Friday, August 26, 2011

54 Reality Show: Bavu Blakes Sanct EP Listening Party

Bavu Blakes came home from LA for a day to give his folks a preview of his new EP recorded entirely with producer Reggie Coby. The SANCT EP is off the chain, you can hear bits and pieces here and get the story!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

League of Extraordinary G'z on tour on the west coast

So happy for my young G'z from ATX. They are out there really doin' it. With Dead Prez. Straight killin' it! Check the vidz below and if you are out there on the West Coast definitely check a show. Also I am late with this, you already missed a few DOH!

See all the dates on and holler at my boys if you see them!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Help the new Jungle Brothers album get made!

My good friend David Willams worked closely with the Jungle Brothers back in the day. He's a Texas dude you may remember from Decadent Dub Team, and if you live in Austin and are on the scene, you've probably been to a show where he was running sound and doing a damn good job at it.

Anyway, last year he fell on some medical emergencies, and we all know what happens when artistic types fall on medical emergencies, and its not pretty. Anyway, the Jungle Brothers are back, and have started work on their new album, which as you know is something that needs to happen, and they need a little help to get it done. Mostly to get David's equipment back that he had to pawn to pay his medical bills and to get him in the studio with the guys.

So he set up a Kickstarter - which is located here - and is trying to raise money to make this happen.

It's as noble a pursuit as any in these daze and times and I'd love to see him get some support on this.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Some total fuckin' wigger talm bout Houston's DJ Sun

OK So it's from January of 1994 and the total fuckin' wigger is me. I ADMIT THAT. But yeah, you should hear this. One must know that I have every radio show I have ever done, somewhere in some format. Cassettes and MP3s mostly. And well, this was from January of 1994, just a couple weeks before I moved to New York City for a year. It's the beginning of (the end) of my old radio show Droppin' Bombs Strictly Hip-Hop that I did for 3 years on KPFT with Rad Richard, DJ Cipher, GT (Mayne), Baby Gramps and more. This particular one is me and Lord Vishnu on the mic and the mix respectively and well we explain all that you just have to hear this. I am uploading it cuz its me talm bout how bewildered I was with one of the greatest DJs in the world the first time I ever saw him, and remain to be to this day.

Listen to this shit. Shout outs to DJ Styles and the Odd Squad, Cipher, Maadhouse, um, basically a whole lot of my Houston hip-hop family from this era. Also talm bout one of GT (Mayne)'s original club nights at a joint called Goats Head Soup. This is just after the Soul Shack shut down, but I assume you already knew that. Long live the Hip-Hop Coffee Shop and the time Lord Vishnu, CeePlus and I done had in those daze. Among others. There's so much more I could say but just listen to the above and make fun of me at will, I don't give a shit. Those were, as they say, the daze.

And DJ Sun is still one of the true greats.

Austin's Kydd - "Missing Elements"

Yo Kydd, it's time to put Sounds in my Head #2 out. Whats the fuckin' hold up bro? Its HIGHLY ANTICIPATED!

Here's one of the reasons why....

Friday, August 12, 2011

K-Rino + Live Band Last week in Houston (FULL SHOW!)

Backed by the band Mantis and the whole South Park Coalition. MAN I wish I could have been at this show!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

One of Houston's Finest - The Tontons!

Peep the first single GOLDEN HERE:
Golden by Tontons



A soulful blend of psychedelic blues and indie-rock, The Tontons are a spectacle. Their driving arrangements and beautiful melodies evoke magnetism and suspend reality. Raw energy veritably emanates from this Houston, TX quartet. The Tontons’ creative method is different from other musicians’; their writing technique, rehearsal and performance style are uniquely their own. This produces a mesmerizing hybrid of disparate musical genres making them difficult to categorize and giving them broad appeal and popularity. The band released their first EP in 2008 titled “Sea and Stars” which earned them the award for “Best New Act” by the Houston Press and showcases at SXSW 2008 and 2009. They followed up with a self-titled full-length album, earning them rave reviews and numerous accolades in the Houston Chronicle's "Favorite Houston Albums of The Decade". Currently, The Tontons are working on a new record due out August 2011.

