Saturday, August 28, 2010

Flashback! Cypress Hill Live at The Underground in Houston!
April 10, 1992
MP3, Interview + Photos

Yeah I guess this is what you'd call an AustinSurreal Exclusive cuz ain't nobody else on this planet got this, till now.

My man done lent me a tape deck so I been ripping tapes all day. When I found this one I had to up it immediately.

Click Here to Download and Jam - Cypress Hill live at The Underground Houston, TX April 10, 1992

Yeah man, that's the whole concert right there and then some. It was April in Houston, and well, the club was so damn hot, the humidity destroyed the DAT machine, so Cypress I guess was only able to perform the songs they had instrumentals from on vinyl. I interviewed Sen and Muggs (audio DL below) that night so I had my lil cassette recorder in my pocket. I switched it on when I thought the show was about to start and left it on till well after they stopped, capturing all kinds of ill crowd noise.

This is a piece of Houston history here for real. At least for me it is. It was the first time I ever saw UGK Live in person. They didn't perform, but their crew was at least 10 deep, all wearing black baseball caps with UNDERGROUND KINGS embroidered on them. I remember seeing them around the club and thinking to myself, "Who the hell is this calling themselves Underground Kings?" Then the DJ Played "Tell Me Something Good" and shouted them out and I realized that yeah, these are the dudes I been hearing every ten seconds on the radio every day on 97.9 the Box (when it was good).

Listening to the banter before the show you can hear the legendary Steve Fournier (who may or may not have been wearing a tuxedo) shout out UGK, and then he and Golden Child - former DJ on the Box, I think originally from Philly? I could be wrong - play with the crowd as we all grow restless waiting for the group to come on stage. Turns out the DAT problems were the hold up.

Anyway they came out and straight ripped it. Of course it was a short set, but by then I was used to that shit. Every time I went to a rap show back in those days, the DJ would spin records all night, and the group would come on no earlier than 1:45 a.m. At times they'd come on after 2 a.m. when all the drinks had been cleared and everyone was just milling around like WHAT THE FUCK?

I wasn't even 21 at this show, in fact I was 20, so I did a lot of standing around. Waiting, wondering, whatever.

I saw Muggs walking to the dressing room (if they even had a dressing room at that spot) and asked him if I could get a quick interview. He went and got Sen and we did the interview right in the middle of the club. You can hear the crowd noise and the DJ Playing the jams in the background. I hope you enjoy listening to this half as much as I did just now.

Click Here to Download - Matt Sonzala Interview with Cypress Hill - April 10, 1992 at the Underground in Houston, TX

Incidentally I went to the Underground the next week for the Too Short / Too Much Trouble show, and he never showed up. Fucked up thing is, I was doing promotions at the Box at that point, and everybody up there pretty much knew he was not coming and blamed Majic 102 for sabotaging the show. I guess he never got on the plane.

That however didn't stop the club from pumping him up all night, until finally at 2 a.m., maybe a little after, they made the announcement that he did not show up, and everybody had to get the fuck out.

The place erupted into a total fucking mess, and I was like what the fuck, car was parked in so I couldn't get out of there and I just kind of milled around attempting to avoid the madness. It was so fucked up, but alas, was pretty much how a lot of the shows went back in those days.

Shit sucked, but when it was on it was on. Like this here particular night. Enjoy the show, and the interview, and leave me a comment if you feel so inclined.

Also, FUCK THE BOX. I wonder what Steve Fournier thinks about the ban on Trae? I wonder if he even knows. I wonder if he's still in Houston. Anyone have a Steve Fournier sighting lately?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Extreme hip-hop this week at Red 7
?uestlove Tuesday + Dead Prez Friday!

It's really goin' down. After that Chromeo/Telephoned show, you gotsta head down 7th street to check ?uestlove doing a 3 hour set from what I hear. Then Friday it's Dead Prez, at Red 7. Wow. What a week. Click the flyers below to see them full size.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Texas Battle League Comin' Fo' Dat Azz

IT'S NOT A GAME. Well I mean it's kind of a game, but straight up things are getting SERIOUS on the battle scene here in Texas. Word to Dubb Sicks and crew for coming together and really getting some of our states strongest spittaz a lil closer to that spotlight. Real talk, it's really goin' down out here. If you're not familiar with what's going down on the Texas Battle scene, consider this your intro. There's so much to come.

