Saturday, October 30, 2010

AustinSurreal Party Profile: London Andrews

Alright y'all it's one week till the AustinSurreal FunFunFunFest After Party and less than that till Table Dance, so all this week I will be profiling and featuring the artists who will be a part of both of these mangnananananamous events.

Today we start with our host LONDON ANDREWS!

I first came across London Andrews on the internet of course, when she released THIS VIDEO on Worldstar (NSFW). The hip-hop world went nuts, and through a little Googling, I found that she lives in Austin.

So yeah, of course I hit her up. And had the bright idea to have her host this party.

Check out her blog, she's actually a great writer and has no problem pouring her heart out onto the page. And she's a music fan, so it only makes sense to ger her involved.

You can see London Andrews live in the spot, next Saturday night at the ND with DJ Sets from Devin the Dude, Jean Grae, Waajeed, DJ Dus, DJ Mel and Rapid Ric, plus performances from The Niceguys, Kydd and Perseph One. Check the flyer below and DO NOT MISS OUT!


(no guest list productions)

Please vote on Nov. 2nd

And try to use your head, and your heart.

Fuck the tea party.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Check out this Halloween Mix from BMore Original

Bmore Original & Bumsquad DJz hit you with their New Halloween Release. Guaranteed to make you Dance & Scream!

Listen up all you Ghouls & Goblins, The 2010 Halloween edition of “CLUB MONSTERS VOL 1”- Bmore Original Records hottest Baltimore Club Producers band together for holiday compilation

Baltimore, Maryland October 29, 2010: Bmore Original Records and Bumsquad DJz put together the Halloween Scream Mix featuring DJ Booman, DJ Excel, Bennie Stixx, Jon Kwest, & Murder Mark. These elite five all come together to form “CLUB MONSTERS VOL. 1”. The Halloween Scream Mix is scheduled to drop 10-29-10 for all the Halloween party goers that love Baltimore Club Music and want to dance there little trick or treats off! For your exclusive copy go to and download The Hallow Scream Mix of “CLUB MONSTERS VOL.1” for FREE! For more Info on Bmore Original Records DJ’s & Artist, log on to WWW.BMOREORIGINAL.COM and BIO info on Bumsquad DJz WWW.BUMSQUADDJZ.COM

Word to: DJ Excel

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Austin Hip-Hop's Finest!
Release parties!
Zeale + The Cipher

Man, ATX you GOT to represent tonight and tomorrow for two of Austin's most lyrical and real rap artists/collectives. Both have new releases and both are bout finta kill it.

Tonight at The Parish, Friday night at Red 7, see you there(s).

Monday, October 25, 2010

Rest in Peace JOHN PEEL

Six years ago today, I woke up, turned on my computer, and got totally depressed. I had no idea what I was going to listen to! John Peel was gone, and I was feeling quite lost.

Still do to an extent. Dude was my hero for sure. He hath not died in vain. At least not over here in AustinSurrealVille.

RIP to the realest dude ever in music EVER.

Skratch Bastid Destroys Big Boi's "You Ain't No DJ"

See Skratch Bastid live in action at The Scoot Inn Thursday Nov. 4th with Michael 5000 Watts and Rapid Ric!

Friday, October 22, 2010

To Honor October 22nd: National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality

Pharoahe Monch Releases Live Footage of "Clap (One Day)"

Clap (One Day) from W.A.R. Media on Vimeo.

Relevant to Austin, you think?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cry for me Argentina

And every other nation on this earth, for I shant attend CMJ this year.

And I am mostly pissed because I am going to miss the event below! International Hip-Hop at CMJ!

Global Hip Hop returns to CMJ as Import/Export
The only Intl Rap at the Festival

The Global platform for digital music promotion Digiwaxx has partnered with The Bloom Effect – a full service publicity/marketing/events company along with the multi-media artist Miz Metro for an unforgettable and innovative night of International Hip Hop. The event called Import/Export takes artists from far away places as Sudan, Israel, France, Norway, UK into a comfortable setting whilst providing a vehicle and platform for exposure and discovery on a NY stage. These are U.S debuts for most of the artists.

The event takes place at 92YTribeca. 200 Hudson St- Downtown Tribeca on Thursday October 21st 2010. The show will begin at 8 PM and will last until 3 AM and will feature live international hip-hop music and DJs spinning music hosted by Eternia who is receiving a fair amount of buzz and critical acclaim for her latest project on Fat Beats. She’s been back and forth from Toronto and NY most recently making NY her home and traveling around the world.