Mark C. Austin

8/11/2011 Houston, TX Warehouse Live W/Sun Hotel, Ancient Cats 8/12/2011 New Orleans, LA Big Top W/ Felix, In Elevators
8/14/2011 Raleigh, NC Slim's W/ The Charming Youngsters
8/15/2011 Chapel Hill, NC The Cave W/ Pinche Gringo and The Booze
8/16/2011 Winston-Salem, NC Elliott's Revue
8/19/2011 Philadelphia, PA Danger Danger Gallery Danger Danger Anniversary Party
8/20/2011 New York, NY Lit Lounge
8/21/2011 Pittsburg, PA Howlers Coyote Cafe
8/23/2011 Chicago,IL Martyrs'
8/25/2011 Lawerence, KS 8th Street Tap Room W/ Ghosty, and The ACB's
8/26/2011 Monroe, LA Coda
8/27/2011 Jackson, MS Ole Tavern on George St
8/30/2011 Birmingham, Al The Nick
8/31/2011 Mobile Alabama Music Box
9/3/2011 New Orleans Breezys W/ Native America

David Banner Sums Up & Ethers 2011


This what I'm talking about all day everyday.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

University of Houston DJ Screw Exhibit Coming in 2012!

I knew this was going down but was waiting on the official announcement, now it appears that I am late! Z-Ro done beat me to it!

Word to Julie Grob for doing all this. The University of Houston, Houston Hip-Hop Archive is quite an undertaking and from what Julie has told me, she hath unearthed some real treasures. It almost brings a tear to my eye that something like this would even happen. She's a true Godsend for our community. Who else would even think to do this? Preserving Houston's real history is so important and I am so stoked for this. I can't wait for the total unveiling!

Moshito (South Africa) Music Conference Soon Come!

I will be there once again this year. Will you??? Click flyer to see it bigger and go to for more info but yo seriously this is the place YOU need to be if you want to learn more about African music and the African music market. I met people from like 15 countries last year, if not more and all of those relationships continue to this day and I can't wait to see all my people once again.


Seriously, Africa is where its at musically. The best music in the world comes from Africa and this conference/festival is a great place to get your musical education started. And get some business going with a continent truly on the come up.

While the western world falters and such.

Moshito is the spot. Love to see you out there.


Opium Den Soundclash tonight in the ATX

My boy Robert Gabriel promises lots of slowed and thowed Texas weed raps, so this may just be the place to be tonight in the ATX. Hmmmm...

San Antonio: Friday - Question's Birthday Bash

OMG It's really goin' down. I have Trae in Austin on Friday with XV and them so I won't be able to make it, but I certainly would if I could. Question? with the band Dead Broke is one hell of a show. You can't miss this if you are in the area!

Question Birthday Bash Preview August 12th from steadyprime on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Now for the good news!
Gary Clark Jr's new EP is out TODAY!
On JImmy Fallon Tonight

Check the trailer here and go on down to your local shop and get Gary Clark Jr's Bright Lights EP TODAY!

One of Austin's finest. Also he got a stellar review in the new Rolling Stone and will be on Jimmy Fallon tonight playing with The Roots.

MAYNE HOL UP! So happy for the man, it's about damn time. I once took my mama to one of his shows. For real. Word to Pasta Blazkez.

Remember when shit like this would kill someones career?

I rarely post anything negative on my site about artists making art, because in my opinion, its art, go make art, I may not like it, I don't care if I don't like it, I'd rather support things that I like. But when my man sent me this link, I just had to post it. I mean, seriously, yeah, I am old, I been around, I may be jaded, but seriously, hip-hop is actually important to me. Seriously. I care.

Fuck is this?


This Friday in ATX!
Bavu Blakes Listening Session +
Trae, XV, LOEGz, Kydd LIVE at Red 7!