Texas Battle League:

TBL was started in February and is owned and operated by Dubb Sicks, Japanese Jesus and Clemits of MSG. It's the only acapella battle league in Texas and has officially become URL South ( URL is owned by the same people that put out the SMACK videos. They put 5 of the 8 MC's in the Red Bull Emsee Challenge in Houston on 8/12. For information on promoting your brand/project on the videos or to try out contact:

Wanna try out?

Blaze Won (Dallas) vs. Core (San Antonio)

Gutta (Austin) vs. Chaseboy (San Marcos)

Mr. Fitness (Austin) vs. Manafes (San Antonio)

Dubb Sicks (Odessa) vs. Chaseboy (San Marcos)

Japanese Jesus (Austin) vs. Lojik (Minneapolis, MN)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My past week in AustinSurreal Land

Yeah so each of these sets of photos should all be their own blog post, but whatever. It's the end of summer. We're getting in our last bits of action before the busy/harvest/work/fall/whatever season begins.

Anyway, I went out last Thursday night with my man Ben Webster, and we hit some of the bars on Burnet and decided to do a lil Blog Project together. Yeah, I capitalized that.

Ginny's Lil Longhorn Saloon really had it goin' down with the Alvin Crow Band killin' it. I took this picture during a quick lull on the dancefloor, rest of the night it was packed.

People were like, reveling and shit. I was enjoying a cheap ass Lone Star Beer in the back soaking it all in.

Ben Webster of (IN)Sect Records and a bunch of other shit, up in the spot on Burnet on a Thursday.

They have chicken shit bingo at this spot too. I'ma start hitting it more often, and like I say, Ben and I have a plan.

We also hit the Pour House, which has a slammin' outdoor are that reminds me of Houston's West Alabama Ice House, and they have that bean bag game that I'm actually not terrible at. So yeah, it's a winner. Hit LaLa's too but I was too lazy with the camera, I'm telling you though, that upper Burnet area has some spots. They say the old deserted Putt Putt place is gonna be turned into a beer garden. Kinda a pity with a half full beer garden right across the street, but whatever, like Lowe's and Home Depot, I will probably frequent them both with different needs. They'd be dumb than a motherfucker though to not keep the mini golf shit at the other spot.

Friday night we went to the Rozone Old School show which was off the fuckin' chain. They actually partitioned off part of the Music Hall so it wasn't the cavernous hole that it usually is when less than 1000 people are in the place, and it worked out real well. Kept the vibe tight and every performer killed it.

Doug E. Fresh even rocked a HARMONICA!

Rob Base got people hyped and then did "It Takes Two."

And the King of All Rapping, Big Daddy Kane came out and straight killed it. Even did the "jump over the dancers head and land in a split" thing. Come on hip-hop 2010...

Funniest moment of the night, was when the white dude host came out to introduce Big Daddy Kane. Problem here was that BDK's DJ had already started spinning an intro, a routine he had obviously worked out to bring BDK on stage. Well, the host dude, comes out mid-routine like ALLLLL RIGHT ARE YOU READY FOR SOME HIP HOP! Or some shit, and the DJ cut his music, and started it back up when host dude was done saying whatever he was saying. The whole place was a lil dumbfounded. Not all shows need a host. In fact, most don't.

Shit was no joke.

And Sal N Pepa came out and fucking slayed it. Lookin' as good as they did in that Shoop Era. Feel me now.

Saturday was my wife's birthday so we dropped the kids off somewhere and went to eat at Uchi.

Believe the hype. Coming from Houston, we have had some difficulties with Austin's seafood. (there's plenty of good, don't get me wrong, but Houston...) And honestly, I'm not the fine dining type of dude that you may think I am. I'd much rather go to a sloppy kinda spot with good food and just chill with some beers, than an expensive spot where people have their shirts tucked in and look all cute and shit. But I mean, go head on and believe the hype on Uchi, cuz MAN!

The food is amazing.

They move like lightening up in there. Fish still screaming on your plate and shit. It's amazing

Anyway, then we continued on with the amazing and hit up La Zona Rosa for the Corinne Bailey Rae show.

