Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Red Bull Big Tune Competitors Just Announced!

Here's the list of 12 finalists! Who will win???

I ain't gonna play favorites
(but my money is on Picnic)

Lab Ox
Sound Mob
Chinky P
T Ward
Anwar Mack
Neon Collars
Mr. Rogers

See y'all tomorrow at VENUE! Flyer below.

Monday, June 23, 2008


I'ts 'bout to go down in that H-Town this week, knowmtalmbout?

First off check out this video. Local Austin band SPIN ALLEY covering UGK's "One Day" at Momo's in tribute to Pimp C.

What's dope about this to me, is this video shows you just how far and wide Pimp C and Bun B and UGK as a musical entity and a movement touched so many people. Their impact is immeasurable man. Seriously, if you know like I know, you know that UGK was one of the most important groups in rap for reasons deeper than them just making some dope rap songs.

Anyway, enjoy that.

And Tuesday afternoon if yer in Houston be sure and come by Urban Zone in Sharpstown Mall for THIS!

And then Wednesday Night You already know!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Last Week - Boombox ATX, Extra Plairs, Red Bull X-Fighters Y MAS!

Man, well, shoot, I been meaning to post up some flicks like purt near every single day, but this goldurned heat has me sweaty and sluggish. Summer in Austin is off the chain, there's so much to do inside and out, and well, we do it.

Also went to Fort Worth this past Saturday for a special date with my 6-year-old Eva courtesy of Red Bull. Here's what went down.

Actually this is last Tuesday. It just so happened that DJ's Chicken George, seen here, and Manny had Afrika Bambatta come thru their weekly at Red Fez, which happens to be right next door to the Lucky Lounge where Boombox and Rapid Ric do their thang thang every Tuesday. Well, I went a lil too early and couldn't stay for Bam, cuz you know, it was Tuesday, and I couldn't just hang up in the clubs all that long.

DJ Manny

Boombox put on one hell of a show, I hope to one day see them at a club with cheap drinks!

Tray God, man I have known this dude forever. In fact, his first group SOCKEYE performed at the Hip Hop Coffee Shop in Houston in 1991. Dude is a killer MC. For a while he and MC Overlord held down the MC duties with Boombox, but Overlord recently left and was replaced by Zeale 32, who was in Houston on this particular night. Damn.

DJ Rapid Ric spins before, during and after the Boombox set.

Starsign was in the place at Red Fez

As was MC Tee Double! Who I've also known for some time, but not quite as long as Tray God.

Then last Friday Bavu told me at like 10:30 a.m. that he and the Extra Plairs were performing at noon outside City Hall. It was at least 95 degrees, but they killed it!

That drummer there - Brannen Temple, man he is off the chain (and of course D-Madness is one of the best musicians out here period, but you probably already knew that). Anyway, like 6 years ago I saw Brannen play drums for Charles Gayle at the Elephant Room during SXSW and had no idea who he was, Charles Gayle didn't remember his name either and I have wondered ever since. This was the first time I had seen him since, and I not only recognized his face but recognized how he smashes his drums with a vengeance! AMAZING!

The mystery hath been solved.

Then Saturday like I said Eva and I went to the Red Bull X-Fighters event in Fort Worth. Stayed at the wonderful Embassy Suites downtown and stayed up late and ate junk and just kicked it hard. Eva and I were impressed by the old west feel of downtown Fort Worth and the stockyards and I was especially feeling how some people actually ride their horses to the bar and tie 'em up outside the bars when they go in to get a drink! It was some wild shit.

Anyway we ate, we drank, we saw motorcycles fly through the sky, courtesy of Red Bull. I may have filled Eva's lemonade cup with Jack Daniels and Red Bull Cola and snuck it into the stands, MAYBE!

I didn't get very good photos, as usual, I just sat in the back of the stands and shot really slow without a flash. Thinking I'm an artist or something.

Reckless Kelly sang the National Anthem.

www.redbullxfighters.com for an idea of what this madness is all about.

My question is, how do you learn how to jump a motorcyle over 100 feet in the air? How high do you jump the first time? Seriously, how do youpractice such a thing? Shit freaked me out.

THEN Sunday Eva and I got up, went swimming in the hotel pool and drove back to Austin where we had a lil Fathers Day BBQ, then my wife and I went down to Club Deville to see Extra Golden. AMAZING!

Opening band, Rattletree Marimba (I think Sun-Jue told me their name was "Rattlesnake Marimba" and I kept calling them that until Martin from Grimy Styles corrected me), anyway they are certainly a new favorite of mine.

From their website: "Rattletree Marimba is a Zimbabwean style marimba band based in Austin, Texas. They play high-energy dance and trance music that is guaranteed to get the dance floor moving from the first song!"

It's true, they get it fuckin' poppin'. If they were from New York people would be freaking out all over them ala Antibalas.

And of course Extra Golden.

