Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Two More Hip-Hop The Vote Events!
U of Houston + HCC Alief

This Friday come out to Lynn Eusan Park at the University of Houston to #HipHopTheVote on the last day of early voting! It's really going down. Lots of surprises in the works too. Gonna be a great day on campus...

And on Monday November 5th, we'll be out at Houston Community College in Alief one day before Election Day. A last minute reminder to the people. #HipHopTheVote

ATX Hip-Hop LIVE on KUT!
Riders Against the Storm (R.A.S.), Kydd Jones, Crew54, & Bavu Blakes in Studio 1A

So amazing to see, I mean hear, this happen (wish I could have seen it happen!). Word to Jay Trachtenberg, Haley Howle and all the good folks at KUT for hosting some of Austin's heaviest hip-hop talent live in Studio 1A. This is a great look at some of my favorite artists right now. I think Austin hip-hop is looking and sounding real dope in 2012. See for yourself. Hope I get to hear some of these jams randomly, now and again on KUT. What it do John Aielli?

Click Below to Listen to
Riders Against the Storm (R.A.S.), Kydd Jones, Crew54, and Bavu Blakes in Studio 1A

Why Bavu look so California? When is KUTX starting? Do they need a hip-hop show?

Experience all of these artists live Saturday night at the postponed Yasiin Bey show! Word to Chris Proper and happy birthday to him.

Nicest thing ever

I mean damn near the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me in all my history in the music shit. Thanks so much to my homey Samaan for making this happen and all of the artists involved. Its much appreciated and I thank all of you as well, for being who you are. This is really big for me. I've never been so appreciated, and also not appreciated, for anything in my whole life. But whatever, that is the past. Pushermania is the future. Also the present. More to come.

Fat Tony - "Denim Guinness Boys" (Prod. by Tom Cruz)

More madness from the genius of Houston rap, Fat Tony. Last night Asli from The Tontons posed the question, "Why does someone always have to die in Fat Tony videos?" Good question.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012

SCOOYUNDA - Sounds Like

Why me and Scooby go the same (lack of) hair cut? Cuz we're brothers thats why. Peep the newness. #GRITBOYS

Western Tink - TX Vampires (Mobbstyle) [Produced by Blizzed Out]

Pretty sure he is taller than Slim Thug. These boys crazy. But stop letting white people mouth the N-Bomb, shiiiiiit. It's finna go down tho.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

VIDEO: PersephOne - al jawab

I think this would be considered SFW as opposed to NSFW, I dunno, use your discretion. Ain't no nudity up in here. But its sexy than a mug. PersephOne is one of my favorite MCs both musically and as a human being. I often wonder how the hell she remembers all those words she spits, but she does, and I have never seen anything like her in hip-hop or any other music before. She's a walking work of art that spits real fire and venom unto the cosmos. I met her a long time ago and some of my fondest memories revolve around her coming to my old radio show in Houston, Damage Control, and going into the mic room when we would have freestyles. There'd be like 10 dudes workin' wood wheels and swang a langin their written bullshit, and she would step to the mic and unleash an interstellar superhighway of off the dome, off kilter, sometimes off color lyrics and everyone in the room would just back the fuck up. And now she's made one of the greatest videos of all time, OF ALL TIME. Ladies and Gentlefolk... my lil sis PersephOne...


Geto Boys End of the World Party in San Antonio! December 21st!

If the Mayans were right, this is going to be one hell of a way to go out! At Backstage Live LIKE A SOULJA!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Urban Artist Alliance presents.."Hip Hop Rhymes 2 Business Minds" Pt. 1

It really goes down Wednesday night Oct. 24th. Hip-Hop Rhymes 2 Business Minds, a panel of folks from the Austin hip-hop community including me, Salih Williams, MC Overlord, Smackola, Steve Savage, Josh Woodhouse and our host/moderator Tee Double. Word to him for putting this on. All folks looking to break into the music biz should come to this. Especially Arvin Wallace. Real talk.

Here's what Tee Dub has to say about the Urban Artist Alliance and tomorrow's event:

The Urban Artist Alliance was founded by Austin artist,producer and artist advocate Terrany "Tee-Double" Johnson to finally bring A RESOURCE FOR URBAN ARTIST to Austin,Texas! In partnership with the Austin Music Foundation the Urban Artist Alliance will provide workshops/panels, educational input,consulting and more to local musicians who need assistance in taking their careers to the next level and becoming smarter business people.Always Free to the public!! Held at the media center provided by AMF! More info: http://www.urbanartistalliance.com/(Donations Welcome & Any Amount Counts!)

