Thursday, October 25, 2012

VIDEO: PersephOne - al jawab

I think this would be considered SFW as opposed to NSFW, I dunno, use your discretion. Ain't no nudity up in here. But its sexy than a mug. PersephOne is one of my favorite MCs both musically and as a human being. I often wonder how the hell she remembers all those words she spits, but she does, and I have never seen anything like her in hip-hop or any other music before. She's a walking work of art that spits real fire and venom unto the cosmos. I met her a long time ago and some of my fondest memories revolve around her coming to my old radio show in Houston, Damage Control, and going into the mic room when we would have freestyles. There'd be like 10 dudes workin' wood wheels and swang a langin their written bullshit, and she would step to the mic and unleash an interstellar superhighway of off the dome, off kilter, sometimes off color lyrics and everyone in the room would just back the fuck up. And now she's made one of the greatest videos of all time, OF ALL TIME. Ladies and Gentlefolk... my lil sis PersephOne...


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