Dude is a monster on guitar.

Anyway, I gotta go tend to the children. What's the next event?

Oh yeah, THIS!


And of course for a sneak preview of what this magnanimous reunion will be like be sure to come out to the Red Bull Big Tune Event Wednesday June 25th in Houston at VENUE. Willie D will be performing LIVE! As will Michael Watts of the Swisha House, and our featured producer Mr. Lee!

Texas Producers Should Get In On This!!!

--Houston Music Producers Battle for Red Bull Big Tune Title --

WHO: Battle-ready producers, beatsmiths, and sound-architects from Houston who have original music, talent and desire to take their passion to the next level. Featured producer Mr. Lee and featured emcee Willie D of the Geto Boys and special guest DJ Michael Watts of Swisha House will get the evening started.

WHAT: The city will be bouncing to fresh beats when the premiere music producer battle known as Red Bull Big Tune hits Houston this month with a beatsmith battle royale. Houston marks the third stop in a series of eight regional beat competitions designed to find the most talented U.S. producer with the next big tune. Twelve beatsmiths will be called to battle at each regional qualifier. Other regional battles will be hosted in Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, Seattle, Washington, DC, and Los Angeles, Calif. The top 2 producers from each city will square-off in December 2008 at the Red Bull Big Tune National Championships in New York City.

The winner of the finals receives custom studio equipment and an opportunity to collaborate with a recording artist of his/her choice in the prestigious Red Bull Studios/ Santa Monica, Calif. Last year’s Red Bull Big Tune winner opted to work with Young Buck. Other artists available for collaboration were Redman and Talib Kweli.

HOW: Red Bull Big Tune is open to emerging and established music producers regardless of genre. Interested producers can apply online at www.redbullbigtune.com. Check website for deadlines, updates and videos from last year.

WHEN: Wednesday, June 25, 2008, doors at 8:30 PM.

WHERE: Venue, 719 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002

ADMISSION: RSVP at www.redbullbigtune.com

WHY: Big Tune began as the brainchild of DJ/producer/emcee—Vitamin D and Hip Hop visionary/event producer –Jonathan Moore, in 2004 with the purpose of bringing emerging and established talent to the forefront. After three years of hosting thriving local battles in Seattle, they forged a creative partnership with Red Bull and the event evolved beyond a beat battle into a dynamic national producer program.

3 pm - 5 pm, The Urban Zone (Sharpstown Center), 7500 Bellaire, Ste 922, 2nd Fl. Houston, TX 77036

The Red Bull Big Tune team will be conducting a musical education outreach program to educate future beat makers on the business and creation of music.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

DJ Baby G - Goin' Off - That Down South Shit

Man hold up!

We just moved, as my faithful readers know, and with a move comes a lot of discoveries, rather, unearthings of things you may have forgotten that you had, or wished you didn't lug around to yet another cribbo.

This lil gem right here, is neither cuz I surely remember jamming the hell out of this and I am certainly glad that I dragged a couple of copies of this around for some years. PEEP GAME!

The year was 1998. I had known DJ Baby G for about 6 years at that point. He was a DMC Champ in 1991 and repped for Texas hard all over the place DJing for artists like Mad Flava, and well, even MC 900 Foot Jesus. I always loved this dude cuz he was one of the most talented dudes I ever met in Texas hip-hop and he was and still is hands down the most humble and cool cat you'll ever meet period.

I lived in Houston, and while Houston always had a dynamic rap scene, everytime I'd go to Dallas I was always impressed because their city seemed to have a balance that Houston truly lacked. We had some groups like the K-Otix, and lots of rappers and producers and DJ's who didn't fit the typical Houston sound, but in Dallas, they had all sorts of shit and there was a scene for each one of them.

Like for instance, if say, Positive K came to Houston, it'd be me and Will Strickland in the club excited to see him, surrounded by a bunch of crickets (this is a real scenario), but in Dallas, dude could come down and rip it in front of a packed house. Too Short could come to Houston and do 1,000 people, and could do the same in Dallas. They had it all. Word to Club X-odus and the almost defunkt Deep Ellum district.

Anyway, Baby G is certainly more well known as a turntable master who played way more "real hip hop" ie. east and west coast shit that wasn't "gangsta," than down south rap. But I remember bugging him for some time to make a tape like this. I'd say "Bro, you are the greatest DJ to ever do it (IMO), make a down south tape." He always liked the down south stuff, but was more known for being more into other shit. (He'll fuck you up on the reggae tip) One day he called me and said something like "Matt I just made a tape of all down south jams, I need you to help me get it out there in Austin and Houston."

I went ballistic, couldn't wait to hear it, and when I got like 60 copies of it, I was so fucking stoked - DJ BABY G MADE A DOWN SOUTH MIX! I was fucking freaking out. Unfortunately, I gave more away than I sold. It was a hard sell. Music Mania really only wanted DJ Screw (this was pretty much pre-Swisha House and everybody else, as far as Austin knew), and back in those days, minds on both sides of the hip-hop fence were way more closed than they are today.

