Monday, June 29, 2009

Hip Hop Official SXSW Coverage!

Hip Hop Official At SXSW, check the footage. I'm just starting to find all this stuff. They did it right!

(Yes I know I am a lil late, but I don't get to just surf much)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Week Thus Far
Bun B Footage of Dizzee Rascal at Glastonbury

Michael Jackson Rest In Peace.


I know there's more mixes out there, send 'em on to me. DJ Ayres had posted one but the link expired, RE POST!

Also this is one of the realest songs ever.

And I mean, once again this young death has me contemplating life, and how much I treasure my family and friends...

My kids Elena and Eva seen here at Barton Springs with Johan Hugo

Anyway last week we had plenny goin' down here in the city. Freakin' heat had a lot of us stifled and stuck to our couches (believe me, I considered it). Heading tot he Mohawk on Thursday evening, the sign on the side of I-35 said it was 91 degrees at 10:00 p.m. And it didn't really let up all night.

Had to go down there and catch that 2 Live Crew show though, really just out of curiosity. XRabit & DMG$ opened. I think, as all I ever heard yelled was DMG.

They got that shit started and even did a version of "Get It Girl," which I found funny at a 2 Live Crew show. 2 Live Crew did not do "Get It Girl."

But they got the young girls dancing.

No Luke, no Mr. Mixx, but they did have this man, AUSTIN LEGEND BABY LUKE in the place with the silly string. How many of my readers remember this mans records?

You know, yeah it really went down.

Ann and Erin were in the place

Audra in the place!

With that boy Russell

James Dean, Swift and friends!

Anyway then we also went out Friday night. Three nights of going out in a weeks time, yeah, the old grey mare he ain't what he used to be. But I also wasn't the passed out on the table in the bar after this show last night...

Terry Lynn - new dancehall vocalist from Jamaica, and our boy Johan Hugo, from Radioclit/The Very Best, threw down at this special Red Stripe promotional event. Free Red Stripes all night and great mutant reggae music.

I say mutant cuz Johan is taking it in all sorts of different directions.

Yeah so it really went down. I was carrying someone like 20 minutes after this point, so I didn't get any more photos. Missed Grimy Styles too. ANYWAY MORE SOON. Holler after that USA - BRAZIL Game tomorrow. I am predicting an UPSET!

Also earlier today Bun B performed at Glastonbury in the UK (Word to the JOHN PEEL STAGE!) with Dizzee Rascal. He filmed some footage with his phone and here it is. First the intro to the show - the crowd is bananas - then the intro to Bonkers.

Anyway, obviously it went down. If anyone has footage of Bun on stage, I have got to see it!

And oh shit here's him and Semtex and Scope doing Bonkers, surely from the BBC.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Iran Needs Your Help: TarantisT

We all know this. We've all been watching the news, but here's a lil something that might hit a lil closer to home. Read on.


Subject: Need Help

Iran's government has beaten one of our band members badly in
Iran so he can't walk, also they threw tear gas to the basement
the guys were practicing. Evrybody now is in danger [like all
the people in the country].

We need to save them as soon as possible, So we are asking for
help to be able to afford their costs and bring them here as
soon as possible.

People can help by buying our songs/album on iTunes [our songs
as compensation for your favours while you may don't like them]
or donate us on our Paypal account. Would you please spread this
word to the world and to the people or organizations that may

Meanwhile other Iranian bands are in touch with us and they say
that they are hidding all the time since Government is arresting
dissidents and musicians. We want to help the other bands, too.
But we need help, can't do anything alone.

We really would be thankful.

Your Iranian brothers,

Paypal donation:


Contact us:


Sunday night y'all, it's really goin' down. I ain't never lied at ya. Real talk you got to hit this one. Gonna be crazy. Inside and such, they gonna blow that roof right off. Then I'll have nowhere to sit, at the big shows. Anyhoo...

Sunday June 28th 10 p.m. - Mohawk Inside
Our Brother the Native
Religious Girls
Fires were Shot

Religious Girls is a diverse group of multi-instrumentalists, with each member hailing from separate musical backgrounds that ranges from metal to noise to math rock and pop. Using their talents, Religious Girls focus thier energy into creating beautiful harmonies and layering them over intricate percussive ryhthms. Prefering to play on the floor near listeners rather than a distant stage, they feel that no matter how high of quality a recording may be the live set is what moves people, and therefore focus on creating intimacy with the crowd. Collectively, the band has tried to push aside the standards of popular song writing with non-repeating structures, an intricate mathmatical style, and a carefully laid out set in which all songs are interweaved into one. Religious Girls offers an intense and dramatic set, leaving viewers in awe by the end of the performance.

