Monday, August 31, 2009

Pretty Much Be At Flamingo Cantina All Week

Cuz it's really goin' down! Tonight BERES HAMMOND!

Tuesday the daddy of all Reggae, the genius, the man, LEE SCRATCH PERRY!

And Wednesday night GROUNDATION! A hell of a party.

And then yes I will see you on Thursday at Red 7...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mo' Thowed Than The Dead Sea Scrolls

I get all sorts of shit in my email box from people who want me to post things on AustinSurreal. Quite often these days, I delete those emails before I even look, cuz it's generally some cockamaimy poppycock (I have a 6th Sense, you see).

Anyway, this dude asked me to not say who he is, and honestly I have no idea who he is, except that he still uses hotmail in the age of GMAIL, but um, this looks like the original lyric sheet to Bun B's verse on "Big Pimpin'"

If that's too small to read I'll upload the full size scan when I get home and post a link.

Did he say "Rosario Dawson" in the recorded version? Nope.

UPDATE! Dude checked the link and then said alright I'ma break you off with this too then. And I said "Get Gmail mayne, come on now."

Anyhoo, is this Pimp C's lyric sheet from "Sippin' On Some Sizzurp?"

Free MP3!
Da C.O.D. - Loftin' In Austin
Plus a new Austin Music Site!

One third of the League of Extraordinary G'z (who you can see live in concert, their debut show on Sept. 3rd at Red 7 - flyer below), Da C.O.D. is one of Central Texas's strongest reality rap groups.

You like how I put that?

I know this only because, when it comes to rap, I only listen to Reality Rap these days. And these dudes make some of the finest reality rap in the region. Anyway, boys flipped the Kanye line from his 106 and Park freestyle where he said some shit about buying a loft in Austin (not a bad idea brah, come dine).


And expect like, 50 other Austin rappers to flip the same sample. I'll try to keep you up on the good ones!

Also be sure to check out ATXALLSTARS.COM the new Austin hip-hop jump off mayne. You will find out more there about what is going on in this town, than you will here. Don't sleep!

And here's some pictures of Da C.O.D. You can see them and more live next Thursday Sept. 3rd at Red 7. Hope to see you there!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Austin Ladies of Hip-Hop on the Cover of the Austin Chronicle!

MAYNE HOLD UP! Word to Audra Schroeder. Great story on some great artists! Very exciting to see Staci Russell on the cover.

Now don't you fool ass fools start hatin' now. This is real positive. So nice to see.

Hey Houston Press, you're next. So many dope females in Houston. Get it poppin'. Been sayin' for years!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fun Fun Fun Fest Line Up Leaks???

Click this link, sure looks like it. Were they hacked? Maybe, maybe not. All I know is Melt Banana + Jesus Lizard = Real Jammin' Event. Not too worried about much else at this point...


Happening at Waterloo Park, in Austin, TX, Nov. 7 & 8, 2009. Come kick it on down with me.

FREE MP3! Bavu Blakes
"On the Cool"
320 for the DJ's

That's right the man is back with the first single off his forthcoming album (is it still gonna be called Too Selfish after all these years of selfishly holding back this dope album? I dunno) - "ON THE COOL!"

It's a club banger that's already getting a lot of love in the streets and in the clubs down here in Texas. O.K. It's no "Stanky Leg," yet, just give it some time. Let it absorb up into yo mindstate.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD BAVU BLAKES - "ON THE COOL" - 320 kbps or whatever. It's 320.

Produced by PICNIC TYME! One of my favorite producers right now.

So yeah, get you some music and go head on and leave a comment below. You never do, tsk tsk, come on now, it's all I ask. Feedback on the jam.

Country Rap Tunes Film Festival in HARLEM NY This Week!

Will the Dipset support? Who knows. They sure spent a lot of time on Houston's SW Side back in the early, um, turn of the century and such. Anyway peep it out!

Click here for a bigger version of the flyer.

Monday, August 24th, 7:30 pm
Music videos in focus: directed by Marc Klasfeld Juvenile, Three 6 Mafia, Scarface, Ludacris, Jermaine Dupri, Young Jeezy, Chamillionaire & more.
Since Juvenile’s “Ha” video, NYU gradute Mark Klasfeld has become the go to guy when major artists want to present a realist image of hip-hop life and culture in the South. One gets the sense that Klasfeld listens to the artists he works with. If Jeezy wants to see two antelopes colliding in mid-air, Jeezy gets it. Weezy wants a woman next to him to translate his words into American sign language, Weezy gets it. The results are music videos that share the artist’s vision and are never short on surprises.

