Monday, December 26, 2011

10YR, The Tontons, Killa Kyleon, Doughbeezy, Gerald G, Worldwide, Rapid Ric, DJ Orion

YEAH! It's really goin' down! AustinSurreal and Proper Ent Present!

Starts right at 8pm and goes till 2 a.m. and will be THE GREATEST PARTY EVER FOR FREEE EVER IN EVER.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

League of Extraordinary Gz on Digiwaxx

Man, hold up.

These boys gotta press on, for sure.

Houston's The Niceguys premier "Ari Gold" video
The Remix! Ft. Bun B!

Maaaaaaaaaan as we approach 2012 no doubt a lot of folks in Austintown are thinking about how SXSW is pretty much upon us. The Niceguys will be there this year and today premiered their new video "Ari Gold (featuring Bun B)." Video is dope and this group is about to have a huge year!

Damn I posted about The Niceguys and ADd+ on the same day. Wait till the next time that happens (HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT).

Share the video let em know how its goin down around here!

Feliz Navidad to all y'all!

One of my favorite groups did a holiday podcast!


Word to Sky Dive Tony, Devonte Swang and DJ Bobby Shobes, this is SoReal!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tis The Season
Trailer Park Boys Christmas Special

Maaaaaaaaan the world sure could use a new season of Trailer Park Boys. But for now we can revisit this Christmas classic. I watched it again last night. Got to every year, it's tradition now. Allow me to share it with you...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

League of Extraordinary Gz A3C Cypher!

This was quite a weekend. So glad I got to hang in Atlanta with my boys and watch them turn heads for Texas non stop. It was also the last time I saw my brother Esbe da 6th Street Bully. Rest in Peace to one of the realest... And um, DON'T REST YOUNG LEAGUERS! You still have work to do.

These are some of the best rappers rapping, IMO.

Tonight in ATX: 10YR!

I been raving about the new project from DMadness and Yadira Brown, 10YR for a couple months now. Tonight they plan to put it down hard at the Legendary White Swan once again! Come thru, it's free and its a great place to really kick it!

Friends Not Family Christmas Really Went Down!

IN such a major way, OMG OMG OMG it really went down. What a night. Big thanks to all my co-presenters (even the ones who did nothing and didn't even show up WHATEVER), The North Door and everyone who came out. What a great way to kick off the holiday week. #drunk

Priscilla has more pics pon di Facebook! Thanks Priscilla!

Richard Henry came thru and wrecked at the end of the night. West Coast Rap Christmas jamz.

NA, Chris Proper and Aaron in the place!

JazzOne wins the best shirt of the night, hands down. Seen here with Tracie! Two folks who always support the realness at hand!

Crop Diggee and Billy Craig in the place!

The scene in the alley. Smoking section and such.

All my people right here right now with Gary Clark Jr! Austins latest rising star. Did you see him on Letterman? Oh man it was epic. If you missed that check him out here:


Mystery Man in fool effect

Flynn D and Gerald G in the house! #rap

Aaron won the award for best shirt of the night

Desirae in the house! Big ATX Hip-Hop supporter!

Haris the Terrist got them beats!

Word to Die Slo Ent!

Dee-1 coming to Austin next week, Dec. 30th! You should support that.

Lolo the YellaStudNDaSouth and FatfaceNDaSouf

Word to Sertified and Die Slo for bringing the ruckus!

And the Subkulture Patriots too!

Be on the lookout for SKP, the town really seems to be buzzing about them for real.

Anyway yeah man another year, another Friends Not Family Christmas Party! Next year it gonna have to be a lil earlier tho because of the impending end of the world OF COURSE.

Friday, December 16, 2011

FunFunFunFest Early Tix On Sale
Holiday Early Bird Discount!