The dawg daze of summer are hitting us hard out here in the ATX, but this Friday night we have a couple events that will keep us cool in the game like a mug for rill I fill dat.

First up, come out to Complete Clothing for your first listen to the new Sanct EP from Bavu Blakes. He's back from LA for a couple days and wants to give ATX a lil taste of what he has been working on. Produced entirely by Reggie Coby of the League of Extraordinary G'z and Dred Skott, I am telling you this one is a classic. A straight up classic. Come out and see the man, the myth, the legend, Pasta Blakez.

That was a play on "pastor" of course, pasta blakez just don't look right. Anyhoo.

Then later that night the party is gonna be off the chain at Red 7 as TRAE THA TRUTH returns to Austin with the homey XV. This show will sell out and will be incredible. Loving that the League of Extraordinary G'z, Kydd and Ben Al are also on this show.



Sunday, August 7, 2011

Video from Rapid Ric's Album Release Party
Bun B Slim Thug Gerald G and MORE!

Looks like it really went down, man I need to get to Houston more often I miss my peoples.

Get Whut It Dew The Album FREE on

Friday, August 5, 2011

Some dudes who can really rap

"Yes He Is" - The League of Extraordinary G'z

My boys with the straight fire from ATX. My Lord they got this one.

Yes He Is - The League of Extraordinary G'z from steadyprime on Vimeo.

One Week Until TRAE + XV

Scoremore and AustinSurreal Presents! Trae tha Truth and XV Live at Red 7. Get your tickets in advance THIS WILL SELL OUT! Openers include League of Extraordinary G'z, Kydd and more! Some of the best talent in TEXAS!

CLICK HERE TO GET TICKETS NOW FOR TRAE + XV and more live at Red 7 in Austin!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Jam!
Phranchyze Produced by Kydd!

From the Frech Phrantana Project, new dopeness from Phranchyze, produced by Kydd Jones #NewTexas #ATX

CLICK HERE TO STREAM OR DL THE JAM - "Back on My shit" - Phranchyze produced by Kydd Jones

PS Lookout for some new Gary Lucas Jr. niceness here real soon. EP out next Tuesday #ATX

Free Mixtape N-Dex
Fo Da $umma

Always great to get something new from N-Dex. He's originally from Ghana, but is living in Oklahoma at the moment and killing it. Check out the new disc Fo Da Summa, before the Autumntime.


1. N.O.O. (No Other Options) Produced by N-Dex
2. Life Changes (405 Till I Die) Produced by Mike Lud
3. FoDa$umma Produced by Billionaire Boy$cout
4. Rims & Mo Sounds Produced by Billionaire Boy$cout & N-Dex
5. Girl Talk (feat. Ron Coolie & Johnny Zu) Produced by Billionaire Boy$cout & N-Dex
6. Pretty (Mary Go) Produced by N-Dex & Gutta
7. Sexstacy Performed, Produced, & Written by Kayai
8. Love Clouds & Dr. Phil Produced by N-Dex & LoudNoyz
9. Fo Da '99 Produced by Mr. Rog
10. Fo Da H-Town $umma Produced by Mike Lud & N-Dex
11. With The Lights (feat. Chase D) Produced by N-Dex
12. Dopeness (feat. Chris McCain & Jabee) Produced by JayEaze
13. Circle X Produced by Billionaire Boy$cout
14. Trilluminati (feat. CO2) Produced by Gutta & N-Dex
15. Hit It (Insurance Claim) Produced by N-Dex
16. Crown Royal Produced by Flash Frequency

Free Album! COOL NUTZ
The Cook Up

My bro Cool Nutz done made a classic. OK you may or may not have heard of Cool Nutz. You may or may not know that there's a hip-hop scene in Portland, OR, and you may or may not know that Cool Nutz has been putting it down both on the mic and behind the scenes for some years, but believe me, this man is a straight up legend. And you can get his new album completely for free below.