Dirty States of America, 8:15 pm
Dir. FLX (2004) 95 mins.
Dirty States is the most thorough documentation of Southern hip-hop rap in all its regional variation and cultural offshoots. This history is told through interviews with practically every notable southern rapper at a pivotal time when hip-hop form the South began to upstage the East and West coast versions in popularity and market value. While “keeping it real” in its even representation of gun-talk, booty shaking and obscenity in the Dirty, poignant and conscious voices emerge in the film, particularly those of David Banner and Killer Mike. Fans of the Dirty South will find the film enjoyable, and for those curious about the culture, this is an excellent primer.

Tuesday, August 25th, 7:30 pm
Ya Heard Me? The Story of New Orleans Bounce
Dir. Bounce Community (2008) 75 mins.
This film is about a regional version of hip-hop specific to New Orleans called Bounce. You’ll learn how bounce got started and all about the legends like T Tucker, Joe Black, Cheeky Blakk, DJ Irv, Mia X, The Show boys, Bustdown and many more. What Dirty States does for Southern rap in general, Ya Heard Me? does for bounce in particular – providing a history of the music’s roots in second line and Mardi Gras Indian culture and tracing its development ward by ward. The film takes a turn towards tragedy as artist 10th Ward Buck records Katrina and Bounce artists are dispersed. Post-Katrina follow up in Houston, Atlanta, Mobile, Baton Rouge and New Orleans make this documentary a snapshot into a vibrant culture rooted in tradition, set adrift by tragedy.

Lil Boosie: Bad Azz Documentary, 9:00 pm
Dir. Lil Boosie & Bryan Wright (2006) 53 min.
Lil Boosie tours Baton Rouge in a Dodge Magnum (right, a station wagon) and in between accapella raps, he tells the story of his life – his upbringing, his battle with diabetes and his eventual rise to stardom. The film is followed up with some choice internet niblets – Boosie’s latest music video, a news clip about a fan who was arrested for Boosie’s “obscene” lyrics loudly in public.

I’m Bout It, 10:15 pm
Dir. Moon Jones & Master P (1997) 75 min.
Master P’s first film is a prime example of his entrepreneurial spirit. Shot in the Calliope projects of New Orleans, I’m Bout It is an action packed film loosely based on Master P’s life. Arguably the first Hip-Hop street flick for, by and about the agents of the culture to make a serious profit.

Wednesday, August 26th, 7:30 pm
South Park Mexican: Mary Go Round
Dir. Benny Mathews and Carlos Coy (1999) 46 min edit.
An in depth portrait of Carlos Coy, aka South Park Mexican and his family-run independent label, Dopehouse Records. The film is refreshing in its straight forward construction, comprised of interviews with family members, friends, rappers, general hangers on and SPM himself and sprinkled with decent performances. The film was completed shortly before South Park Mexican was sentenced to 45 years in prison for sexual assault of a minor, for which he maintains his innocence.

From Da Streets to Da Stage (excerpt), 8:15 pm presents a Tribute to Pimp C.
Pimp C Pimpalation: Return of the Trill, 8:30 pm
Dir. Ariel Sanstchi (2006) 60 min
Bun B, Pimp C’s partner in rhyme, set a ground swell for Pimp C mania by constantly screaming Free Pimp C on every song he has done since Pimp C got arrested and sent to prison. This DVD takes you inside the life of Pimp C as he tries to get his life back together after his release from prison. It shows Pimp C in the studio working on music with a host of stars from Lil Flip, Scarface, Young Jeezy, Z-Ro, Lil Webbie and of course Bun B. It also captures Pimp C at his video shoot and his coming home party.

Thursday, August 27th, 7:30 pm
Fat Pat: Ghetto Dreams
Fat Pat is one of the original members of S.U.C. and, alongside DJ Screw and Pat’s brother HAWK formed the Dead End Alliance (DEA). The best part of the film is the music video for Pat’s slab anthem, Tops Drop.