Who in my eyes can't be fucked with. She's #1 in so many ways.

Beautiful voice, beautiful woman, wonderful band, wonderful show. I was watching the show and jamming every cut thinking to myself, "Man, I have played this song on the radio before. And this one. And this one." I actually didn't realize what a real fan I was of Corinne Bailey Rae till I saw her live. Wow. Her set earlier in the day on KUT was jammin' as well.

THEN Sunday night I hit Ace's to see Tavana for a bit, then ended up at the Beauty Bar for the Zizek folks from Argentina with Austin's Peligrosa All Stars, MAYNE HOLD UP!

Serious jams were laid down for the motherfuckers asses (Wesley Willis)

El Remolon is NO JOKE

Straight up.

Then last night I hit Ace's for Tavana's CD release party. Dude was jammin' as fuck as well.

He's from Hawaii but stays in Austin and is a serious guitar man. Scroll down and find the last post I did on him and get a free MP3 with Tavana and Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam.

Japanese Jesus (who Bun B says has the best rap name ever) and Phranchyze!

My bro Francisco Mendoza

Seen here as well with Gary Clark Jr., who I'd love to see play some shit with Tavana. Two Guitar Geniuses, yeah, I capitalized that.

The man even smashes it on a uke.

The man NA in the hizzy. I shot this one from the hip without looking and didn't realize how far I was zoomed in.

SO yeah.

It really went down this past week. Are you going to Moshito? I am. Lemme know if we can meet up if you will be in the Johannesburg area Sept. 1-3.

Actually THIS my people right here

I swear, when I saw this video pon di youtube, I said to myself, man I got to post this, and the post title will be "This my people right here." (Cuz it is me in 10 years).

Anyway, the last post I did had that same title, I thought I was gonna get back to kicking motherfucking blog ass. I'm working on it.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My people right here

Lil J & Sertified - Flight 04

Rozone's Old School Jam it REALLY GOIN' DOWN!
Salt N Pepa, Big Daddy Kane, Doug E. Fresh, Rob Base, MC Overlord

Duuuuuuuude lets kick it. This is such a SERIOUS line up. Will be fun, holler.

Might see me rockin' IPATHS!

MY package has arrived. If you know me, you know that I am NOT a sneaker head really. I been wearing the same damn shoes for about 17 months now. Soooo I saw these and had to get me some. I support anything made of Hemp and think that more companies should use this wonderful plant. Anyway peep it out. My wife says I look like a hippy, but I don't care, I support HEMP. And these shoes are thowed.

Talm bout?

I feel these especially.

The purple stripe looked weird to me at first, then I remembered, that I AM IN TEXAS, and realized that these right here are THOWED. Man, word to Ipath, keep the amazing designs (utilizing hemp) coming!

Word to my bro Brian Coleman for hipping me to these. My life hath been changed.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Free MP3: Eddie Vedder + Tavana LIVE
Tavana CD Release Party 8/18

Man this is really special. Hawaiian born and bred blues-rock-soul-hip-hop-singer-songwriter Tavana has been staying in Austin for a minute now. The man is one of those serious GUITAR DUDES. Like he's got the licks and the chops and fuckin' kills it.

So much so that Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam took notice - by chance - a couple years ago in Hawaii, and this past year Pearl Jam released a live track Vedder performed along with Tavana called "Hawaii '78." The song was originally done by the late, Hawaiian legend, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole.

The vinyl only cut is below for the download. And Tavana explains a bit about how it came together below as well. If you enjoy the song, and are in Austin next Wednesday (8/18,2010), come down to Ace's Lounge and check this dude out for yourself.

AustinSurreal: How did this recording with Eddie Vedder come together?

Tavana: Well man you know, I was playing a gig one night in Waikiki at a place called Kelly O'Neills. I had just come in and put my gear down and I turned around and he was standing right in front of me with his hand out. He shook my hand and said "Hi I'm Eddie." I was like, "Um yeah, I know who you are." I'm a big fan you know. He said "I heard there's a real great musician playing tonight, so I came to check you out."

He sat right up front and watched my whole set. And after my first set we just sat and talked and he was so super cool. So I of course asked him if he wanted to sit in on a song with me and he said "Yeah sure." So I called him up and he did "Roadhouse Blues" with me, and then just for kicks I started playing the riff to "Yellow Ledbetter," and he came up and sang with me. We ended up hanging out all night and just hit it off and it was really great and that was that.