I first met Cool Nutz at SXSW in I think 1997 or 1998. Whatever year the 5th Ward movie came out, my memory escapes me. But I went out there and had a party with Greg Carter, the dude who made the film 5th Ward, and Cool Nutz was one of the few rappers doing a show out there that year. He and DJ Wicked were just making the rounds and as he was one of the few, and especially one of the few from a place I didn't think had a lot of hip-hop happening, I made sure to check his show (early in the night on the only indie hip-hop showcase at that time) and was impressed and we have been friends ever since. People don't know, but King Cool Nutz is like one of those dudes who is not afraid to put an entire culture on his back and help everyone and is like, just one of the most genuine dudes I have met in this shit hands down.

I love people who can make something out of nothing, and when they make it jammin, even better. And man, this dude done did that. This is the type of rap music that I like. Hard, smart, jammin, etc. Its that West Coast funk, totally street and real and what you want from that west, but with a special Portland feel to it. I don't know how else to explain it and shouldn't have to. If I say its jammin', mayne, it's jammin' and well, it's jammin' so go jam to it, it's free and you need this. What's the last West Coast record you picked up and really felt? Oregon is the west coast too homey, click below and fill dis.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Whatchall Know 'Bout That Charlie Peters?

My man Charlie Peters coming with a new classic. CLICK HERE TO STREAM/DOWNLOAD "Searching for James River."

For those who want, crave, need that real.

They done went and made a Cosmo Baker Documentary #Finally

Get on his level.

FunFunFunFest Line Up Announced!

MAN! Hold up, they done outdone theyselves this time.

Slayer, Tinariwen, B L A C K I E??? THE DAMNED??? Come down now. WOWSERS! for tickets. GET ON IT! THIS WILL SELL OUT!


AUSTIN, TX (August 1, 2011) – Fun Fun Fun Fest is proud to announce the current lineup for the 6th annual Fun Fun Fun Fest to be held November 4 – 6, 2011 at Auditorium Shores in Austin, TX.

The Transmission Entertainment team, who produces Fun Fun Fun Fest, once again has delivered on an exciting and genre-blurring (from hip hop to indie rock, punk rock to dance, metal to comedy) mix of old and new acts, while keeping their reputation for being a festival offering a unique genre based stage system, rarely-seen performances, newly discovered talent, and anticipated reunions.

The 2011 headliners include everything from indie dance darlings Passion Pit to heavy metal gods Slayer, from hip hop legends Public Enemy to punk icons The Damned. This year, FFF reunions include Hot Snakes, who disbanded in 2005 at the height of their popularity, Hum, who have not been consistently active as a recording or touring group since 2000, and Glenn Danzig playing Misfits songs for the first time in years with original Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein. More bands are planned to be added to the full FFF line up in Aug/Sep.

When asked about this years event, Graham Williams, FFF Founder had this to say: “It’s been so hard to keep the lid on everything we have been working on, there are so many exciting bands and acts this year, and so many more to come.” He added “This is clearly the best bill we have ever put together, and I can’t wait to watch it all happen in November.”

Weekend passes are on sale now, including PIP (Pretty Important People) passes. Single day passes, band set times, student discounts and more will be coming in September. Stay tuned for plenty of opportunities to win tickets in the member’s area at, during Fun Fun Fun Fest’s infamous and annual Scavenger Hunt, the newly added Fun Fun Fun Olympics, and on Twitter/Facebook outlets.
As always, Fun Fun Fun Fest will be working with Austin’s favorite local food and fashion vendors, dedicated to delivering a true Austin Experience for locals and travelers alike.

‘X’ will no longer be performing at Fun Fun Fun Fest as previously announced, as they are on a new tour. They have been replaced by legendary gothic punk band, The Damned, known for being the first UK punk rock group to release a single, an album, to have a record on the UK music charts and to tour the US.