"All I Want For Christmas Is My Fun Fun Fun" $50 Discount

The good folks at FunFunFunFest are happy to present their first ever Early Bird Christmas Ticket offering (also Hannukah and Kwanzaa). Get into the holiday spirit and share the joy of Austin's most FUN (x3) Outdoor festival with others. This ticket includes:

Entry to ALL 3 days of FFF 7
FREE Shipping*
Limited Edition FFF Christmas Card
"All In" Pricing (No fees. No bullshit.)
Entry to FFF Nites shows (subject to venue capacity)


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fat Twitchy Dude Is Back
with B L A C K I E y Black Milk!

Back on the bus, the Red Bull Scenic Cruiser with Do512!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

To The Moon With Christmas!

It's here! My first new Christmas Mix of the year and it's a spaced out doozy.


Track List:

1. Pee Wee Herman Intro
2. Nive Nielsen & The Deer Children - Christmas Song
3. Orba Square - What I Want For Christmas
4. Byron Lee & The Dragonaires - Happy Christmas
5. Willie Nelson - Pretty Paper
6. Low - Long Way Around The Sun
7. Sun Ra - It's Christmastime
8. The Raveonettes - Come On Santa
9. The Hush Now - Wishing You A Happy Christmas
10. Michael Palmer - Happy Merry Christmas
11. Roger LaVerne & The Microns - Christmas Stocking
12. John Cale - A Child's Christmas In Wales
13. Giant Sand - Christmas Everyday
14. Camera Obscura - Little Donkey
15. AM - Christmas Time Is Here
16. Sufjan Stevens - Worst Christmas Ever
17. Low - Taking Down The Tree

Enjoy and lemme know what you think! I may do another one, I don't know. Any requests? Comment below.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

MP3: Nive Nielsen & Deer Children - Christmas Song

From right up there just next door to Santa Claus in Greenland comes a pretty little Christmas Jam from Nive Nielsen & Deer Children. The song simply entitled "Christmas Song" is available for free download right here on

Nive Nielsen & Deer Children - Christmas Song

It's an extremely welcome addition to my holidaze collection and man its so good to hear more from them. One of my favorites hands down that Nive Nielsen & Deer Children.

Grab the song and share it everywhere IT'S CHRISTMAS!

Also this:

City Wide Holidaze Party

Click flyer to see full size in all its glory...

Yeah, it's that time of year again.

Monday, December 12, 2011

What You Really Know About The Dirty South?

You tell me, and I'll tell you that Carlton Wade almost definitely knows more. The man has been putting it down as a mentor and a hip hop journalist for years! He's a pioneer from the south and his documentary is finally about to see the light of day. Much respect this looks amazing!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Why I'm On the Radio

Because I'm a fat, nervous old man and TV just doesn't suit me. But yo straight up word to Do512 and Red Bull for having me up on the bus to do some interviews during FunFunFunFest. The first of which are up now.



Dopest thing about these interviews is that Spankrock and Fat Tony are straight up family to me. So glad to have this opportunity! Also FunFunFunFest has announced their dates for 2012 and next week they will sell some super early bird tickets at a deep discount. So make a plan to have FUN X 3 in Nov. 2012.

Trying to bring things fool circle here. Did you listen to my podcast yet????


Yeah so its really goin' down today. As we approach the end of 2011, biting our nails at the thought of 2012 because the Mayans told us to, presents a look back at a great year for Austin music.

So much great stuff came out of this little musical town, and on this podcast you can hear some of my favorites. This is by no means the definitive look at what happened in Austin this year, it's my look. It's 3 hours and 40 minutes long, so you can either download the whole show as one from the link below, or you can stream/download it in 2 parts. I suggest downloading it as streaming this big ass thing will more than likely be a pain in your ass.

Disclaimer: This could have been way longer. There's some songs I just couldn't find in my mess of a life, and well, at the 3 hour and 40 minute mark I realized that I have probably gone a bit too far. What with the attention span of the average internetter and all.

Anyway I hope that many of you jam this at your desk today and I hope that many of you will spread love and send this link to all of your people who may or may not have an interest in Austin music. It ain't just lil guitar boys I tell u whut.