The College Music Journal Marathon (CMJ) is New York’s largest music, film and media conference and will host hundreds of live performances, films, lectures and networking events. “CMJ is a perfect place for a global hip-hop event like this” said The Bloom Effect CEO, Fiona Bloom. “An event that unites MCs from a variety of backgrounds, countries and nationalities is exactly the kind of event that we want to be promoting at a global music conference like CMJ. I’m still baffled that we’re the only showcase of its kind. As big as the movement’s growing- 1 Intl Hip Hop showcase doesn’t really give it the attention it deserves but we promise to deliver a night of historic measures”.

“We were looking for something fresh and Global to attach ourselves to and this Import/Export opportunity was the perfect event. We’re extra excited because we’ll be distributing a very special compilation mixtape just for this show! Limited edition.” Founder Corey Llewellyn states.

In addition to the mix CD – Myxer is also hosting a special ringtone download mixtape- one of first of its kind delivered through its mobile platform free of charge throughout the CMJ week.

DJ Mikey Fresh is mixing both the Myxer and Digiwaxx CD.

Here’s the trailer

This years event will feature a handful of rising stars hosted by Canada’s sensation Eternia. Emmanuel Jal from Sudan, Philemon from France, Sagol 59 from Israel, Erin Barra from NY, BAB Collective(Debut) LidoLido from Norway and a grime set from UK’s DJ Logan Sama.

“It’s incredible to see such diversity in an event like this” said Eternia. “To have artists from all over the world performing on the same stage together shows how global and powerful hip-hop culture has become, plus, I follow 2 other amazing hosts from the previous shows so I’m honored. Both Pharoahe Monch and Blitz The Ambassador are amazing company to be in”.

This year’s event is powered by: Fusicology, Myxer, Coast2Coast, Brooklyn Bodega, Digiwaxx, The Bloom Effect, Popular Printing, feleciacruz, End of the Weak, World Hip Hop Market, and Nomadic Wax.


DJ Mikey Fresh on the decks

Emmanuel Jal 10:30PM

Philemon 8:30PM

LidoLido 11:15PM

DJ Logan Sama 12:30am

Sagol 59 9:50PM

Erin Barra 9:10PM

Bab Collective- ft Miz Metro, Adrienne Mack-Davis and feleciacruz (Debut) 12am

Thursday, October 21st
7PM Doors
8PM Show
$15.00 at door
$12.00 in advance
First 100 CMJ Badges FREE

Interviews, media opps, photo/video- please contact Fiona Bloom

And check out this interview with my bro LidoLido from Norway.

AustinSurreal Party Train Rolling Again

Yeah man I been dormant for way too long. It's time to jump back into the party game. Starting with 2 events around the magnificent FunFunFunFest Weekend! It's really about to go down!

More info on these later, but yes Devin and Jean Grae are going to DJ (not rap) and no I don't have any "open slots."

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

RIP Eyedea

(Eyedea & Abilities, on the street, SXSW 2009, photo by Matt Sonzala)

Man, we lost another great.

I first saw Eyedea at SXSW, in 1999 I am pretty sure. Maybe 1998. The Rhymesayers camp were performing on one of the hip-hop showcases at the Back Room. And at the time I didn't know anything about them. I just kind of peeped the show and was like, man honestly I didn't really pay much attention.

Then the next year my long time friend DJ Stef came to Chicago to visit, 10 years ago this month as a matter of fact, and we attended the DJ Summit and a big ass show at the Metro with Atmosphere, MF Doom, Rubberroom, Micronauts, man a whole gang of groups (Stef help me out here). I was up in there watching Slug, Eyedea and Abilities on stage from the balcony and I could see that almost every kid on the floor was rapping along to every lyric. I was like, damn man this shit is a phenomenon. A phenomenal, phenomenon.

Slug, Atmosphere, Eyedea, the whole Rhymesayers camp, they built a freakin' scene man, from the ground up, they came in and built a whole scene. I watched it and straight up, the one I was mostly into, especially live, was Eyedea. Not necessarily that night in Chicago, but as those dudes are touring machines, I probably have seen them (Atmosphere + Eyedea & Abilities) 15 times.

I remember seeing him on the Blaze Battle. I was pulling for my man Vizion of course, but I was pretty floored by Eyedea's energy. And he really did smash fools.

Dude was a real writer, crazy off the dome, ill with the delivery, a real MC.

And Abilities is one of the dopest live DJ's in the game.

This is my favorite Eyedea & Abilities song.

Eyedea, Rest In Peace

My High School Soundtrack in Austin This Month

Mayne hold up check this shit out. Some of my favorite musical artists of all time, since my youths, all coming to Austin in the next week or so.

Starting Thursday with Prince Paul!

Aceyalone, Riddlore, Virus, Omega Jackson, Pterodactyl, DJ Digg, Hobo D and more!

