Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I know I'm a blog. And I know I'm supposed to do blog things. I know I'm supposed to make a list. I'm supposed to reflect on 2009. And I will, I'm sure, before it's all said and done. But for now I'm just going to post a bunch of video links to things I've been watching online and otherwise...

The Revival
Directed by Invincible. Produced by EMERGENCE Media and Iqaa the Olivetone

RIP James Brown

RIP Pimp C

RIP Vic Chesnutt

Greatest Christmas Special Ever:

And then this.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Some thangs to watch over them Holidaze

First of all check out the new video from MOJOE out of San Antonio featuring Bavu Blakes from Austin, but on the way to Los Angeles very soon - "A Strange Revival."

Mojoe "Strange Revival" ft. Bavu Blakes VIDEO Dookie Vizion Productions from The 54 Reality Show on Vimeo.

Dope ass song and video for sure and it was directed by my brothers at Dookie Vision Productions, aka Crew 54. Straight up man, Central Texas has a lot to offer and I think that 2010 is going to be big for us. That real, genuine, hip-hop.

Soulful, Texas, Real.

Also my man Ruben Cantu sent me a short film he produced for the Nikon Festival. It is some sort of contest, Ashton Kucher is behind it, um lemme let Ruben tell you:

"Good news though! Drama made it into the Nikon fest, and as of yesterday it was one of the top 10 films in contention. We created the site www.votedrama.com to get people to find out and view the film. Once they did they could vote for it (5 stars)

We were selected out of 1000+ submissions worldwide and we are fighting for 2 prizes.

The grand prize is the judges award, not affected by views or votes. This is solely their discretion. That winner gets 100k. The rest get to fight for the votes from the audience and the winner gets 25k. So just in case we don't get the judges award, we would like to walk away with the audience award.

As of right now, we have about 2-300 votes. But the leader has like 700. I am on a massive promotions campaign trying to get this film to number 1. Yesterday we were number 3 and today outside of the top 10. Its highly competitive and we have till Jan 13th until they announce the winner.

If we win, we can keep making films in Austin, if not, we're still broke trying to make it. If you can lend a hand and post it on your blog we would be mad grateful. We have Austin Cipher in the credits on the longer version and also First Class Fresh another local hip hop group."

Suffice it to say I support my man and his efforts, check out the film and please go vote!

Then below check out a local Austin television show called Powerhouse TV. They come on every week and I am going to try and remember to post the show every week as they give a great look at some of the people really making it happen in Texas rap these days. peep it out!

TX Power House TV - Episode 9 from Texas Power House TV on Vimeo.

And Happy Holidaze! I may or may not be back in the next couple of days.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holidaze Parties Really Went DOWN!

They say life is just a party, and I fill dat, I rilly do.

Cuz I tend to party. Here's some pics from this past weekend and in the end a few from last week. Basically we will start with photos from Friday night at the Red Bull 45 event in Houston. Then some flicks from The Friends Not Family Holiday Event here in Austin, and then round things up with some flicks from the SEA Awards Nominees party last week here in Austin. I done forgot that I had them flicks on my camera.


B-Boy Craig hosted the Red Bull 45 event where The Are, DJ Sun, Ceeplus, Brett Koshkin and John Doe all spun 45 vinyl all night.

Brett Koshkin

DJ Sun and Phillip Marshall

The Are seen here with Sess

DJ Cut Chemist

This was one event where I felt as though it was ok to watch the DJs. And possibly learn something. Cut Chemist headlined and did this one turntable mix set that was absolutely flawless. I am not the most technically adept dude in the world but lemme try to explain this.

Basically he was playing all 45s, on one turntable that he had run through some sort of loop pedal, that he worked with his foot. He would put a record on, spin it till the break, loop the break, lay some cuts, take the record off as the loop played, scratch over the loop, loop the current record and so on and so forth and I mean, dude did not miss a beat. Shit was brilliant.

Before that though, the DJ's all were stationed in different corners of the room. Each with a 2 turntable set up. They spun records round robin style all night, and everyone came with their own brand of genius. Funk, soul, r&b, hip-hop, rock, club music, 80's jams... there were NO boundaries. And everything was played on vinyl.