Then go head on and use one of these links if you want it broken in two parts:

Here's the tracklist if you'd like to follow along. Please to enjoy my podcast friends.

1. DJ Orion - Naturalesa
2. Bavu Blakes - Eddie Long - ft. Easy Lee
3. Equals - Salvo
4. End Wave - Belch Yelp Yawn Ouch
5. K-Paul - On Da Block
6. Dred Skott - Let's Go - ft. Devin the Dude
7. Nick Nack - Life In The Speaker
8. White Denim - Street Joy
9. Gary Clark Jr. - Bright Lights
10. Chili - PB to My J
11. The Echocentrics - We Need A Resolution
12. Soundfounder - The Comforter
13. Sorne - Omnipotent
14. Brainiax - Jakistan
15. White Ghost Shivers - Santa's Sack
16. Nerd Murder - Night Swimming
17. The Creamers - Slow Burn
18. Rubble - You Can't Ever Come Down
19. How I Quit Crack - Old Age
20. Cooley Fly - Cool World
21. Karma Jones, Reggie Coby - Keep Moving
22. Above All Ent. - Fukk Wit Me
23. Purple Diesel - Goodness
24. Terell Shahid/Neckbone - City Talk Corner Convo
25. Total Unicorn - Straight Space Crooked Time
26. Xupki - Dim Shine
27. Atari Matt - Recognizers Ain't Shit
28. Butcher Bear - Made Of Sound
29. Quiet Company - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
30. Ocote Soul Sounds - STTP
31. The Echocentrics - It's Not Too Late
32. Fresh Millions - Hot New Jam From '73
33. Christeene - Fix My Dick
34. Yadira Brown - When They Run (Prince Klassen Remix)
35. Zorch - Cosmic Gloss
36. Signs - Sunshine
37. Rapid Ric, Gerald G, Chamillionaire, Zro - All About My Change
38. League of Extraordinary G'z - Pressure
39. League of Extraordinary G'z - Winners Circle
40. The Throwbacks - Cynical Fool
41. The Culprit - Wander
42. Pimpin Pen, Ryno - Story of a Hustler
43. G$Baby - What Da Biz
44. Moth Fight - Hopscotch
45. Love Inks - Black Eye
46. The Just Desserts - La Valentina
47. Simple Circuit - Sattrash
48. Coma In Algiers - The Machine
49. OBN IIIs - Do My Thing
50. Ocky Good Sounds, Cory Kendrix - Seeing Double (Haris the Terist Remix)
51. Go Hard Jetson, MJ the Disaster - Call It Successful
52. V.I.P. - We Back
53. Boombaptist - Jazz Hands
54. Bali Yaaah - Shoot It
55. The Monarchs - Business Casual

Whew that was a long year. Again apologies to anyone I left out it wasn't intentional and also yes I know a few of these songs came out in 2010, generally at the end, and well I got up on them in 2011, so they are in for 2011. I know this, man. I hope you enjoy my podcast. Spread the word. Austin ain't no punk.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Video! Austin's East 35 - Block Star!

This my kind of video for real. I like the girl jumping around two fisting Budweisers. I wouldn't drink no drink with smoke coming out of it neither.


EAST 35 hails from Austin, Texas with their much anticipated third album, SOUL, SIN and SWISHERS. The collaborative duo of Young Gift and Bigg John spit insane rapid fire verses over hottest guitar licks this side of the Mississippi.
Check out the album with a FREE ANDROID MOBILE APP

Nice one!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

ReUp Gang: My 2010 Holidaze Mix

So I went out last night, in the city of Austin, doing what I do, hitting up them venues and such. And as I was sitting at the Mohawk, looking around at all of the flashing Christmas lights, listening to Moody spin non stop Mystikal songs (for the holidaze), swerving on a barstool attempting to not fall down, I came to the realization that yes indeed it is Christmastime once again. Er, the Holiday Season for you liberal Christmas haters, and our public school system. Which means I am supposed to be making some mixes for that azz to keep YOU and ME in the spirit.

