Thursday, August 4, 2011

Free Mixtape N-Dex
Fo Da $umma

Always great to get something new from N-Dex. He's originally from Ghana, but is living in Oklahoma at the moment and killing it. Check out the new disc Fo Da Summa, before the Autumntime.


1. N.O.O. (No Other Options) Produced by N-Dex
2. Life Changes (405 Till I Die) Produced by Mike Lud
3. FoDa$umma Produced by Billionaire Boy$cout
4. Rims & Mo Sounds Produced by Billionaire Boy$cout & N-Dex
5. Girl Talk (feat. Ron Coolie & Johnny Zu) Produced by Billionaire Boy$cout & N-Dex
6. Pretty (Mary Go) Produced by N-Dex & Gutta
7. Sexstacy Performed, Produced, & Written by Kayai
8. Love Clouds & Dr. Phil Produced by N-Dex & LoudNoyz
9. Fo Da '99 Produced by Mr. Rog
10. Fo Da H-Town $umma Produced by Mike Lud & N-Dex
11. With The Lights (feat. Chase D) Produced by N-Dex
12. Dopeness (feat. Chris McCain & Jabee) Produced by JayEaze
13. Circle X Produced by Billionaire Boy$cout
14. Trilluminati (feat. CO2) Produced by Gutta & N-Dex
15. Hit It (Insurance Claim) Produced by N-Dex
16. Crown Royal Produced by Flash Frequency

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