Then a year after that, in 2008, I ran into him again at Kelly's and he's like "Aw man I been looking around for you and I really like your music, its some of the better stuff I've heard out here." So we ended up hanging out all night, and I drove him back to his hotel and we exchanged numbers and he called me the next day. He was like "Man I had a really great time, thanks for the ride." A few months passed and it was 2009 and I hadn't called him and I just figured you know, why don't I just give him a call. And he was like "I can't believe you called me I just finished booking the last dates for my solo dates and they are in Hawaii. You know what would be really great is if you sat in with me."

And he was like "We should do 'Hawaii '78' together." So he played 2 nights and he invited me up both nights for the encore. Which was awesome, I got to play the guitar and sing with him. I even added that little part at the end (check the mp3) and it ended up being really great both nights. I had no idea they were recording it and months later he called me up and told me he played the track for the other guys in Pearl Jam and they really liked it and wanted to put it on the holiday vinyl.

It's a 45 they put out usually around Christmas, but it never comes out until after Christmas, but thats the idea and they've done it for many years. It's something that the Pearl Jam fans look forward to and collect, it's just something that they give a way.

So yeah, the Tavana track is available on vinyl (a vastly superior format) but you can get it here on Austin Surreal for a limited time by CLICKING HERE TO DOWNLOAD - EDDIE VEDDER + TAVANA - HAWAII '78 (Israel Kamakawiwo'ole) LIVE!

And definitely come out to Ace's on 8/18 to the release party. Boy kills it.

Check these YouTubes of Vedder and Tavana. And holler back.

And of course the original by the legend himself. Incredible...

Did you get your Mod-Plexi address plaque yet or what?

Get yours now before it's too late and you just look like you are copying your neighbors.

Click here for the realness at hand. And peep the links along the side if you would like to place an order. I got the hook up, hit me up.

Thanks Re-Nest.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Detroit Summer/Emergence

MAN! I been waiting all summer for this one. Invincible let me hear an early version of "Emergence," and man, straight up, I need a new Invincible song a week just to keep going. She's pretty much the strongest voice in the entire rap game at the moment.

So yeah, step your game up and maybe talk about some things, like her.

Invincible + Waajeed - "Detroit Summer"/"Emergence" from EMERGENCE Media on Vimeo.

Click the video above and see it full size. It's dope.

The two songs are available NOW as a 7" vinyl single with hand printed sleeves and stickers included. Go get you a couple by clicking here.

And then just go to to see the making of the video and a short doc on the making of the actual vinyl at a Detroit pressing plant. I was just talking to Chamillionaire the other day about the impending resurgence of vinyl. So glad to see this happening. See Invincible AND Waajeed at FunFunFunFest 2010 on the AustinSurreal Stage.

Crew54 Reality Show with Flosstradamus, Mic Skills, DJ Mel, TX Battle League y mas!

Another great look at how it go down around here from Crew54!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The AustinSurreal Show will be on LIVE

Stright them on up right about now is the time to tune into and JAM to the AustinSurreal show. It starts at 11pm central which is 50 minutes from this moment right here.

I'ma play a lot of raps tonight. Question?, Tum Tum, League of Extraordinary G'z, Killa Kyleon, Bun B, Youngest In Charge, ummmmm Yelawolf, Wiz Khalifa, Big K.R.I.T., G-Side, H.I.S.D., Feddi Man, Tee Double, all sorts of shit, TUNE IN AND HOLLER AT ME ON

Friday, August 6, 2010

ATX: Sunday Aug. 15th Zizek meets Peligrosa at Beauty Bar

From the OMG IT'S REALLY GOIN' DOWN dept...

This here is one of the really realest reasons I cannot quit Facebook. Seriously, as stated in a post below, I took a little break from the social networking, and earlier today, with my first cup of tea, I decided to tackle the task of replying to all of my event invitations to get 'em out of the cue or whatever.

