planet.

Which is what is really important. Right? See you at Beauty Bar tonight for this Beauty Bash 2 with Nick Nack and Rapid Ric. And no, I am not and never have been a raver. Just wanna see my people.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Big Thanks are In Order and such is pon di weh!

I bought the domain and it'll be pointing to the correct place as soon as the Cyber-Gods deem it proper.

Word to...




For the Kind Words!

Late Night Trippin' On A School Night in AustinSurreal Ville

Yeah man so we did it up. We hit the streets. Hit two events. My wife and I and Sun-Jue traipsing thru the downtown streets high out of our minds in the cold. Doing it all. Everything. Rap things. Rock things. Avant-Gardist things. Hippie things. All that shit. For this is Austin.

Anyway yeah, before I get into all that, firstly and most importantly might I give to you THE FIRST WEEKLY FLOW BY MR. BAVU BLAKES! Dude's gonna do a song a week all year in addition to his three releases and you'll be able to get them all here.

No, I won't post YOUR freestyles too. Thanks.

Also, and way more important than me going and seeing a rap show... THE KUCH IS IN TOWN TODAY TO OVERTHROW THE WHOLE GOVERNMENT. Well, at least to sue the Democratic (sic) Party of Texas. And I ain't mad at him for taking a stand. Not at all.

Attaboy Dennis.

And for more perspective on Dennis Kucinich and to possibly get your Austin mind off the abortion hating, Mexico fence wanting Ron Paul, here's an interview I did with Kucinich on Damage Control during the last election. Features BUN B and DJ Chill and way more. You just might enjoy this. Though please remember that it was the first and only time I ever interviewed a politician.

Also my real opinion is that Kucinich and Paul should posse up and start their own party. Possibly their own country.

Anyway, here's the report from the street. Our beloved "protected" entertainment district. Though I have to wonder, who's gonna protect the clubs on Red River from the yucky condos they are building round about 10th Street?

Get 'em Kuch!

Anyway last night we went out for Slim Gutta's birthday party at Karma which was also a huge local show of sorts with a ton of MC's performing. I don't know totally what was going on because all I could hear was Flynn D. This here is my man Flynn D, we have the same birthday and this is HIS year.

Also Slim Gutta and Pimpin' Pen are set for quite a year. Word is that Pimpin' partner in VIP, K-Paul was arrested this week and could be away for some time. Which is a shame, a damn shame.

Oscar of Luxury Mindz is a much better photographer than me. Oh yeah, I forgot my flash. As usual.

Flynn D and Pimpin' Pen rapping in the bathroom.

Rapper pon di stage.

The ladies were loving the rapping and such so much.

Tosin and Oscar model their shirts.

Anyway yeah, the ladies were loving the rapping quite a lot, but we had rounds to make so we took off for Emo's after a short pit stop in the smoking section.


Anyway we went down ta the Emo's for a set by RUBBLE which features Shawn David McMillion on guitar and vocals and King Coffee formerly of the Butthole Surfers on the drums. Craig Stewart was conspicuously absent. Anyway, me and Shawn used to drive around Houston smoking from a water bong on the freeway and shit. That's my dude. Glad to see he is blowing up.

They of course, KILLED IT!

Killa Kang!

Man, the ladies REALLY loved the rock as well. Man, what super troopers.

And then this happend.

And word is there was an oil spill just off of 6th Street too. I love this town.