Wednesday, June 20, 2012

League of Extraordinary Gz & Rittz Hit Road this weekend

And my man Worldwide will be on part of the tour. DAAAAAMN! Gonna be dope. I will be at the Austin and the Cleveland shows for sure. Will there be an Erie show? I'ma work on it. Forgive me if all the above is Greek to you, I am just excited for MY PEOPLE!

This is one you just can't miss. Trust me, if you see my boys are in your town, go see them and say hello. Maybe buy an exxxclusive LOEGz Shot Glass. RIP ESBE!

VIDEO: My man 4th Pyramid from Toronto
Feel It In My Bones

I know it's not from Texas but this is my bro from Toronto 4th Pyramid. If you listened to the AustinSurreal Show this past Sunday then you heard us live from his crib in the T-Dot presenting some dope Canadian hip-hop to the masses. Dude is dope, enjoy this trip across the border.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

STREAM: Third Root's "Stand For Something"

I've been in Texas a long time, and have supported Texas hip-hop for a long time. So believe me when I say 2012 is going to be a huge year for Texas hip-hop. Specifically for San Antonio, a city that has always had some dope groups for sure, but at the moment is overflowing with dope talent, it's insane.

Leading the way in many ways are two legends of the scene, Easy Lee (MOJOE) and Mexican Stepgrandfather. Together known as Third Root. I have had the pleasure of jamming this record for the past couple weeks and have played the singles on both Brunch With An L and The AustinSurreal Show many times. This is a CLASSIC real talk and it's one of those records for the mind and the soul that I crave so much. Give it a listen and make that purchase on June 19th real talk.

(click flyer to see it full size)


Friday, June 8, 2012

B L A C K I E - "0 Time 4 Fear"

Um. This is a little too real. This is the official bio for B L A C K I E (All Caps With Spaces). If I had to name this one I'd call it "0 Time 4 Fear (Houston Anthem)" Also this is a real message conscious rap song also a battle song also a diss track also a Houston Anthem also the story of B L A C K I E. Total Freedom No Fear. See you in Canada brother.

Austin Chronicle Suspends its Coverage of Bruce Springsteen to Pay Tribute to Octavis Berry and the LOEGz

OK all jokes aside, I love the Austin Chronicle. Its one of the best alt-weeklies in the nation and one of the only independent ones left. You can debate that all day if you want, but not with me, its just a fact. I still feel the anger/pain of the bullshit they pulled during SXSW with (was it three or) FOUR Springsteen covers. Anyway whatever that's water under the bridge and this sort of makes up for it.

Big, big extreme ups to Chase Hoffberger on this one. No one is gonna pee on this issue on YouTube and that is for sure, lest they wanna feel the wrath of me and 8+ of the realest rapping dudes I have ever known, the League of Extraordinary G'z. These dudes are exactly what I have been waiting for in (bigger than) Austin rap. They not only come real lyrically and have amazing beats (Reggie Coby is pretty much one of the best, most soulful producers in hip-hop today), they actually get out there on the road and tour and really, really put some muscle behind their art. This is their year for sure and I am choking up as I type this thinking of how much realer it'd be if Esbe da 6th Street Bully were still here to be a part of it.

His death is a real tragedy, read the article and find out why. No, he was not murdered. Well, he was kind of murdered, by America and the way America turns its back on the uninsured. I don't know why Obamasurance wasn't there to help this dude, but it wasn't. And isn't for so many of our good citizens who don't happen to have Wall Street or Congress level jobs.

Seriously, this shit has to change. Its really embarrassing to live in the only "civilized" nation in the world without a real health care system. For profit health care has got to go. Call me a socialist, fuck you I don't care about you. I care about the real people, who make this country great. Not the 1% and those who strive to be the 1% and those wahoos who think its ok to carry the 1% on their backs. Read a book or something. And fuck you.

Rest in Peace to my brother Esbe and prayers for him and everyone he left behind on this dirty rock.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

B L A C K I E - "Home Town Blues"
Live in Orleans France
Pro-shot video from the GEN LP

This is pretty fuckin' real. "Home Town Blues" by B L A C K I E from the GEN LP out soon on TOOTH RECORDS.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rittz & The League of Extraordinary Gz US Tour Announced!

Click Image to see it full size but yeeehaw its really goin' down! I'ma be at the Austin and Cleveland shows for sure and I THINK I'ma have a NYC show announcement for you real soon. This is damn exciting to see my League of Extraordinary G'z brothers out there for a tour this extensive!
Click flyer to see it full size

Do not miss this tour if it comes to a city near you. These dudes are the future. Word is Worldwide will be out on the road for some of these dates. That's my man right there. Check out this new song featuring Worldwide and Rittz "Waddup." Courtesy of

Click here to stream/dl Worldwide ft. Rittz - Waddup

Blowfly aka Clarence Reid Returns to Austin Saturday Night at the Scoot Inn!

Favorite club, and one of my favorite legendary artists. Alongside one of Austin's finest, D-Madness, and the lyrical giants Subkulture Patriots. This will be the most fun you will have at a show for a long time. Don't miss this.

I've booked Blowfly a few times, most notably at SXSW in I think 2006 at The Backroom with Devin the Dude, Jean Grae, The Chicharones, and more. It was quite a night and blew more than a few minds. Dude is raw. He IS the original rapper. His song "Rap Dirty" was hands down the first rap song, made before the concept of hip-hop was even a thing.

Blowfly is the alter-ego of Clarence Reid, one of the great American songwriters. Google him, he's a legend and he's coming to Austin for one show, and one show only. And its partially sponsored by Fleshlight, so come down and see if they are doing any give-a-ways. A man can dream.

Peep some videos of the man Clarence Reid aka Blowfly after the jump, and if you ever see Devin the Dude ask him whatever happened to the two songs he recorded with Blowfly some years ago that have yet to see the light of day!

It's finally Here: ZZ Top's version of "25 Lighters"

Entitled "I Gotsta Get Paid." Discuss.