7 p.m. at Creative Media Center, 1901 E. 51st. Street (Building 4), Austin, TX 78723

I'm finna tell YOU PEOPLE some thangs. It's really goin' down, and it's free. So PLEASE come support.

Red Bull Soundstage A3C Showcase Really Went Down!

And was really dope. Check out the video below to relive a bit of it!

SXSW Hip-Hop Showcase 1994? Yup
Also I no longer work for SXSW

Found this gem of a VHS tape in the archives at my moms house this summer and finally got it converted to DVD and then to a file and then to the Youtubes. This takes a long time for old guys like me, so I am just getting it up now. What a wealth of history there is here.

I was lucky to have met Andre Walker back in 1993 or so. He was in Austin and I was in Houston and we connected over a love for underground music and a will to make a connection between the two cities. At the time he had just taken over the duty of booking hip-hop for SXSW from Kier Worthy. Back then there was only one showcase or so per year. In 1995 there were two (wish I had those videos too!).

Andre Walker Magic Video Interview

Andre let me help select the groups for this, and I also hosted the entire night. Thank God there's no footage of that. The 22 year old me yelling curse words in an Odd Squad shirt and such, with an even more awkward "accent" than I have now.

Anyway those were the daze. Peep the videos below. Mad Flava were a real ray of hope for us back in those days. Blac Monks represented a whole new breed of Houston street music, Sociopath Left showed me how many directions hip-hop could really go, as did Sockeye in a sense as well. Heads & Dreads blew my mind consistently. Poetic Souls and their crew Da Psyko Ward helped form my love for REAL lyrics, etc. Dank and them showed me that there was more to Austin than just 6th street and great breakfast places. Word to DJ Cassanova.

There were more acts on the showcase, but I need to upload them and that process, well, it's a bit much for an impatient old man.

Also for those who were wondering, I no longer work for SXSW. That ended in March of this year pretty much. So please stop asking me about it, and tell a friend, to tell a friend, to stop asking me about it. The new company is PUSHERMANIA and there's a lot in the works. Anyway, that's all I have to say about that. Enjoy your trip back to 1994. The Gravediggaz headlined this show but they said they didn't want anyone to record their set, and whoever recorded this, listened to them. OH WELL! This whole series means a lot to me. Enjoy.

Blac Monks (Houston, TX)

Blac Monks Magic Video Interview

Mad Flava (Dallas, TX)

Mad Flava Magic Video Interview

Sociopath Left (Austin, TX)

Poetic Souls (Houston, TX)

Heads & Dreads (Dallas, TX)

Sockeye (Austin, TX)

Sockeye Magic Video Interview

Ms. Dank (Austin, TX)

Hip-Hop The Vote at the Alief Community Center Last Friday in Houston!

Things are heating up in the world of politics and all we can HOPE right now is that the PEOPLE, the real PEOPLE, get involved and at the very least go out and exercise their right to vote. So my people at Texans Together have teamed up with me to produce these "Hip-Hop The Vote" events around Harris County. So we are having fun, while bringing the message to the people. Check the photos after the jump to see who all is riding with us.

Willie D of the Geto Boys and Fred Lewis of Texans Together meet at last...

Monday, October 22, 2012

AustinSurreal Show Oct. 21, 2012
Playlist and Stream/DL Link

Man it really went down last night. If you missed it, hit the link below and jam out at your leisure.