So I am going thru, hitting no relentlessly, only because I hate how much that shit keeps coming back to you when you hit yes, and all of a sudden I see a flyer that says ZIZEK across the top. Now I get invitations on the Facey from places as far away as Turkey, so I figured this was some event in Argentina. Then I saw the word PELIGROSA and was like AH HEH YEH!

And to make it even better, El Remolon is one of the artists coming repping Zizek. I love that dudes music. You will too. Peep out his latest mixtape by CLICKING HERE TO DOWNLOAD NOW.

Diplo actually hipped me to El Remolon a few years back, and then the next year or so, Zizek brought the crew to SXSW. I don't get to see much myself during SXSW as I am working, but I made sure to boogie on over to the spot for his set. And wow. Here's a photo I took that night:

Anyway show is a bit over a week away, more later on that and I'll def be in the spot. Below find a few links to Peligrosa and Zizek. Get familiar.


El Remolon in XLR8R

The Facebook page that inspired this post

Anyway, this is some great news. What a week for show announcements.

You Know About the AustinSurreal Radio Show Right?

It goes down live every Sunday night from 11 p.m. - 1 a.m. Central time on Radio KAOS, but you can hear it anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on my archive page.

Stright up click this link right here and listen to the latest AustinSurreal show. Track list below. Shit jammin' than a m and f'er.

Tell a friend to tell a friend, the AustinSurreal Radio Show is in fool effect. Hosted by me, Pushermania, on Radio KAOS! Sunday nights 11 p.m. - 1 a.m. AUSTIN TIME.

AustinSurreal Show #25

Bun B, Pimp C, 2Pac, Trey Songs - Right Now
Bilal - Free
Chromeo - Don't Turn The Lights Out
Dam Funk ft. MC Eiht - Hood Pass In Tact
Oddisee - South Central
Oddisee - Glamour
Oy - Hatching
DJ 11 ft. Mike Baker the Bike Maker - Every Freakin'
Suzan 7 - Home
El-P - Mean Streak (In 3 Parts)
Starting Teeth ft. Laryatta - Concerning the Bomb
Ice B - How Ya Ridin'
K-Paul, S Dot, Sertified - Real Nigga Roll Call
Big Boi ft. Andre 3000 - Lookin' 4 Ya
Bun B Prod. by DJ Premier - Let 'Em Know
Pastor Troy - These Niggas Ain't Gangsta No More
Killer Mike, Flying Lotus - Swimming
Gerald G, Lil Boosie, Dorrough, Chalie Boy - Parking Lot Pimpin'
Chalie Boy - Gone Fool
Freddie Gibbs, Chuck Inglish, Chip da Rippa, Bun B - Oil Money
Pharoahe Monch - Shine
Total Sound Direct Action Committee - A Song For
Adam Hayworth Stephens - The Cities That You've Burned
School of Seven Bells - Bye Bye Bye
Kim Taylor - Lost and Found
Cuchata - No Me Dejas Solo
Gotham Green & Quickie Mart ft. Freddie Gibbs & Jes Hudak - Tell Me Something
Remynd, Kool G. Rap - Saviour

Thursday, August 5, 2010

People are gonna clown this into the ground

But I think it's awesome.

Wyclef Jean files election papers for Haiti presidency

I suppose we shall see.

Dennis Kucinich on

Real talk from the realest.

Click here to download and listen to an interview I did with Dennis Kucinich on my old radio show Damage Control in Houston in 2004 I believe. It's pretty real as well. Bun B calls in and talks to Dennis Kucinich.

The week I almost completely quit the internet

I'm not kidding. I hit that breaking point a few weeks back. I was sitting on my couch at about 10:30 at night. It was one of those nights. I'm in the off season now of course with my job at SXSW, but that particular day I had a lot to deal with, and seemed to be on calls all day. While on those calls, I'd get hit with people via Gchat and AIM, and while listening to folks talk, I'd inevitably check my Facebook and Twitter.

Then that night, as I said after a fairly long day, my wife went to yoga (her smart, me dumb) and I put the kids to bed and sat on the couch. I opened my laptop and turned it on, pretty much at the same time I turned on the TV. I don't remember what I was watching, but as that big 42 inch screen glowed, my lil laptop came to life, and I checked my texts on my phone.

I signed into my email on my laptop - both work and personal - looked up at the TV, probably a baseball game, I don't know, that's usually what I watch when the three girls I live with are not around, and I looked back down at my computer and began deleting spam.