DJ Screw: The Untold Story, 8:00 pm
Robert Davis Jr. a.k.a. “DJ Screw” is the master of “Screwed & Chopped” music, a technique of slowing the music to a drag personifying the underground lifestyle of the Houston streets that made him famous. With a small army of MCs known as the Screwed Up Click or S.U.C., Screw began a mix-tape movement that would one day take the music industry by storm. This DVD contains never-before seen footage of the one man who gave Houston its sound identity, at work and at play as well as interviews with the original members of the S.U.C., Davis’ family members and others whose careers are influenced by his music.

Lil Keke: The Youngest Don, 8:30 pm

Friday, August 28th, 7:30 pm

S.U.C.: Soldiers United for Cash
Dir. Rel (2004) 75 min.
Ariel Santchi’s crucial documentary provides the most in depth interview with DJ Screw. Outstanding performances by HAWK, a youthful Z-Ro and an endless freestyle by Lil Flip in pre-Flipperacci form.

Pitch Control Volume 3
Dir. Ariel Santschi (2009) 90 min
Pitch Control's latest DVD, featuring Boss Hogg Outlawz, SUC, ABN and many more
After-party with DJ Lil Randy & E.S.G. hosted by Meshah Hawkins and REL.
DJ Lil' Randy, an original member of the Screwed Up Click, carries the torch of his mentor DJ Screw, as he continues to put out screw tapes with the blessing of the legendary Screwed Up Records and Tapes on Cullen.

E.S.G. is one of Houston’s underground legends and freestyle kings. Apart from appearing on numerous screw tapes, E.S.G. is most well known for his albums Ocean of Funk and Sailin Da South and his classic single, “Swangin and Bangin.”

Saturday, August 29th, 7:30 pm
Dirty States of America
Dir. FLX (2004) 95 mins.

Pitch Control Volume 3, 9:00 pm
Dir. Ariel Santschi (2009) 90 min.
Tribute to Big H.A.W.K, 10:30 pm
Meshah Hawkins will present a video compilation of interviews with and performances by her late husband John "HAWK" Hawkins. Big HAWK was a founding member of D.E.A. and S.U.C. and along with his late brother Fat Pat, defined the endless freestyle and sing song flow that put screwed up Houston on the map. Ms. Hawkins has led the effort to find her husband's killers and keep his legacy alive.

After-party with DJ Lil Randy & E.S.G., hosted by Meshah Hawkins and REL.

Philip Maysles
Co-Director of Cinema Programs

Man, I wish I could be there. This is a beautiful thing. Word to my cousin FLX!
(646) 675-6264


Hahahah, and I found it to be kinda funny. Funny especially cuz it was sent by "The Anonymous Music Guy." Whoever that is. The address at the bottom says said guy is in Oregon. OK, well, have a read It's funny. Also DJ Drama is not white. Why you trippin' Ano?

Also I did NOT write this. Just woke up, turned on my phone, read this and laughed.

Even if most of it is true. OK read on...


My name is Anonymous Music Guy. I do this for no personal gain or benefit of
self. This is just a personal weekly view of the music industry. Please pass
this on

Let's face it, white people today have destroyed the mixtape scene. They
have pilfered off of the black generation since the days of slavery, but now
it's a new era. An era of musical slavery. Mixtapes were once an outlet for
young people with musical energy to put out a product with out enduring the
costs of putting out an album. Mixtapes were a way for DJ's to broadcast new
and upcoming talent to the underground market with fans patiently waiting to
see who is next to blow. Now it's nothing but a pure bootleg market, where
non Black/Urban DJ's basically steal peoples albums and music and put them
out solely for profit and reputation.

We have guys like The Evil Empire, The Empire, DJ Smallz, Trapaholics, Big
Mike, DJ Drama and etc that are fucking the game to hell. These people have
no urban roots. They never lived in a "hood" and likely never endured a real
"struggle". They have no real care for this culture. All they care about is
there fat white pockets getting bigger and bigger off of each new "nigger"
that comes out. They don't break artist. They break artists banks. Literally
and figuratively. They put out mixtapes with no names to identify themselves
which is basically considered bootlegging. I even heard of one certain "DJ"
having a "hacker" on his team who goes into peoples Gmail accounts to steal
"exclusive" music. This one DJ recently took GRANDHUSTLE rap artist YOUNG
DRO's new album and put it out on a mixtape..... WHAT KINDA SHIT IS THAT?
How could you profit off of someones hardwork you did not pay for? You didnt
buy the beats. You did not cover the studio time so what makes you think you
can go out and bootleg there whole album and someone be cool with that? What
kind of shit is that? What has the game come to?