Then Friday night the Gorillaz after-party with DJ Maseo of De La Soul!

And then next week it really goes down.

Bad Brains live at Mohawk!

And Butthole Surfers live at the Scoot Inn TWICE! (Once with the Meat Puppets...)

So in honor of these legends coming to the stages of Austin, I found this old tape I had. I used to be a serious live show trader for a few years, and I had this one with Butthole Surfers live at Paradiso in Amsterdam in 1986, a show that was later broadcast on VPRO Radio, and on the other side was Bad Brains live in 1987 at the Fast N Cool Club in Houston. I wasn't at either of these but have listened to them each a hundred times. Can't wait to see them all again.

Butthole Surfers - Live at Paradiso, Amsterdam, May 10, 1986

Bad Brains - Live at Fast N Cool Club, Houston, Feb. 24, 1987

I'll post about some new shit coming up too (Chico Mann!) and tomorrow I should be able to fully announce both parties I have coming up. Fun Fun Fun Fest preview post coming soon as well. Did you get your tickets yet?

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Real Rick Perry


Make room for some other piece of shit, Perry has already proven to us that he is Satan Affiliated.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Crew54's Road to FunFunFun Fest!

One of the few local hip-hop groups to get on this fest, I am real happy for these dudes. They put in the WORK no doubt! And are the most supportive people I have ever met in all my years in hip-hop.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Click the flyer to see it full size and check back to AustinSurreal this week for ticket give a ways!

Mistah FAB interviews Eli Porter at A3C (50Tyson Diss)

Shout out to my boy Karim Panni for this! Word to MISTAH FAB!

Monday, October 11, 2010

The only event I brought my camera to this weekend

I get real tired of lugging my damn backpack every where, with my heavy ass camera, with the shitty lens on its last legs, so I pretty much left it in the trunk and went out to enjoy ACL Fest without the cumbersome bs.

Now I regret it cuz it really went down. What a weekend! But um yeah, I only took pics at Cheer Up Charlies. I won't tell you what the event was called, cuz it was MEAN. But the event itself was real nice. I need to see more of these young Austin bands. Old codger that I hath become. Anyway, more to come.

East 6th Street represent.

Butcher Bear & Charlie done killed it, wait till you hear the album its SO REAL!

Richard Henry in the hizzy.

Knitta please.

Anyway, by the time I got home Saturday night, I just chilled with Speedy and zoned the hell out. What a weekend.

Pop Montreal 2010 Really Went Down!

Once again. My 5th consecutive Pop Montreal. I first went there with Devin, when he did that show with Chromeo. Hell I've documented my every trip to Montreal somewhere on HoustonSoReal or AustinSurreal, what a town, what a fest, check the pics! And fool report.

I regrettably did not get as many graffiti pics as I normally do in Montreal but you know... I got to see some great bands, mostly Canadian and saw some great friends. What a great event!

The fest started off like it always does for me man, the opening reception and man how dope is it that they had DJ Rollie Pemberton aka Cadence Weapon on the wheels!

Patricia in the house!

The heirs to the Pop Montreal throne!

Saw one of my favorite bands of all time, Negative Approach of course.

Fuckin' killed it


There's spots liek this all over downtown Montreal. What could possibly go on in there?

I saw this band and everyone was freaking out about them and way into them and then my photo came out like this and I have no idea who they are. But man, yeah, they were great.

Saw my late night TV Friends again.

And again, what the fuck is this show?

My man Harris Rosen came down from the T-Dot and we really kicked it. Seen here just before having a (g)nosh, as they say.

Finally went up on that big hill for a good look at the city. Montreal is one of my favorite cities to look at when arriving by plane. So cool.

On the last day, Harris and I took a lil break to go clean up the smog den that was my hotel room, and watch Fubar. I GOT to see Fubar 2, which just came out in Canada last week.

This my people.

Yeah, I recycle, even on the road.

Dude at the store down the street got a lil agged with me, on some "WE DON'T TAKE THESE CANS!" Type steez. I was just trying to stack my nickles, quit hatin'.

I love the Notman House.

How the hell I run into my boy Trey randomly in MTL?

More or Les & Fresh Kills killed it multiple times during Pop Montreal, as always.

And the fact that this party had a Justin Bieber pinata meant a lot to me. I wish my kids would have been there. They would have slaughtered the thing.

They did a pretty good job themselves tho.

Ubisoft had a party on a roof, for more beautiful Montreal views.

The Seligman Family!

Todd Cote of Leafy Green, Rosa from Transmission/Green Potato Ventures and Gourmet Delice from Bonsound!

And yeah, as fun as music events can be, lest we never forget, there is a dark side.