Zavala - Baustin Bridge
100s - Brick Cell Phone
Lady Leshurr - Every Man
Wax Romeo - Satan Sheets
Dethrone - Stormcrusher
Hangmas - Ragadazo
Nick Hook, El-P, Rood - Sirens
Bassnectar, Angel Haze - Freestyle
Gary Clark Jr. - You Saved Me
Kydd - Fake Accent
Worldwide - Could Be Worse
Sertified, Pacboi Tank - Hate
Melokan - Illuminati
Blackhouse - Fonkie Journey
Homeboy Sandman - Illuminati
Sauti Sol, Spoek Mathambo - Slow
Star Eyes - Whistle Tip
Beedie, Jon Quest - Do You
Mad One, Ruler Why - Yesterdays Rain
Moabi Kotu, T Man - Sibuyele Emakaya
Sniper E, Dizzee Rascal - Livo
Timbuktu, Damn - Stannakvar
Branzil - Inspiration
Jasiri X, Invincible, Rhymefest - Candidates for Sale
Chrome Canyon - Elemental Themes
Heems, Pawan, Chorhay - Love
Thavius Beck - Eye of the Beholder

Friday, October 19, 2012

Hip-Hop The Vote in Alief
With Willie D, Killa Kyleon, GT Garza, Doughbeezy, Uzoy, Dirty & Nasty, DJ Chill, Noelle Davis, Me, and MORE!

ITS REALLY GOIN' DOWN! 4-8pm Alief Community Center. SEE YOU THERE H-TOWN!

B L A C K I E (All Caps With Spaces)
(and Bushwick Bill)
On French TV

Word to Valerie Paille at Tracks in Paris! She caught up with B L A C K I E at the Villette Sonique Festival earlier this summer. You can see my fat face in there too. Anyway, ENJOY! I guess the full show will be on French and German TV this weekend, and then online for one week only. I'll post link when that comes up!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Where's the Texas Version of This?
Jasiri X, Invincible, Rhymefest

"It's a damn shame, Politicians should be dressing up like Nascar drivers, covered in brand names..." (Invincible 2012)

Three of the best rappers ever, and the most relevant hands down at this very moment, Jasiri X, Invincible and Rhymefest team up for "Candidates for Sale." Just in time for tonight's joke of a pseudo debate between these two hoe ass hoes.


Monday, October 15, 2012

A3C 2012 Really Went Down!

Last year when I went to the A3C Festival for the first time, I said to myself, man I am NEVER going to miss and A3C ever again. Well I'm 2 for two right now, and don't plan to ever, ever, ever miss me an A3C EVAR! These folks in ATL put together one of the most fun events ever in the history of music, and it's ALL HIP HOP and its all LOVE. Not kidding.

Lucky me got a 6am flight on Southwest airlines and caught the special exit row with the super extra leg room which set off a perfect weekend. Start to finish. Perfect.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Classic Austin TV - Magic Video 1994 with Bushwick Bill & Blac Monks

I have a gang of videos and a big announcement coming soon here to the blog. But check it out, this show Magic Video IS STILL ON out here in Austin on Sunday afternoons on Austin public access. It rules man. Word to Brotha K. Anyway this particular interview happened one Sunday in March 1994. One night after a SXSW hip-hop showcase that featured The Gravediggaz, Mad Flava, Sociopath Left, Sockeye, Heads N Dreads and way more. I got a lot of video to post. Stay tuned. This was the first year I got involved with SXSW hip-hop wise. #trivia


"Half these fools could put the mic down and run as a Republican."

Tell 'em B. Dolan. This is a powerful video for a powerful song. I only lik ehip-hop that is #NevaScared

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

See Doughbeezy this week at A3C Fest in ATL!

One of the best new voices in hip-hop!

Third Root ft. DaShade Moonbeam - LifeFUTUREArt

One of the best things happening in Texas music right now. I mean two of the best things, Third Root and DaShade Moonbeam.

Third Root:: Life FUTURE Art from Francisco Cortes on Vimeo.

Monday, October 8, 2012

A3C Fest Hits Atlanta This Week!
Insane Line Up

And that's a real understatement. If you haven't Already, check the schedule on A3CFestival.com and figure a way to get to Atlanta in 2 days, cuz as they say, it's really goin' down.

Thursday you gotta get there early, 1 pm is my panel FESTIQUETTE

1 pm On the Jakprints Stage
Matt Sonzala (Austin Surreal) | Soul Wallace (Steel Magnolia Group) | DJ Next (Amalgam Digital) | Dutch Rebelle | Mr Greezo (League of Extraordinary Gz) | Dante Ross (Owner, Stimulated Artist Management/ Director of East Coast A&R, Warner Bros.) | Lyric Jones | Brian Knott (Founder, A3C Hip Hop Festival)

Then that night 24HrGrind and AustinSurreal Present STRAIGHT OUTTA TEXAS! (NOTE: Doughbeezy is now playing on the Red Bull Soundstage on Friday Night and A.Dd+ will perform Thursday on Straight Outta Texas.)