Then you have the supposed "Big Shots" like DJ Drama who give nothing back
to the black community. But it makes sense since he is not* BLACK*. I erk at
the sound of him saying "*NIGGA*" constantly. This guy has been supported by
so many artists and in return to the community he charges outrageous prices
to the people he supposedly supports. Homie does nothing but scream all over
music, I don't know how that makes you an "icon" that deserves 20 thousand
dollars to make a "mixtape". I'm sorry sir I'll pass. His last album did
nothing and went by quickly *with good reason*. Go back up north. Good

The young black musician of today, with music dreams and major label
aspirations has to hope and pray that one day the BWM(*Big White Man*)
sitting in his chair will cut him a budget and give him the time of day. If
he ever gets that time of day, it's very much short lived for the simple
fact of the corruption placed in the music industry today. It has spiraled
and regressed into a piece of shit where young black people will sell there
souls for a little dollar.
The white man who profits will never care about
the damage that is done, I don't blame him. I blame the enslaved black
youth for not waking up.
Don't be a slave to your music, be a owner!!!

Artists have totally devalued there music and self worth in the music world.
Is there any coming back?? better yet, going forward?

Call me racist, call me what you want but WHITE PEOPLE have destroyed

Next week, how WHITE WOMAN have destroyed the Urban Magazine Industry

please pass this along.

Anonymous Music Guy


Oh wait also the last line... um dude, white men, and a half and half dude in particular, already ruined the "Urban Magazine Industry" - way before Ozone. I already know where you are going with THAT. Also some smarmy, black, fruitcakes too. They did, I witnessed it. Sometimes I think only a lone Sri Lankan keeps it real in the "Urban Magazine Industry." Is that even an industry? Anyway have fun readers!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Blondie & Pat Benatar at the Austin Music Hall Last Night!

Yeah, as you might have expected, IT REALLY WENT DOWN! Oh man, did it go down. I'm no 80's music fanatic, in fact fuck the 80's and everyone who is trying to relive that shitty Reagan tainted decade of filth and fucking day glo bullshit clothes, etc...

Except for Blondie. They started in the 70's anyway (as did Pat Benatar) so they still were able to be rooted in real music before all the Mtv dumb shit took over.

Not that I didn't watch a lot of Mtv in the 80's, I most certainly did. In fact, I remember when my father called me from Houston to tell me about this new 24 hour music video channel. Before Mtv we watched 30 minutes a week on Video Jukebox if we were lucky enough to have a friend with HBO, or a parent who knew how to bootleg that shit.

Anyway, everyone knows the Buggles were the first band to be played on Mtv, "Video Killed the Radio Star," and such. But how many of you know that Pat Benatar was the second? Yeah, me neither till last night.

Anyway, I was shocked at how killer Pat Benatar was too. I mean, I expected it from the almighty Blondie, but I really didn't think that Pat woul dhave so much energy, and her ORIGINAL BAND. This was really something.

I'll tell you though, I took my 7-year-old to this show, and we did it like how we used to do it, actually stood in line outside and such as opposed to looking for someone to slide us in a side door. Anyway, as we stood in the massive line, hearing The Donnas inside faintly through the wall, I thought about how many times in my youth, I stood outside a venue, missing the opening act cuz they had to go on so early, and play such a short set. I don't think The Donnas even played 30 minutes, maybe. We saw two songs and Eva was really sad cuz she loves them too.

But whatever. It wasn't as bad as when I went to see Firehose and Superchunk at Fitzgeralds in Houston with the motherfucking Bouffant Fucking Jellyfish smack dab in the middle. I stood on the steps waiting to get in while Superchunk plowed through their less than 30 minute set. Saw maybe 3 songs and they were gone, and then, that funk band (by this point in my life I was REALLY sick of Texas white boy funk, if you lived here in those days you know exactly what I'm talm bout) played in their middle set for no less than an hour and a half.