Anyhoo I haven't done that yet but I will. For now go head on and download the mix I did last year. Its one of my most highly regarded and that's saying a lot coming from the Thowdest Christmas DJ in the world. I try to be humble at all times, but when it comes to Christmas mixes, I mean, shit, you already know. Who gone compare to this? Battle me. Lez go.


And here's the trackist. Happy Holidaze y'all.

Marvin Gaye - Purple Snowflakes
Marvin Gaye - I Want to Come Home for Christmas
Stevie Wonder - What Christmas Means to Me
Otis Redding - Merry Christmas
James Brown - Santa Claus is Definitely Here to Stay
Odetta - Go Tell It On The Mountain
Mahalia Jackson - Silent Night (King Kooba Remix)
James Bee & the Royal Jelly Orch. - The Christmas Song
Bing Crosby & Elvis Presley - White Christmas
Valerie Masters - Christmas Calling
Bob Marley & The Wailers - Sound the Trumpet
Eek-A-Mouse - Christmas A Come
Byron Lee & the Dragonaires, Toots & the Maytals - Happy Christmas
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings - Ain't No Chimney in the Projects
Jimmy Redd - Xmas Present Blues
Clarence Carter - Backdoor Santa
James Brown RIP Mega Christmas Mix….

Jam Out

Long Live Pimp C
The Pimp C Health & Wellness Fair Returns!

Big ups to Bun B and Chinara Butler (Pimp C's wife) for keeping the mans name alive in such a positive way.

The Trill OG, Bun B, and the widow of Pimp C, Chinara Butler, will host the 3rd Annual
Chad ‘Pimp C’ Butler Hip Hop, Health & Wellness Festival this Saturday December 10th,
2011 from 2p-6p. This year’s event will be held at the Fifth Ward Multi Service Center
in the historic 5th Ward community in Houston, TX.
Highlights of this year’s event will be the Pimp C memorabilia exhibit, HIV/STD testing,
immunizations, a Wii video console raffle, and an art submission contest. Proceeds from
the art contest will benefit the Chad ‘Pimp C’ Butler Scholarship fund.
“Chad was a REAL Underground King, and believed in helping those less fortunate. This
event embodies what he was all about.” This year’s event is sponsored by Houston
S.E.A.C., Monster Energy Drink,, and CCM Foundation. For
more information call 281-377-4481.

Its So Cold In Tha D
New iNSECT Records Podcast!

Its so cold in tha D and I still don't know how the fuck do we sposed to get peace, but I tell you what this here podcast of all Detroit Dojo jams might help. What better city to celebrate around the holidaze than Detroit. The city that done gave us the biggest gift of music ever in the history of the planet. Its still really goin' down around there. No ICP.



1. Rusty Chain - Guilty Simpson & Roc C (Ox 2 Tha D)
2. In This... - 87 (#)
3. Silver Charm - O1asEdSciz & Alius Pnukkl (%)
4. Over The Edge - J Kidd & Moe Dirdee (#)
5. Let Me Tell You (The D) - Slautah, Alius Pnukkl & Kawshus (%)
6. Let's Smoke One - Guilty Simpson (#)
7. Sound of Slautah - Slautah (A.R.E.S., prod. by Oznoh)
8. Elevation - Konphlict (&)
9. Be Cool - Slautah, Alius Pnukkl & J Kidd (#)
10. The Day After - Konphlict (&)
11. Talez #7 (*)
12. Talez #9 (*)
13. People Mover - Konphlict & Moe Dirdee (&)
14. Vices - B-Side (%)
15. Stories - Konphlict (&)
16. Earl Brewski II - Slautah, Kawshus & Guilty Simpson (%)
17. Outta My Head (*)
18. Roll Some Mo' (*)
19. Dangerous - A.R.E.S. feat. B-Side (Unstoppable, prod. Oznoh)

All songs produced by Slautah except #7 & #19

#=(Sourface Vol. 1)
&=(He's The Producer, I'm The Emcee)
*=(Detroit Dojo Music)

Bonus cut suspiciously left off this Detroit compilation:

and then...