But whatever, dude KILLED this tape. And when I found it in a box of shit I knew I had to up it here for YOU.

You can hear DJ Baby G these days right here in Austin on Hot 93, live in the mix. And on XM RADIO! When I say he is my favorite DJ of all time, I'm not lying. If you ask me who I think is the best DJ of all time, I'll say DJ Baby G. I could be wrong, but fuck it THAT'S JUST HOW I FEEL (word to Pimp C, R.I.P.).


Here is some YouTubage for reference. If you download it I would love it if you left a comment. I want to make sure that boy G knows he is appreciated plus I'd like to know that this tape hit a lot of people.

MTV Coverage of the DMC's in 1991

Mad Flava - Feel Tha Flava

Go visit Baby G on his website www.djbabyg.net

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This weekend in Austin & Houston: EXTRA GOLDEN!!!

Man it's really 'bout to go down this weekend!

Saturday night June 14th at The Orange Show in Houston (HoustonSoReal alumnus know that this is hands down my favorite venue in Houston. Kid friendly so take the kids!) and Sunday June 15th at Club DeVille in Austin (Also a damn fine venue) EXTRA GOLDEN hit's Texas with that Kenyan Benga cum American Indie Rockish Type Melange of Beautiful Sounds that well, don't come round these here parts every other day.

I'm not the most well versed on these dudes, I just know that I like them and will be spending Fathers Day Night up in that Club DeVille. Wish I could bring the kids to see these dudes. Could do it in Houston, but won't be able to make the Orange Show. You really should, especially if you have never been to the Orange Show. You need to experience it.

Check out this piece on Extra Golden from NPR

From their bio on www.extragolden.com

Extra Golden was formed rather casually in May of 2004 when Ian Eagleson, Alex Minoff and Otieno Jagwasi began fiddling with each other’s compositions in an apartment in the Buru Buru neighborhood of Nairobi. For rhythmic inspiration, the trio used isolated drum tracks by Onyango Wuod Omari that Eagleson had recorded earlier that year. After several song ideas were hashed out, Omari came by the apartment and, tapping pencils on a table, familiarized himself with them. The next afternoon, the four musicians met at the Annex Club and Restaurant in Kariobangi South Estate. Positioning themselves on a concrete slab between the tables and the restrooms, they set up a laptop and mixing board, a broken-down drumset, a couple of amplifiers and several microphones. Three hours later they packed up and left, the majority of Ok-Oyot System completed.

A year after this initial recording session, Otieno Jagwasi succumbed to his long struggle with liver disease. Besides causing great sadness, Otieno’s passing spurred Eagleson and Minoff to bring these recordings to the public. Chicago’s Thrill Jockey Records agreed to release the album and, in May 2006 – exactly two years after the group’s formation – Extra Golden was introduced to the world.

Ok-Oyot System’s unique blend of Kenyan Benga music with American Rock and other, assorted African guitar stylings met with widespread critical praise. The immediate demand for Extra Golden concerts was deafening. After months of hard work and determination, that demand was finally met, as the group (now featuring popular Benga star Opiyo Bilongo) arrived at the 2006 Chicago World Music Festival. Many weeks of engagements followed, after which Extra Golden holed up in a house in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains to tackle the task of recording a follow-up to their beloved debut. Five days later the group emerged with twenty new tracks, eight of which constitute Hera Ma Nono.

At first, Extra Golden seems an unlikely entity. However, this project that was birthed on a whim, a crazy “what if…” scenario between friends, has steadily grown into a fully-realized, musical dynamo. It remains to be seen where Extra Golden will go next, but with more touring and recording undoubtedly ahead, the future sounds good.

Anyway, I'd love to see you out Sunday night.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

DOMY! New Bookstore and MORE on E. Cesar Chavez
Support Independent Retailers!

FINALLY! The night we all have been waiting for, well at least me, the opening of Austin's DOMY!

Based in Houston and owned by the same good folks who own Brazil (How I didn't get any photos of Dan and Magda is beyond me), they just now opened their first Austin store. My boy Russell gonna run the place, and you can get all sorts of indy books, unique toys, crazy DVD's, Graffiti shit, um, art, all sorts of stuff. Seriously go check them out at 913 E. Cesar Chavez - just east of I-35, when you get a chance.

Last night was the opening party and IT WENT DOWN!

Da kids.

Da family.

Yes it did go down, it did.

Know'm talm bout?

Ceeplus is one of the reasons the keg of Shiner was floated in like 90 minutes. Me too.

Heir to the throne.

Kwam Anderson formerly of Seeds of Soul and Freedom Sold. In the hizzy.

Girls got toys.

Russell had to work.


Anyway, go check out the shop. It's great.