Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Goin' Down at the DNC!
Download Last Nights DAMAGE CONTROL!
Feel the Real

Man hold up.

Cosmo Baker sent me a text that said "Realest shit I ever seent."

Bun B sent me this photo.

Me, I was in a bar, pondering the future.

Last night I was in Houston at KPFT pondering Obama, the fact that there's 500,000 people in Harris County alone who are eligible to vote, but aren't registered. I pondered the whole concept of voting and reverted back to my old policy of voting because well, it's one of those things that we can do. And if we can, we should. We should vote. I was about to not vote and say fuck it. But um, I have a feeling that 2008 is going to be the first year that any candidate I ever voted for ever gets elected. Yeah man, I think it's gonna be Barack.

(Unless them Devils do it again...)

Anyway, that all came from the conversations I was having down at Damage Control.


And it felt so good. DJ Chill, Golden Child and crew set off the first hour. I come in at like 1:11 or something. Trae, Jayton, ABN, K-Rino, Hezeleo, Kenika, Troublesum, Meshah Hawkins, Stacy Schoebrouk, Grit Boys, Starchy Arch, Yung Redd, ROB QUEST, DJ STYLES, Rapper K, Young Samm, man so many people came through last night. It felt so good to be back in that seat. I gotta get me a slot in Austin. Like this month.

I'm thinking aloud. Anyway here's some photos.

ABN in the hizzy.

Hezeleo stopped by to say RIP to his big brother who passed away just yesterday. He came to KPFT to relay the message to his brother CARTEL. A long time Damage Control listener, and KPFT MEMBER from behind bars. He's the one who told Heze about us, and he helped spread the word about Damage Control throughout the prison system. Dude is a long time supporter and all of us from DC want to send our condolences to him and his family.

New Yung Red Mixtape out NOW!

Niq of the Grit Boys and Stacy

Kenika and Meshah Hawkins

Scooby of the Grit Boys

Rob Quest, DJ Styles, Poppy of the Grit Boys

Meshah showing us how she take pitchaz.

And I don't know what this is about.

Also we went to Slim Thugs studio!

The documentary (made by the same folks who made 2Pac's Thug Angel and Beef) TEXAS IS IN PLAY coming in the next two weeks to the internet and the streets!


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Also Live From The Democratic Convention

Repping for hip-hop....


Dennis is calling.

He's the only one saying anything that means anything to the average, real American, and half the place is chit chatting over his super real speech. The realest speech, in fact maybe even the only real speech at the DNC so far.

Fuck 'em all. Kucinich in 2008.

Wake Up America.

He's the only one.

Also the Republicans are worse. Fuck them all. Kucinich is the only hope. Biden is a bitch too.

Another Track Produced by Da Bosnian!

Check this shit out for real.

Ryno featuring South Bound - "Never Stop" - Produced by Da Bosnian

It's the jam. Ryno is one of Austin's finest for sure and South Bound are too.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'ma Be On Damage Control

Wednesday night. 11 p.m. - 2 a.m. Central. At some point in there.

Coming to Houston for a project and I'ma drop some Central Texas gems on them. I mean y'all... TUNE IN!

90.1 fm in Houston

89.5 in Galveston

Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Jams From Austin!
Devin the Dude Live in NYC Sept. 6th

Man, I have been thinking a lot about AustinSurreal lately and about how the lure of the lakes and rivers have pulled me so far away from my "job" as a blogger. I haven't really offered y'all much of anything so far, no interviews, I have no radio show to upload, barely any songs, so I'ma gonna step my game up, and AT THE VERY LEAST hip you to some real shit coming from my vicinity.

First up is this lil gem produced by one of my favorite current, up and coming producers.

Igor da Bosnian came here from, you guessed it, Bosnia, some years back. The boy was raised in a real warzone, and now lives in a real peace zone (I mean I know a lot of y'all wanna think it's more than it is, but I've said from the beginning of time, Austin is nice, even the bad parts. Not to take anything from anyone, but the niceties of Austin are what I tend to celebrate. Though it's not without problems, it sure as fuck is not Bosnia.)

Anyway, the man has beats and has a real vision for forging his own path. This song, "Do Things" features Magno and Preach of the Coughee Brothaz trading verses. I'm trying to tell you, this kid is one to watch.


And please leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

Also if you wanna hear some of the realest music coming out of Austin right now, check out DRED SKOTT'S MYSPACE PAGE. They fucking rule.

And for a well rounded look at what's really going on out here in the 512, there's a new mixtape out on the streets. Not sure how to get it on the net, but when I find out I'll let you know straight away. I been jammin' this the past few days. There's a few songs on here that you may have heard before if you have been keeping score, but all in all it represents Austin well, and I think you should hear it.