The history as it relates to MattSoReal, Houston music, hip-hop in general and more that is represented in this photo is immeasurable. DJ Cipher, Petu and Ric Edwards coming with that Phunky Phat Phlava.

And this pic here as well. You may know DJ Wiz as the DJ for Aesop Rock, I know him as a member of Def IV and a Houston Hip-Hop PIONEER.

Jenny & Tresa

Jennifer from Premium Goods and Melesa!

Kam & Eric


Greg, Tiffany and Tresa from Red Bull. Thanks for this amazing event y'all!

One of my favorite artists ARTICLE!

White Tim

Mi ride or die compadres Kiara and Stacy!

Kim Cee!

Matt and Stephanie. Why he all trying to grab her thang thang like that?

Mike Frost Michelle and I chillin' on down.

Real goofy looking dude, as shot by Brett Koshkin

As you can see...


Tiffany, Josh and Dos Crow

Scuba Steve


Stacy and I

Love was in the air. Word up Stephanie and Crystal!

And here's the DJ's

So yeah, Friday was quite the whirlwind. Then Saturday it was a bit of family Christmas in Houston then back to Austin for the Friends Not Family Christmas Party on Sunday.

When we arrived at The Mohawk, they had a real wrestling match going off outside!

Shit had me trippin'. It was really real. When did wrestling go ironic? (Sorry I couldn't resist.No hipster hate here)

Ann from theSouthernShift.com came thru, along with my bro N. Brown from N. Brown Clothing.

I made a rule that there would no rapping at this particular event, but the bear trumped me and started a cipher.

Tracie and Friends!

Lil J of Da COD and friend

D. George, Melissa and Friends!

James Dean and his ladyfriend


Julia Ervin acting fabulous and also Hollywood as if she was on a runway, but really she just got in from Moscow and came for a drink real talk. But yeah, fabulous.

Paul Minor with allllll the ladies!

Including Laura

Lowkey and Gangsta Boo Barbie with more ladies!

Lolo and Doc Holiday!

Melissa and System D128!

Me, Lolo and the mystery man, Tosin.

Meriah, Laura aka Parky P and Samantha

Mod Plexi was in the house on the sponsor tip

Richard Henry manned the decks for like 75% of the night. We loaded all of my holiday jams into his Serato and well, every time I got near that fucking thing it would fuckt he fuckup. Plus MP3s sound like shit so I was getting super pissed every song so he pretty much saved the day and killed it.

Then I killed the whole vibe when he did a jammin' hip-hop set and I played Nat King Cole's Christmas Song, slowed way down.

Cuz as I have stated, I don't know how to do all that computer bullshit. When I am elected President of the United States MP3s will be illegal and vinyl will make a radical come back. Fo dat ass, cuz I have PRIORITIES.

Robert Gabriel and Tosin. Edited Tosin's face cuz he be trippin' all the time, trying to remain a mystery.

The women of So, Like, Yeah also do not want to be exposed. But their misfortune cookies were a huge hit. Mine said "The monkeys know." Which I already knew.

Anyway yeah man that party really went down like a mahfucka, mahfuckas.

A week or so back though, there was a lil get together for all of the Austin nominees to the SEA Awards. I am nominated for Journalist/Photographer of the year even tho I haven't written shit of any merit in years and my photos are a total mess. But I am totally honored. And there's some great folks from ATX nominated this year so go vote and look out for your peoples!

Young Spinna Killin' it.

Rachel Rachel

Staci Russell is set to have a HUGE 2010, watch. Mark my words it's bout to go down.

Rachel, Lolo and Staci in full effect!

DJ Grip in the house

Yeah so, it really went down.

I want to have another holiday mix for y'all before this damn holiday is over. If I don't check in before then, have yourself a Merry little Christmas and a Happy New Year and a wonderful Kwanzaa and hoping your Hannukah was wonderful too.

Also the winter solstice, hope you made it through.