Then, since I have no alerts set on my phone, as I have had this number for maybe 10 years now and every rap affiliated person in Texas and beyond has the number and it never stops, I looked to see if I had any texts. I did.

Then I checked my Facebook in another tab, while both of my emails were open, and then I signed into Twitter on my phone.

Then I looked up at the ceiling and asked God to please help me. For I had truly entered the Matrix.

I don't hate Facebook, and I certainly don't hate Twitter. In fact I have a lot of fun with both of them and I really love what Twitter does for me business/promotions wise. I love the fact that I have reconnected with so many good friends on Facebook, and I can't lie, I love reading my good friends musings. It's a little weird to know so much about each other, but I can't front, I'm the type of person that likes to keep close with everyone I know. And Facebook allows me to do that.

But Goldurnit that shit was really starting to get me!

There is literally no reason that anyone who is not an air traffic controller, or a security guard at a large building should ever have three screens or more glowing in their face. None.

I decided that I had to take a real look at my life. At first, I can't lie, I blamed Facebook and Twitter, as if they were starting to take control of my mind. I was a few days away from heading up to Erie, PA to visit my mother, and from there hitting up New York, Chicago and Toronto for fun, and work meetings, so I decided that my 38 year old ass was gonna go old school on 'em. I wasn't going to Tweet or check Facebook while on the road, and I pretty much avoided my emails except for the main one I use for work.

Then my phone broke. So I borrowed an old ass one, and hit the road. I was planning on not texting anyway, but with the old ass phone I had it wasn't really even an option. So as if it was 1986, I contacted everyone via phone call - albeit from a cell phone that weighed way less than they did in 1986 - and did things the way I used to do them before the internet made everything so "easy."

It actually worked out really well. I thought to myself towards the end of my trip "Man, wouldn't it be so liberating if I deleted my Facebook and Twitter accounts?" And came quite close to doing so. But I thought about it and realized that it wasn't the fault of these sites, it was my obsessive compulsive psychotic unfocused delirium.

And I have to fix that. Mark Zuckerberg sure ain't gonna fix it, I have to fix it.

So I says to myself, "Self, you got to figure this out. You have a blog that people used to read and enjoy, but now that you can hit possibly even more people with a 140 character tweet with the greatest of ease, you have fallen off a bit and YOU GOTSA pick yourself back up."

So I am doing that, and I want you, my readers, my friends to help me.

First of all, if I ever go a week without posting something here, in fact if I ever go three days without posting here, I want you to yell at me. If you have my number, call, if not, send me an email and tell me to get on the stick. Email addy is of course at the top of this page off to the right.

Second of all, I would like SOME of you to contribute. Can you write? Do you love music, art, culture and politics? Well if you want to cover any of that, hit me up at the email addy above and lets get it poppin'. I am very much not against having contributed pieces going up on AustinSurreal, and would like to thank Robert Gabriel for being so on point lately and sending me some shit. I want you to do that as well.

I can't cover everything. I am a 38 year old man with a full time job, a wife, two kids, a life, and everything else that comes with those things (even at times a nervous breakdown). I admit that I need help. While I work hard to "fix" myself, and find a happy medium with all this internet shit, I'd love it if you would hit me up and send me cool, original stuff that you would like me to post.

This does not mean that I want to become like most of the hip-hop blogs in the blogosphere - I don't want to aggregate content at all, if it's up someplace else, let it stay there. But if you want to preview a show, review a show, send me some pics from a show, review a record made in Texas, rant about medical marijuana and why it should be legal in Texas, by all means hit me up.

And I am going to work harder at this blog shit too. I need to get AustinSurreal up to HoustonSoReal proportions (but to be fair during HoustonSoReal I didn't have a real job so I could do anything I wanted) and I need to do it now. So starting today, I am going to start treating AustinSurreal properly and I am also going to at times post Tweet style "status updates" or whatever.

Anyway, get at me. I am back, and I am pumped.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

ATX: FunFunFunFest 2010 Line Up Announced!

Including a half-day stage curated and presented by AUSTINSURREAL!

Firstly click here and check out the FunFunFunFest website and see the complete line up.

It's magnificent.