Talk about pain, anyway, there were no sleepers on this bill and we enjoyed Pat Benatar quite a lot. The Music Hall was packed from wall to wall. We found a spot on the balcony where I could kind of stand off to the side and Eva could just post up on the guardrail and see everything. I think a couple of lesbians with 80's hair got annoyed that they couldn't sit down the entire show, as Eva was standing sort of in their way, but um, yeah, it's a rock n roll show ladies. Get up!

Eva says they said something to her and kind of made her move down a bit, but I didn't see that, and I was watching. Anyway. None of that mattered because a very strange man in a funny hat came up to me and said that I should take my daughter to the backstage VIP area so she could see better, no need to stand on the balcony.

I was like, yeah I wish man, I don't happen to have VIP here. Well, said dude whips out two "all access" passes, hands them to me, says enjoy the show and walks off never to be seen again.

I says to myself, wow what luck, and put one on Eva and one on myself and walk to the backstage area, where these photos were taken. We missed the food but oh well, the show was raging!

Thanks strange dude. (Even though when we got home I looked at the passes and they were cut all uneven like a crazy person cut them, and the lamination shit was all peeling off and the image on it was totally faded. Yeah, they almost had to be bootlegs. Hahahahaha. My Life > Yours. I am not even trippinG. I love resourceful, and giving people.)

Anyway look how good Debby Harry still looks!

We just took the lil pocket camera and I let Eva handle the photo duties and this is what we came back with.

Suffice it to say Eva was totally stoked, but was even more stoked when they opened with her favorite song "Call Me," and then went right into my favorite song "Hangin' on the Telephone."


It really went down.

Word to 30+ years of amazing music and extremely hard work. Here's to another 30.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sept. 3rd in Austin, TX!
Invincible, League of Extraordinary G'z + MORE!


Thursday September 3rd, 9 pm, $7 Presents:

Invincible (Detroit, MI)
League of Extraordinary G'z (Da COD, Dred Skott, Lowkey of Southbound)
Blacklisted Individuals
Crew 54
DJ Crop Diggie

With DJ Hot Bologna, Drank & Gravy (fka I Have The Pills) in the inside room


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Have a Date Thursday Night!
Blondie, Pat Benatar & The Donnas
Live at AustinMusic Hall!

Yep, and that date is with my 7-year-old daughter Eva.

Thursday night, August 20th at the Austin Music Hall, the legends Blondie and Pat Benatar headline with special guests The Donnas! It's a girl rock explosion!

And I mean seriously, Debby Harry was my first love, straight up, hands down, Debby Harry was the first woman I really fell for. I was probably 5 or 6-years-old when I first heard Blondie, and when I saw them on the TV well, yeah, I was pre-pubescent, but I was still tripping out hard for Ms. Debby Harry. She blew my mind from day 1.

In fact, back in those days, my sister and I actually had a lesbian babysitter. I knew she was a lesbian back then even. Back probably before I knew what a lesbian was, but I could tell she liked girls. She had super short hair, wore baseball shirts and was one of the coolest people I had ever met. She was so down with me and my sister, and actually embraced my love for music whole heartedly. I remember when she told me that her heroes were Debby Harry and Pat Benatar. Me being a die hard Kiss and Alice Cooper fan at the time found this to be really cool, cuz I mean, the girl loved music and so did I. So we spent hours hipping each other to stuff we liked. Never mind that at the moment I had not heard of Pat Benatar, I was totally down to learn as I trusted my babysitters opinion to the fullest.

Ah, those were the days. Said babysitter later joined the Air Force, I have no idea what happened after that.

Anyway, oh yeah, I remember playing the first Peter Criss solo record for her. Not the one he made while still with Kiss, when they all made "solo" albums, but the one he came out with just after leaving the band. "You Better Run," was my favorite song on that album, and at the time, the same song had been recorded by Pat Benatar, and later became a single.

I played it for her and was like "THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG EVER CHECK IT OUT!" And she floored me when she played Pat Benatar's version of the same jam. I was flabbergasted to find out that both Peter Criss and Pat Benatar were singing songs THAT THEY DID NOT WRITE!

Which was only half as painful as when I found out that motherfucking Kiss had recorded Diane Warren songs. Yeah, I knew the music business was a complete lie before I hit the double digits (and crazily didn't realize that my favorite song of all time, "Hangin' on the Telephone," was not written by Blondie).

Anyway yeah, the music business sucks, but this concert doesn't. Hope to see you there!