12:25 AM Killa Kyleon
12:00 AM League of Extraordinary G'z
11:40 Lil Keke
11:20 A.Dd+
11:00 Roosh Williams
10:45 Dex Owusu
10:30 Uzoy

And Friday night, I helped put together this Red Bull Soundstage Bill as well.

12:20 AM - Tha Liknuts (Alkaholiks + The Beatnuts)
11:50 Chancellor Warhol
11:30 Slum Village
11:10 Skewby
10:50 The Niceguys
10:30 Worldwide
10:10 Kydd
9:50 Felony Fame
9:30 Mani Coolin
9:15 Doughbeezy

There's so much more. Expect a much larger preview tomorrow but MAN! So much great music happening in ATL this week. A3C Festival looking amazing. Even more Texas with Trae tha Truth, Snow tha Product, Devin the Dude, it's going to be crazy. See you there?


You want to vote in this election cycle? Of course you do. Texas, and a gang of other states, Tuesday October 9th is your last chance to register to vote. So what you gone do? Click Here to find out how to Register to Vote in Texas TODAY, literally. It ends today.

It was a great night in 3rd Ward! Our next event coming up October 19th at the Alief Community Center. More info coming soon. UH and TSU events as well. #TexansTogether #OccupyTheVote #HipHopTheVote

AustinSurreal Show Oct. 7, 2012
Playlist + DL + Stream

A3C Fest Preview of sorts.

Click here to stream or download the latest AustinSurreal Show from Radio KAOS

Playlist Oct, 7, 2012
Worldwide - Gas Money (Interlude)
Worldwide - Could Be Worse
League of Extraordinary G'z - Billie Jean
Lil J, Big Erb, K-Rino - Not Feelin It
Chrome Canyon - Chasing the Dead
Analouge Monsta - Collection Plate
Karriem Rigggins - Ding Dong Bells
Killer Mike, Rittz, Slim Calhoun, Kyle Lucas, Runway Richy, Lil Scrappy, Pill, Scotty, Backbone, C-Bone, Trakksoundz, Cory Mo - Atlanta Smokers Only
Worldwide, A.Dd+ - Bout That Remix
Dee-1, Mannie Fresh, Juvenile - Man In My City
SL Jones, Rittz, Ebony Love - MDMA
Kyle Lee, Worldwide - Ridin' Thru My City
Oy - Marketplace
Hussle Club - Children of the Underground
Talib Kweli, Ryan Leslie - Outstanding
Z-Ro, Mike D - Jaccers Wanna Know
Curren$y, Harry Fraud - 67 Turbo Jet
Denmark - Quit Smoking
Moe Green, Erk tha Jerk - Window Seat
Roosh Williams - Day One
Branzil - Inspiration
Chalie Boy - No Hook Needed
Jean Grae - Kill Screen
Moka Only - Sleeping Dogs
Flinch ft. Kylee Swenston - Under Water
Pallbearer - Devoid of Redemption

Scion Music(less) Conference 2012

Really, it really went down.

Last week I had the honor of being a part of the third Scion Music(less) Conference. I attended the first one, two years ago, and was impressed, but this year was straight up incredible. So many good people and even better vibes. And to be honest, even at the crochety old age that I am, I even learned some thangs.

Friday, October 5, 2012

SiriusXM Opens New Broadcast Studio in Austin

I've BEEN saying that this needed to happen. Maybe even since satellite radio came into existence. They needed to have a studio in our little musical town, and now they do. Word them up, as they say.

Photo Credit: Christopher Durst

I am very much in favor of anything that provides an alternative to what has happened to terrestrial radio. I've always had a bit of a fantasy of getting on satellite radio with the jams, but always figured I'd have to move to New York to do so, and that ain't happening. I'm way too lazy for New York. And too impatient for public transportation. And get really insanely angry when I have to pay $12 to go through a tunnel or over a bridge. But whatever. Things about Austin make me mad too.

