Friday, August 31, 2012

Free Download: Kydd - The RIghteous LP

Yes, I full well know how late I am on this. WEEKS, which may as well be centuries in internet time but whatever, it was the summertime.

My young bro Kydd done created a masterpiece. I actually listen to this in its entirety while driving, and get mad when it's over. The boy done did that. Features from Worldwide, Western Tink, GLC, Tank and way more great artists all over this one here. An actual album, and the production is bananas. Next level. And from ATX. Stand up.


Friday Video Mix

I'm not really good at doing anything with any sort of regularity but I am going to try and force myself to post some new videos from Texas every Friday. New one from Dat Boi T starts things off then after the jump there's a few good ones from Trae, Z-Ro, and more (that are more than a week old, ok fine, I'm just getting started here).

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Khia Rockin' the RNC?

This is the type of thing I like waking up to in the morningtime. You go girl.

A3C Straight Outta Texas Showcase Is Really Goin' Down!

Last year I attended the A3C Hip-Hop Festival in Atlanta and said to myself that I would never miss another A3C again. It really is THAT festival. It's where you go if you truly love this culture called hip-hop and want to see where it's at right here right now and right in front of your eyes. Peep the entire line up on and get your (cheap) tickets now! I mean seriously, this is the most economically viable hip-hop event of all time, OF ALL TIME!

Finna freak out. Check out a couple videos below of a few of the artists you will see and stay tuned for updates as they come in!

Worldwide with my favorite song of the last year:

And this one, his new single "Ending Cycle" way up there on the list as well:

Red Bull Skooled Wrap Up Featuring A.Dd+, Kydd, Worldwide and The Niceguys, all on the Straight Outta Texas Showcase at A3C!

More updates and videos and artist profiles coming soon! KILLA KYLEON! Man hold up...

From The Atlantic: Should Hip-Hop Artists Be Allowed to Release Albums From Jail?

By Tim Bella, a man who came up in Texas but now resides in New York and writes for the Atlantic. The story centers around South Park Mexican, a man who was a bonafide Latin hip-hop cultural icon for a good period of time. You may or may not know his story but I do, all too well.

If he did actually do what he was convicted of then of course, I and any other human with a functioning brain and heart feel as though he got what he deserved. But I always felt that there was way more to this case and that there were definitely things that didn't add up. SO I have mixed feelings on all of this. I am quoted in this article, and I stand by what I said, he was THE MAN back when he was at his peak. What happened later, is a whole nother story.

At any rate Tim did a great job here. And my feelings about the question at hand, Should hip-hop artists be able to release albums from jail, aren't really all that simple. I personally feel as though jail is supposed to be equally for rehabilitation purposes as they are for punishment. And making art can really help with that healing process. But I mean, all of this should be looked at on a case by case basis. I think that creative people should be creative. Its a quandary. Anyway check it out link is below.


So much for getting "back up in that azz" 2 weeks ago

More than 2 weeks ago I came up on here on the ol AustinSurreal to say that I was back. After a full on summer of as much internet avoidance as I could muster up, I was ready to start back to blogging. Doing what I do best as they say. But alas and alak, shortly after posting that Geto Boys video I got a call from my dear friend Lynda to tell me that the head of SXSW Music, Brent Grulke, had passed away in a tragic scenario while undergoing oral surgery. That not only threw my, and about a thousand other lives into chaos, it sent me into a bit of a tailspin/depression and honestly I stopped thinking about blogging and everything else for a minute. Probably pretty common when someone close to you is taken suddenly and way too soon. I hope he is resting in peace and I pray for his family.

Then one week later I got news that one of my closest friends from my just post high school days, Aaron Ruark passed away in his sleep. I still don't know what happened. All I know is I lost my dude, 38 years old, with a beautiful young daughter AND he was about to be married the following Saturday to a wonderful woman named Nicki I had just met two weeks prior when I was in Cleveland for the League of Extraordinary G'z show with our mutual best friend Mike. I was so bummed that I wasn't going to be able to make it to the wedding, money is tight as always, and he was on my mind a lot in the days leading up to his untimely passing. Dude, he was 38, I don't know wtf happened, I just know that it's got me and a lot of good people all fucked up.

I truly hope he is resting in peace, but really I just wish he was still here. Words can't even describe it.

But I guess I'm back. Big announcement coming soon, when I decide what indeed the decision behind that announcement will be. Stay tuned.
Rest in Peace My Brother Aaron Ruark...

Monday, August 13, 2012

Back Up In That Ass Its The Ressurection
Geto Boys Live at Gathering of the Juggalos

It's been a minute y'all. A lil more than a month to be exact since I done blogged anything. Well you know, maybe a man needed a break. But I'm back and live and in fool effect. What better way to come back than to post this video of the Geto Boys come back at the Gathering of the Juggalos this past weekend? Interning at the studio when the Geto Boys recorded We Can't Be Stopped is what got me into the Houston scene and I haven't turned back since. Texas mayne, here's the legends, back killing it LIKE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE!

I saw a review that said the show was "hit and miss." Um, outside of the first 30 seconds or so, looks pretty hittin' to me! THE GETO BOYS ARE BACK! (I hope...)