Extract Premier Went Down!
Mike Judge! Jason Bateman! Bun B and More!

Yeah man, tonight, it really did go down. The Austin premier of Extract, the latest film from Mike Judge.

As seen here out front of the beautiful Paramount Theater, pon di red carpet.

Richard Linklater also pon said carpet.

The view from the line at the Paramount Theater.

More view.

Anyway man, I'm no film critic, but I can tell you, my readers, that Mike Judge hath once again delivered a deft work of cinematic excellence. I mean it's fuckin' hilarious. Judge has a knack for capturing the real America and making you feel it.

And he did it again.

And the Q&A was a lot of fun.

And well, Bun B was in the place at the screening and the after party at The Mohawk.

The King of the Trill with the King of the Hill, Bun B & Mike Judge

Jason Bateman & Bun B at the Extract after party on the roof of the Mohawk.

Janet Pierson, SXSW, Bun B, UGK

Presented by The Austin Film Society, Original Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas, Ain't It Cool News and SXSW.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ATX TONIGHT! Twitter Tuesdays!!!

It's really goin' down tonight! Word to my girl Lolo! See you there! I hope...

Click here to see bigger version of the flyer.

Rapid Ric & Cousin Skratch Bastid!
Live in Toronto Friday!

They tryin' to make me jealous! T-Dot stand up. My favorite city in North America. Man, I am due for a visit. Go see my brroooozzz.

I'm sitting here, early as fuck in the morning, listening to a Damage Control (my old radio show) from April of 2004. PLayed Z-Ro - "King of the Ghetto" right into Balance "Hustler." Man come on now, I need to get back on the radio. I miss this shit.

Reality rap is not dead. See post below.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Invincible - LIVE IN AUSTIN!
Sept. 3rd at Red 7

This Just In!

Invincible is headed back to Texas, in 2 weeks time for 2 very special shows!

Invincible, Live at the Scoot Inn.

Yeah man, on Sept. 3rd, 9 pm at Red 7 (611 E. 7th St., Austin, TX 78701) Invincible is going to perform with Dred Skott, Lowkey of Southbound and more to be announced. (Could there be a League of Extraordinary G's performance? I DON'T KNOW!). My bro Mr. Cree on them tables and possibly even more to be announced there.

DJ I Got The Pills is supposedly on the inside turntables all night. Talm bout?

This all came about Sunday when I was talking to Invincible. She said she had a show in San Antonio on September 5th for a Film Festival Put on by the Esperanza Peace & Justice Center. She's also hosting something on Friday Sept. 4th out there. So I say let's do this on the 3rd, she says word, Red 7 says they are open, and here we have it.


More information forthcoming.

Place is really dope. Cheap drinks/beers, cool stage, indoor/outdoor, good sound, etc.

Thursday Sept. 3rd, 2009. 9 pm - 2 am. AustinSurreal Presents this here event At Red 7, 611 E. 7th St. Flyer pon di weh.

Friday, August 14, 2009

More from the Realest Rapper Out Right Now: INVINCIBLE

My girl STAYS makin' moves. She puts the active in activist for real. Girl has my heart for real with every song she does, and that ain't no sappy shit that's some real fuckin' talk. Every rapper who reads this site needs to sit down and really listen to her and see how she is saying more in one song than you have all year. Straight up man, this shit floors me. Word to K-Salaam & Beatnick!

Invincible produced by K-Salaam & Beatnick - The Emperor's Clothes
Directed by Maha Bazzy and Wesley Taylor

Seriously do yourself a favor and go visit Invincible/Emergence Music's new travel agency: EMERGENCE TRAVEL AGENCY.

It's not a travel agency but it will take you places you need to go.

I been sayin' it, and I mean it, REALITY RAP IS NOT DEAD. No matter what Viacom, your local radio, all these other blogs, tweeters and industry hoes tell you.

So many of you fools are chasing the same dollars. Dollars that are going to fund apartheid, both at home and abroad.

Anyway, get to watchin'.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sunday Night at Mohawk!!! BIG EVENT!
DJ Jester, Casy & Brian & MORE!

Why I only go out on nights like Sunday and Monday, I just don't know. But it's happening again!