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rest In Peace J-1 aka Tha Deer

Another rough passing. I didn't know the guy but I just saw him play in Atlanta with Master Blazter a little over a month ago, and I been loving the Starship 27 album he put together with NSect Records, from right here in Austin. NSect Records also recently released this:

The Lucky 7 EP. Beats By J-1. May he forever Rest In Peace. Another brilliant musician and great man gone.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Cool album from Austin... Equals

Good stuff from Austin's Equals. Been hearing good things, finally listening to the record as I miss them play with the Tontons at Lamberts tonight.

Free download on Bandcamp. An Austin producer needs to sample something off this.

This Weekend in Austin!
The Tontons, DMX, Jonti!

Lots going on in the Cap City this weekend of course. Here's a few totally diverse things you could do with your time. I'd like to hit all of them but alas we shall see. Houston's Tontons are always high on my list tho! Tonight at Lamberts!

Might have to head NE tho and catch Dark Man X up in the Mansion though. I know that shit is gonna be insanity X 10. Word to Jimmi Dean and all of ATX on this one...

And Saturday night I almost forgot but JONTI is gonna be at the ND. Dude is a slick producer from Australia whose CD I have had in my deck in the vehicle for a while now. I jam this dude all the time. Glad I remembered this. My mans Havana Joe from Stones Throw (y mas) will be in the house so I gots to see this. And the crew from Exploded Drawing (y mas). RIP J1 and such.

Another heavy freakin weekend.

Also, should I make a new Christmas Mix or several?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Austin Music Weekly Presents 10YR
Footage from first show

I done told you that D-Madness has a dope new project happening called 10YR with Yadira Brown of LAX (and more) on lead vocals, Erin Jantzen from LAX and Lanesta on backing vocals, and some extra plair playaz on sax, keys, guitar, bass, etc...

Anyway its a real soul, funk, fun, ethereal, driving, jamming experience and I think it's only going to get better. See The D-Madness Experience every Tuesday night at The Legendary White Swan on 12th and Chicon (one of my favorite places to sit and drink) and on December 20th see 10YR once again up in the spot. And then on January 4th, see 10YR at The Mohawk for Free Week (yeah, its FREE) with Fat Tony, Worldwide, Rapid Ric y mas. Presented by AustinSurreal.

Anyway peep the videos below and definitely support Austin Music Weekly. Big ups to Chase Hoffberger!

The OG Ron C R.E.A.L. Music Conference is this weekend in Houston

Click the flyer to see full size...

Its really goin' down this weekend in Houston. OG Ron C presents the R.E.A.L. Music Conference. Check out the website and the flyer above for more info. I was hoping to go out there this weekend but things just didn't work out, what with the holidaze approaching and all. But if you are in Houston you should definitely check it out. You can get in by donating three unwrapped toys, to be donated to kids in need for Christmas. What better reason than that is there to attend? Wish I could make it, I like speaking and such.

Peep the website for more info. Dallas event happening in 2 weeks.

3 Reasons to be at SF2 in Houston Sunday
Shawn Chrystopher + Society IN STORE!

It's goin' down this Sunday at SF2 on the Southwest side of that H-Town! Come meet Shawn Chrystopher and check out the latest from Society Original Products!

So yeah, 3 reasons.

1. Because Sf2 is THAT SPOT.
2. Because Society Original Products makes some dope gear, namely the jerseys that look like the ones you used to get a rock concerts in the 80s. You know the white shirt with the black semi long sleeves?
3. Because Shawn Chrystopher is one of the realer dudes in the new world order of hip-hop and you need to get familiar!

Shawn will be signing posters and meeting fans from 2PM - 4PM before he takes the stage with Big Sean on the Finally Famous Tour at Warehouse Live. SF2 South is located at 7204 SW Freeway, Houston, TX 77074.