Whatever happens I am just glad that more cool things like this are coming to our city. When we had a 3 month trial of SiriusXM in the Honda, Willie's Roadhouse was one of the channels I'd tune to the most (sorry Shade 45 but I had the kids up in the car a lot, they kinda think hip-hop is silly. They didn't complain when I'd have Backspin on though). Shade 45 is dope though, and pretty much reason enough for any hip-hop head to make the investment. With commercial radio limiting themselves to 4 artists and 13 songs at any given time, and college radio being almost gone for hip-hop, well yeah, this is where it's really at. I can only jam YouTubes and Soundclouds so much. I'm actually a person who likes it when a real person hips me to new things. Call me crazy. Word to Tony Touch.

So yeah lemme know when you want a Live from the Dirty South show SiriusXMers (or something like this), now that I am unemployed (Oh yeah I forgot to tell y'all, lol). I'ma have to subscribe now. Opening reception next Friday, but I'll be at A3C fest. More on that later. official press release below. Get hype.

NEW YORK–October 3, 2012– Sirius XM Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI) announced today that it has officially opened its new broadcast studio in Austin, Texas.

The new studio, in Austin City Limits Live at The Moody Theater, 310 Willie Nelson Blvd, will be home to SiriusXM shows, musical performances, interviews, special broadcasts and more.

SiriusXM will host a grand opening event on Friday, October 12 at the new studio with special guests Willie Nelson, Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell and others. Nelson’s SiriusXM channel, Willie’s Roadhouse, channel 56, will broadcast with host Dallas Wayne live from the new studio weekdays from 12:00—6:00 pm ET and will broadcast live from the event.

“Austin is one of America’s most vibrant music cities, and we are excited to expand the SiriusXM footprint there with our new studio,” said Scott Greenstein, President and Chief Content Officer, SiriusXM. “The unpredictable but influential music scene of Austin, its artists and its style, will be represented by the amazing array of artists, and the shows and channels that will broadcast from there. Willie is an iconic and much-loved artist, who has been part of the SiriusXM family for years, and we are thrilled to have him help us open the studios.”

The SiriusXM studio is situated in the same complex as the Austin City Limits Live concert venue, giving SiriusXM unique access to performers and performances alike. Additionally, Radio Margaritaville, channel 24, and Outlaw Country, channel 60, will also broadcast from the Austin studio.

For more information on SiriusXM, please visit www.siriusxm.com.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

AustinSurreal Show Playlist + DL/Stream Link
Sept. 30, 2012

Oh man, it really went down this past Sunday.

Dee-1, Killer Mike - Never Clockin' Out
Homeboy Sandman - Illuminati
Jean Grae - Kill Screen
Reggie Coby - Go Away
Worldwide, A-Train, Rob Bass - Same Thing
GT Garza, Z-Ro - Like What You See
Freddie Gibbs, Z-Ro - Boxframe Cadillac (83 Deville Remix)
Magno, Konan - No Worries
Oy - Market Place
A Tribe Called Red - Inter Tribal #1
Boom Baptist - Haunted Carnival
Hundred Waters - Thistle
Preservation Hall Jazz Band - It Ain't My Fault ft. Yassin Bey, Trombone Shorty, Alan Tousainnt
Poirer ft. Kween G - Funa Chi Cho
Poirer ft. Mr. OK - Jokma
DJ Vadim, Rodney P, Yarah Bravo, Dynamite MC, JMan - This DJ
Space Camp - Tick Tock (Ching Chong)
Soul Jazz Orchestra - Serve & Protect
Wax Tailor - Past, Present & Future (Rock N Roll)
Thavius Beck - Joy (Bring It)
O-Chemist ft. C-Redd & Sasha Vs. Trillville - That Cut
Fast Ronald - A Friend In Weed
The Niceguys - Magic
Elaquent - Parallel
Blunt Fang - Zenfromzans
Branzil - Inspiration
Ishft. Esthero - Never Gonna Let You Go

Bushwick Bill, Scarface, Snoop Dogg, RBX & Big Mike Freestyle in Cali

I am so glad that I was alive during these days, wish I had a time machine. Maaaaaan YouTube needs more stuff like this REAL TALK!

Jef Jon Sin - "Watch Me"

Lots of videos get shot at SXSW every year, but I like the way this dude took things into his own hands. He's from Tennessee, and is amazed by my knowledge of Tennessee rap, so I like him. Lol naw dude this is great. Enjoy and more to come.