Monday, October 8, 2012

Scion Music(less) Conference 2012

Really, it really went down.

Last week I had the honor of being a part of the third Scion Music(less) Conference. I attended the first one, two years ago, and was impressed, but this year was straight up incredible. So many good people and even better vibes. And to be honest, even at the crochety old age that I am, I even learned some thangs.

LEGENDS! Too Short and Angelo Moore!

The event kicked off with an exxxclluuusive reception that featured not only good food and drink, but three one on one interviews up on the stage. Christopher Roberts from Vice interviewed Angelo from Fishbone, Andre Torres from Wax Poetics interviewed Nile Rodgers, and I interviewed Too Short. All on stage while people noshed, and such.

Killer Mike politics with Too Short

Real talk what a night. Hearing these legends talk about their history was really invigorating to me. To hear the story of Nile Rodgers straight from him? Who gets to do that? Oh what a night indeed.

My brother DJ Shawn Jay aka Lord Vishnu aka the dude I straight up got my start in this whole shit with, came down for a while, and we of course went to ride around and go get it, like how we do.

Saw this lady while walking under a bridge by the Echoplex at their reggae night with the boy Vish

THe west coast messes me up time wise more than Europe. I don't know why but I can never sleep out there. I can never really sleep in general, but out there I am not sure if I even slept at all. So I took the photo above and the one below at like 7 am while I walked the streets of Hollywood in search of some green tea and what not.

Why this gotta be SoReal?

Started off Thursday with my panel with Action Bronson, Killer Mike and Harry Fraud. It was called Rap in 2012 and we talked about what these dudes will write about as the meteors hurl themselves towards the earth just before we jump out of orbit, and all die. It was deep. We also covered marijuana legalization, Action Bronson's indifference towards the policies, accomplishments and disappointments of Obama, et al. It was deep. Can't wait to see it online one day. All this stuff should be online at some point.

Action Bronson, Harry Fraud and Killer Mike post panel.

Speaking to fans after the panel.

Houston's own That Purple Bastard was in the house. You may have heard some of his remixes on the AustinSurreal Show if you happen to tune in now and again.

Action Bronson, Frankenweenie and Ruslan Karabin of SSUR out pon di balcony. Man Frankenweenie was an excellent movie. The combination of Tim Burton and Danny Elfman hath won again. I recommend it. I also need to order that SSUR FREE PUSSY RIOT Snap back. Come down now, whoa.

Trouble & Bass in the place! AC & Vivian Host. Vivian held it down on a FEW panels. Man, I gotsta get to that level.

I learned the most from this panel right here. It was all about aligning bands with brands. Something you would think I'd be against, but no alas I am not. When brands do it right, it's a great thing. Money for art is important. This ain't Canada, ain't nobody gonna give you shit in the public sector, etc. I've seen with my own eyes the good things Scion has done for many artists and young hustlers in this music game, such as myself. Big ups. To all involved. Support the arts.

Nick Catchdubs imparted TONS of knowledge on the Dance Music Merchandising panel. They all did, but Master P woulda done cussed Nick out real talk, talm bout the game is to be sold and not told. But he didn't care. He really told it, all. Even the part about the rubber ducks had some real insight. You'll see it online soon enough. Word and thanks to my man Eric Ducker.

The legendary creator of Moombaton Dave Nada in the PLACE!

My fam right here, Pyramid and Nick Catchdubs

This panel on Independent Dance Music was super cool too. Vivian spoke with Nick Hook, Dave Nada and Tokimonster on the subject.

Pyramid and Steve Malbun straight maxin in the place.

Super dope dudes Tittsworth and Dave Nada in the place!

Houston artist Jermaine Rogers here with Justin Hampton and the big man on the scene FRANK KOZIK!

Man I always wanted to meet Frank Kozik, and this I done did now. So dope. He told me about the time he went to see NWA and Too Short at the Travis County Expo Center. He made the poster for that show way back in the day, and um, yeah, I neeeeed that!

Big tymers in a major way right here - Andre Torres, Mr. Dead, Houseshoes and Hines Buchanan!

Miles Raymer got to do the one on one with Frank Kozik. Much knowledge was dropped.

Also FYI Kozik done came up in the art world in Texas. He told the whole story. Amazing. Can't wait till this is online for all to see. I'ma make you watch it.

All this went down at the lovely Loews Hotel at Hollywood and Highland out there in Hollyweird. Somehow I didn't end up jumping in the pool. My bad.

But I did do a lot of drinking and eating out by said pool. Thanks to the good folks at Scion and of course my man DJ Haul for the good times.

Big ups to Jason Harcharic for putting this all together as well. My man!

Got to meet Max Glazer which was dope.

My man Pyramid with said food. Chicken wings both days. I didn't think they got my rider, but apparently they did.

I know I shouldn't be taking pictures of elephants in an election year, but I like this guy.

Plus I had to make it look like I was taking a photo of an elephant, not spying on these folks pon di balcony below.

Nick Hook y friend

Kelly Green and a young mime who has a great future in miming. No, really, I'm serious, he does.

Gave Nick Hook a B L A C K I E cd when he asked me about rappers in Texas cuz that's how I do.

And here's me, sitting with the Bawse of the whole jernt, Jeri Yoshizu aka the Queen of the Instagram aka The Chef of all Chefs. Big ups and much thank yous to her for having me out there and putting on something so magnanimous. What a great time. Also, I bought the shirt I am wearing at HEB, a grocery store in Texas. And well, everybody kept asking me about it. $8 is what I paid for it too. Lol. #winning

So yeah it was amazing. And then when it was all said and done, I headed back to my room on the 15th floor around midnight,and a lady on the elevator with me got off on the 13th floor. The elevator doors opened to this:

I love people and places that aren't afraid to be in the holiday spirit. It's really goin' down on that floor right there. Complete with scary music #yeswecan

Also my kids liked the shirts I got for them for $2.99 a piece at 1 in the morning.


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