At one of my favorite spots in town so it's all good for sure. Looks like a super fun night. Anytime DJ Jester hits the decks you know it's goin' down, and on this here particular night he is joined on them turntables (in between acts at least) by DJ's Hot Cross Buns (Nate from When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth)
and Splatz McGee (Sun-Jue Shin).

From the "press release"

Come on out Sunday night, Aug 16th to Mohawk for a fun filled night of music featuring :

Cowabunga Babez (ATX) :

Casy & Brian (SF, CA) :

Best Fwends (ATX, FW) :

DJ Jester the Filipino Fist (ATX, SA) :

So yeah, see you there. Check the sites above for samples of the jams at hands cuz it's really goin' down.

Oh shit Dino's pre-tour release party of sorts or whatever it is is happening at Beerland tonight. Hmmm. That's them boys.

Boys ain't got no flyer but check the Facebook informational source.

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth west coast tour kickoff, and double 7" release show!

We've got two new 7" records for you. A split release with Batwings from San Diego and another 7" titled Jandek Cat. A super dope lineup with Dana Falconberry, ELVIS, and Sir Daniel Francis Doyle. Also the Austin debut of our recession style 4 member band. No Frills. Still Loud and Annoying.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This is one of those posts where I say It Really Went Down A LOT
Latium 10th Anniversary WENT DOWN!
Panty Raid WENT DOWN

I mean cuz really, it all went down. Lets work backwards here. From Monday on back to Friday. Shit, it's Wednesday already.

After a whirlwind weekend in New York City, arriving at 10:40 p.m. on Friday and coming home at 7:55 a.m. on Sunday, I hit the road out to Houston after work on Monday for the Latium 10th Anniversary Party.

If ya done know, Latium is like, the upper echelons of music business in Houston. They have been behind the careers of so many incredible artists. Chamillionaire, Baby Bash, Frankie J, Natalie, and now Slim Thug, Rob G and even Pitbull. Charles Chavez and the Latium family are those type of folks who really do it for real.

Anyway check the flicks, the party really went down (though I couldn't get close enough to get a good pic of Charles chug-a-lugging Patron. He also didn't recognize me when I said hello to him, two minutes after said chug-a-lug as he appeared to be making a bee line for the bathroom. HA!)

Anyway yeah, why does every Houston party have an ice sculpture? I mean, it's pretty dope but yeah. Also, where the fuck did Club Reign come from? I lived in that area (Washington Ave. down by Shepherd and Durham) less than two years ago. I also frequented the scum pit punk rock and blues bars in that area at various times in my life (beloved scum pits that is). My car stereo was stolen in said hood back in the day, and now they have an upscale, freshly built club with a roof deck, a karaoke bar, a wine bar, etc. S0 weird to see that hood transform like that. This being the same hood where the psycho cop tased a crowd - including a 14 year old kid - after a noise complaint a couple years ago. Now its like, a "club district." I also remember when John Lomax wrote in the Houston Press, maybe 5-6 years ago, that Washington Ave. needs to become a club district, similar to Austin's 6th Street or Dallas's Deep Ellum. Well looks like they are doing just that. Building more places for DOUCHE BAGS TO GO DO KARAOKE, BUY BOTTLES AND BE A GENERAL NUISANCE. Just like 6th Street and Deep Ellum have become. Thanks y'all. Fuck live music, art, all that. Fuck it.(Word to Walter's on Washington, I pray you stand forever.)

And I mean, I know that comes off as hating man, but I'm on the inside of this shit and I see it all over the country. The real getting replaced by the plastic. That being said, a couple of the bars down there look pretty cool. But Houston, and most cities, need more places for young musicians to nurture their art. THAT'S ALL I'M SAYING.

Damn, I didn't mean to start hating. Lemme get back to the fun stuff.

Cuz the party was indeed fun. Check out the VIP Section. It was straight bustling. The whole place was a VIP Section. Everywhere I looked I was like damn, look who's here.

Like the man BIG SID! Just signed a deal and will finally get his music out there. This dude is a TRUE GRINDER. From West Texas even man. He deserves great things. Keep an eye out.

Bone and International Red, of the Rap-A-Lot Family, also the upper echelons of music biz in Houston, as you know. Out to show their support.

MY DUDES! Been a long time KG and Steve Raze!

DJ Buddha and friends. Word to Sticky Green Productions.

BW and Inertia of G4 in the place.

Dolemic reppin'!