2 Live Crew at The Mohawk Tonight!

Ohhhh the spectacle that is 2 Live Crew. I'd talk about some of the times I saw this group in Houston, in north side clubs, and some of the things that happened on stage at said north side clubs, but um, I don't want to scare the Mohawk and I surely don't want to alert the police. I have a feeling WE'RE IN FOR IT. So come down mayne. XRabit & DMG open up and well it's goin' down. I'll be out there sippin' a Lone Star pon di roof.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Friday July 10th - I Play More Rock Musics For You

Not sure why this keeps happening. I think I invite it upon myself. But yeah, Friday night, July 10th, the Anti-Nowhere League plays the patio stage at Red 7, and me and Richard Henry are gonna DJ inside. Musics that should fairly well fit the evening I hope.

Another fine week!

OK We're gonna go backwards today.

First of all I don't know why I didn't take any pictures on Fathers Day, but suffice it to say IT WENT DOWN. Thanks to my family and all the wonderful well wishers and such. It's been quite a week. Bizzy Bone and B-Real this past Thursday, Santigold in Houston Wednesday. And the Frio River the weekend before. Photos to prove that all of this happened appear below.

Legends Live at The Mohawk.

Bizzy Bone ran through all the hits. Some people said he rapped over his vocals, and he certainly rapped over other peoples vocals, but I didn't think he was doing that on everything.

Honestly the dude had a pretty good show. All the Bone classics and he just ran through it like hell.

Lookin' like that the whole time and shit.

B-Real of Cypress HILLLLLLL!

They shoulda told the people Sick Jacken was coming, was a nice surprise though.

THEY ALSO SHOULDA LET THE PEOPLE KNOW JULIO G WAS GONNA BE ON THE WHEELS! He shoulda DJed all night. That's a legendary DJ right there man.


My girl Lolo of course.

My girl Laura of course, in the wind.

Richard Henry and Dubb Sicks in the PLACE!

Alright so the night before I was in Houston seeing my bro right here.

And also Santigold in concert. And also Trouble Andrew but they done put Amanda Blank on too early.

So whatever, show was o.k. I am not really tripping to be real with you, but the crowd sort of was. The after party was a bit of a stoned blur for me, but yeah, it went down.

Herb, Jagi and T-Gray!!!!

DJ Gracie Chavez!

My dude Craig and Trouble Andrew, professional snowboarder, and he opened for Santiogold, and supposedly they are getting MARRIED!

Here's my girl Tish and my bro of bro'z Jackson! Jackson lives in Beiruit right now as a reporter and just happened to be in Houston this week with his family. Convinced him to come out for a drink and to catch up. MY DUDE!

and yeah, that's me in a fresh Blac Monks t-shirt. I mean an old one. Rumor is they are back together working on new material. BUDDHA NATURE!

And then yeah, the weekend before we were out in Concan, Texas at Neal's Lodges off the Frio River. 105 degrees every day. The river was low, but moving a bit. We swam, we dove, we got some sort of stomach bacteria or some shit. But whatever it was awesome. This is OUR SPOT.

John Lomax and the kids found this hog skull...


Eva goes a lil nuts out here

Don't know what it is

We swam like 7 hours a day

Played with rocks

and such

Wendy and Andy parents of

Astra. You had to eat popsicles reeeeeaally fast out there. I swear, 105 degrees!

And then we hadda go down the road a piece.

To the spot.

Yes, it says Liquor and Guns. The spot.

Then we had MAD RIBS!

My young homie FISHER!

And Eva.

Pretty much went off on the last night.

Can't stop, won't stop.

Melissa haze...

Not sure why I took this photo. I think it was the river bacteria. I mean seriously, look at my eyes. That wasn't from what you think it's from. That's like some survivorman of the river type shit.

Anyway, yeah, it went down. See you at 2 Live Crew Thursday? MOHAWK ONCE AGAIN IT GOES DOWN!