I'm copying the press release below and want to highlight the fact that the BLUE Stage on Saturday will kick off with a set of acts curated by AUSTINSURREAL! I don't have specific times at moment but...

Devin the Dude
Butcher Bear & Charlie
League of Extraordinary G'z
DJ Nick Nack

will be opening up the day on Saturday.

and Weird Al Yankovic will be headlining Friday night!

Should be funny like the press conference today. Hosted by Matt Bearden.

I'm not really sure what was happening here.

A lone bass player finangled an on the spot audition that floored everyone in the room and may have scored him a booking. Though I think this dude is really a spy/papparazzo from

So yeah I was there and learned about all this about 15 seconds before the internets. It's really goin' down. Peep the press release below, definitely click the link above and see the whole line-up and get your passes ASAP. This event is going to sell out.

AUSTIN, TX (AUGUST 3, 2010) – Fun Fun Fun Fest is proud to announce the full lineup for the 5th annual Fun Fun Fun Fest to be held November 5 – 7, 2010 at Waterloo Park in Austin, TX. And, for the first year ever, a third evening has been added to the official FFF festivities. The festival will begin with a kick off event on Friday, November 5th at 6:00 with the one and only Weird Al Yankovic headlining, supported by his legendary one of a kind production and show.

The Transmission Entertainment team went above and beyond with this year’s lineup, covering multiple genres of music spanning several decades with everything from the up and coming independent acts to comedians and big-ticket progressive festival headliners, all while keeping ticket prices affordable and flexible. 2010 headliners will include MGMT, DEVO, Mastodon, Bad Religion, Slick Rick, RJD2, A-Trak, GWAR, The Hold Steady, Dirty Projectors, and many more.

* Early Bird tickets are limited to 1,000 fans and on sale now at a 10% discount for 3 day passes. That includes the 2 day weekend pass and the Friday night kick off event. You can purchase tickets online at *

Founder of Fun Fun Fun Fest, Graham Williams had this to say about the line up: “This is our most diverse and creative line up we have ever put together. Our fans expect that we raise the bar every year, this is certainly no different”.

Fun Fun Fun Fest would like to thank all of their partners who help make the festival possible including Toyota Motor Sales, Stanley-PMI, Heineken, Bacardi, and many more.



Devo, MGMT, Weird Al Yankovic, Dirty Projectors, Hold Steady, Deerhunter, Man Man, Capn’ Jazz, WAVVES, Polvo, OS Mutantes, Ariel Pink, Kaki King, Dum Dum Girls, Appleseed Cast, Margot and Nuclear So and Sos, Best Coast, Crocodiles, Toro Y Moi, Magic Kids, Junius, Woven Bones, Royal Forest, Indian Jewelry, Mother Falcon


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Fun Fun Fun Fest booked its first set of acts in 2006 in downtown Austin, leading with the likes of bands like Spoon and The Circle Jerks…setting the tone for what would grow to be the darling of independent music festivals for music lovers and music makers in the United States for years to come.

Now in it’s fifth year, Fun Fun Fun Fest is known as one of the most relaxed, creative, and pioneering festivals in music today. Fun Fun Fun Fest is a fest that is custom booked for the most passionate underground and progressive musicians, comedians, and fans around the world.

Anyway, yeah, it's goin' down.

Also this is my 500th post on AustinSurreal. Have you heard the AustinSurreal Show yet?

also Im back

To blogging. Not the tweeter.

At the Fun Fun Fun Fest Press Conf.

Pretty fun so far. They have a no jam band policy. Keep watching this space RIGHT NOW for real time announcements of bands.

Fuck it ima make an announcement before the announcement.

Devin the Dude
Butcher Bear & Charlie
League of Extraordinary Gz
Nick Nack
On the AustinSurreal stage...

Also devo, bad religion, mastodon, gwar, the hold steady, a trak, dirty projectors and weird al yankovich!!!

Whole list will be posted when I get back to the desk. Here's a few more: POS, RJD2, Yelle, Big Freedia, Pharoahe Monch, Jean Grae, Man Man, Indian Jewelry, Polvo, Suicidal Tendencies, Dwarves, Best Coast, Peelander Z, Dam-Funk, Bird Peterson, Crew54, and bunches of comedy. More soon.