Two serious grinders who are about to blow! Pimpin' Pen and Big Sid. Was great to see the man Pimpin' Pen out there. Live from Austin, Texas. Check out Pimpin' Pen live this Saturday at the Hot 93 Summer Jam alongside every rapper from Houston.

T-Gray reppin' their sponsor GREY GOOSE!

MY DUDES! DJ Ebonix, friend and T-Gray!

Slim Thugga was up in the house.

My bro Play from Play-N-Skillz with them ladies.

Again, in the booth.

BW once again, with Bria. A nice bartender as opposed to the one that yelled at me.

And here's my super-broz Brandon Holley and Mike Frost in the place, covering the event. Surely their photos are much more clear.

Thanks to Brianne for the hook up and word to all my people at Latium. Here's to another 10 years fam!

So yeah, the reason I went to New York was well, the event of all events was happening again. Do you believe that we hath now completed the EIGHTH Sabbath in the Park. Legions of haters said we'd never get past the first one. The police tried to shut us down ON MORE THAN ONE OCCASSION. But honestly, we can't, and won't be stopped. Sabbath in the Park is a MOVEMENT!

And the first international edition is coming in October at Pop Montreal. Who's with me? Is Canada ready?

Anyway this time around we had a band come help us celebrate. INTO THE VOID plays the music of Black Sabbath, and totally kills it.

This is not just some Sabbath cover band, it's a super group of sorts. ALl these dudes come from other Sabbath tribute bands. Like the creme de la creme of Sabbath Tribute bands.

For real, check em out. Their MySpace page has all the info you need is right there. Into the Void is NOT on Twitter. Which makes them all the more realer.

Word them the fuck up for real.

DJ Ayres coordinated this edition of SITP and straight killed it. Seen here with SITP OG's Rob Babylon and Gina Gold.

That's like the upper echelons of Sabbath in the Park right there.

And here, Maggi Horn, the First Lady of Sabbath in the Park.

J. Lee was quite hyped.

For theband.

Me and Queen Majesty in the place.

Here's Rob signing the bands email list. I signed it too and got this epic email of thanks.



That's some good folks right there.

Boy got hype.

40 Oz and the girl with the same shirt as the singer. Also the shirt I need to get my hands on. I may actually even enter a Hot Topic. Or Spencers, or whatever store sells ROCK SHIRTS. I'm out the mall loop. But it's a hot shirt. Realtalk.

Email list still in effect.

Gigi and Natalie (TEXAS STRONG) Ladies were in attendance, at Sabbath in the Park VIII

And she put in major WORK with the beer bong. I think Ayres did like 5 of them.

I really couldn't fuck with it.

Puja, also upper echelons of SITP FAM

Whylin' out

Soufi and Spring, Texans in Brooklyn

DJ 11 is also upper echelons of SITP FAM

Here's Maggi getting shit really live in the spot.

She did make a comment to me later though about the band. As real as they were, we both kind of felt that they could put a lil more oompf into it. I don't know if they need to dress up (Queen Majesty thinks that dressing up would make them less real, maybe, she was kind of undecided, but rode for the band, which is cool), but part of me thinks that if they did, they'd get a lot more work. Dude sounds like Ozzy, pretty spot on and the band can definitely play.

Maggi also thinks they should be a lil more raging, as opposed to being such precise players. She was like "Did you see when I handed him the beer? He took like two sips and put it down! Ozzy would have chugged that motherfucker, I mean damn!"

Yeah Maggi, keep on keepin' it real.

The groupd shot happened as I was ambling around the back trying to get the rest of the crowd into the group shot, but oh well.

Yeah, it really went down.

And this is my man who runs the Brooklyn Yard. Word to him, I had to post these for my children, who sadly couldn't make it to Sabbath in the Park this year. Stupid high ass flight costs. I need to get my wife and kids to the big city soon.

Anyway yeah, check my dude.

THE NIGHT BEFORE, immediately upon arrival, I hit up the Panty Raid at Savalas in Brooklyn. Word to Puja, Cousin Cole and Benny B. Boys got it poppin'.

Also word to drink tickets.

Yeah, real partiers in the spot.

And yes, the realest partier of them all, Tierney.

OK I gotta get to work. Hope you all see some meteors tonight. Eva, Elena and I laid on the trampoline last night and think we saw a few. Not sure.