Passion Pit †• †Lykke Li • M83 • Blonde Redhead • GIRLS • HUM • Clap Your Hands Say Yeah • Okkervil River • Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears • Architecture in Helsinki • Ted Leo & The Pharmacists • Heartless Bastards • Tune-Yards • Ra Ra Riot • Tinariwen • Radio Dept • Cold Cave • We Were Promised Jetpacks • Mates of State • The Joy Formidable • Cloud Nothings • The Boxer Rebellion • Asobi Seksu • Keep Shelly In Athens • Le Butcherettes • Jim Ward (Sparta/At The Drive-In) • Joe Lally (Fugazi) • Future Islands • Crooks • Lemuria • TV Torso • Manejo Beto†

Slayer • Danzig Legacy (Danzig/Samhain/Danzig & Doyle Perform Misfits) • The Damned†• Hot Snakes • Murder City Devils • Kid Dynamite• Boris • Cave In • Negative Approach • D-Generation • Eyehategod • Russian Circles • Thee Oh Sees • Zero Boys • Paint It Black • Trash Talk • Youth Brigade • No Bunny • Davilla 666 • Bane • Earth Crisis • Graveyard • Doomriders • Ceremony • From Ashes to Rise • World Inferno/Friendship Society •
Total Control (Member of Eddie Current Suppression Ring) • Death Grips • Touche Amore • Defeater • Mind Spiders • OBN III • Shapes Have Fangs • Schmillion • Thieves

Public Enemy • Major Lazer†• Odd Future (OFWGKTA) • Diplo • Flying Lotus • Neon Indian • Four Tet • Spank Rock • Dan Deacon • Cecil Otter & Swiss Andy present: WUGAZI • Childish Gambino • Budos Band • Rakim • Del The Funky Homosapien • Big Freedia • YACHT • Baths • MNDR • Austra • Dengue Fever • Black Milk • DJ Franki Chan • Ocote Soul Sounds • Auto Body • Bird Peterson • Brandt Brauer Fricke • Picture Plane • T-Bird and The Breaks • Cecil Otter (Doomtree) • G-side • Speak • Purity Ring • DJ Car Stereo (Wars) • B.L.A.C.K.I.E. • Fat Tony

Henry Rollins • Reggie Watts • Brian Posehn • Upright Citizens Brigade • Turquoise Jeep • Donald Glover • Ali Wong • Anarchy Championship Wrestling • Neal Brennan (Co-creator of Chappelle Show/Half Baked) • Best Fwends • Matt Bearden • Brody Stevens • Captured By Robots • Kenny “K-Strass” Strasser Yo-Yo Extravaganza • Whamcity Comedy Set • Louis Katz • Chris Trew • Veggie Hot Dog Eating Contest • JT Habersaat + the Altercation Punk Comedy Tour†
…With more announcements to come in August and September.

Like, whoa...

Fun Fun Fun Fest encourages you to travel smart by biking, walking or carpooling to the festival grounds, as parking will be limited and not permitted in surrounding neighborhood areas. Parking options and more can be found at
Go to for updates and to purchase tickets. You can follow the fest on Twitter @funfunfunfest for up-to-the-minute news, or you can become a Fun Fun Fun Homie at Facebook at
Fun Fun Fun Fest would like to thank you to all of the partners who help make the festival possible, including Heineken Light, Stanley-PMI and many more.
Fun Fun Fun Fest booked its first set of acts in 2006 in downtown Austin, leading with the likes of Spoon and The Circle Jerks… setting the tone for what would grow to be the darling of independent music festivals for music lovers and music makers in the United States for years to come.
Now in its sixth year, Fun Fun Fun Fest is an independent genre based festival, known as one of the most relaxed, creative, and pioneering festivals in music today. Fun Fun Fun Fest is a fest that is custom booked for the most passionate underground and progressive musicians, comedians and fans around the world.

Elaine Garza

William Mills

Go to for updates and to purchase tickets. You can follow the fest on Twitter @funfunfunfest for up-to-the-minute news, ticket giveaways, or you can become a Fun Fun Fun Homie on Facebook @