And lastly, New York City we coming back. Devin the Dude live on September 6th for East Village Radio's 5 Year Anniversary Event. Word to Queen Majesty, you can't miss this. It's at the South Street Seaport and it's FREE!


Boris, Flying Lotus, High Places, Devin the Dude, Awesome Color, Vivian Girls, Dr. Lonnie Smith, The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, and Ólöf Arnalds, as well as John Oliver of The Daily Show.

East Village Radio marks its fifth anniversary by debuting the East Village Radio Music Festivalscheduled for 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday, September 6 on Pier 17 at South Street Seaport.

Hosted by the legendary KRS-One, acts slated to perform throughout the day, in addition to Boris, include New York’s own and/or adopted bands Awesome Color, Vivian Girls, High Places, Dr. Lonnie Smith, and The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, plus L.A.-based Flying Lotus, Chicago/Atlanta’s 4-IZE, Texas-based Devin the Dude, and Icelander Ólöf Arnalds, as well as a special appearance by John Oliver of The Daily Show. More bands will be announced for the venue dubbed "On The Side" @ Seaport, located at 210 Front Street.

Also, featured on site at the festival will be exclusive visual imagery compiled by Anthology Film Archives, the East Village denizens dedicated to the preservation, study and exhibition of independent and avant-garde film, since 1970. The group will screen works from its collection of the world's most acclaimed avant-garde filmmakers, between 1 p.m. and 8 p.m., in a space dubbed “On-the-Side” @ Seaport, also located at 210 Front Street.

In addition to the diverse musical lineup offered at the free day-long festival, Frank Caters will feature for purchase a menu of special grilled items along with other dishes chosen solely for the festival. Along with the special grilled items only available at the festival, other dishes offered are from the menus of Frank Restaurant, Supper, and Lil' Frankie's Pizza will also be available on site at the venue known as @ SEAPORT, where Lil Frankie's chef will be working with their home made dough, fresh traditional ingredients, and toppings that Lil Frankie's pizzaria is known for.

For the festival, East Village Radio will run free shuttle bus service for fans between the station’s First Avenue LOCATION and the Seaport from 12:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Other locations TBD.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Photos and Run Down of Houston Show
You Can't Miss This Shit...

Holy Lord in Heaven Above.... IT WENT DOWN!

I've been waiting for these Scion dudes to go on head and get Bun B out on the road with one of them bands, and man it's been worth the wait. Well worth the wait. First of all, Orgone is hands down my favorite of the bands who play the Scion events (nothing against anyone else, but I like how Orgone rolls), and man, let me tell you this, they have mastered every track. They bring a whole new element to the classic UGK tracks and Bun B solo joints, and tonight Austin, prepare to freak the fuck out.


That being said, the Parish is 400 capacity, if you get there after 10 p.m. I doubt you'll get in.

Anyway, Wednesday night in Houston IT WENT DOWN!

DJ Ayres kicked off the evening, killin' it.

Orgone did a short solo set and then BAM Bun B burst on the stage with Young Wee and killed it for close to an hour.

If not a full hour, I don't know.

They did everything from "One Day," to the hits like "Big Pimpin'" and "Draped Up." Man I'm telling you, this is the truth. The way to really do it.

As we've known from the dawn of time and such.

The show was seriously magical. The studio side of Warehouse Live was packed to capacity, making it an intimate show with extreme positive energy. Just flowing all through that spot.

And I've been to all the Scion shows. They're always good. Always good to see these rappers step out the box and rock with these killer musicians.

This one was special though. I might not say it was better than the Big Daddy Kane event a couple years back on the same stage, but it was way up there, and pretty much the best show I've seen in that capacity, otherwise.

I mean I'm biased, but whatever.

Cory Mo!

Send me a copy...

Went down...

Super DJ Gracie Chavez

Bun's Son and crew outside the event!

DJ Ayres and Mark Lowyns chillin' on down.

Catch these dudes at a Kebab Haus near you - October 2008.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Trip To The Lowlands Festival in the Netherlands WENT DOWN!

August has been a whilrwind of travel for ya boy. Sorry for being so aloof and away from the fray of the blogosphere for so long. I probably lost about 65% of my readers, and with my lil Ozone write up below, probably about 2% of my friends, but alas and alak, fuck it. If I could camp all day and all night and just experience music freely and lay in the grass and play with my kids all day I'd straight forget what a blog was. Use my computer as a makeshift stand for my bbq grill made out of stones like how Survivorman would do.

That's my fuckin' DUDE OF ALL DUDES!

Anyway, back to the event...

This post is brought to you by My Lil Pony, which is a division of BEAUTIFUL SUNRISES ALL THE TIME - THE MOVEMENT, LLC.

Anyway, I arrived in Amsterdam round about noon last Thursday. Met up with my hosts from Muziek Centrum Netherlands - Robbert Tilli and Femke Dekker - and then Hit the streets on a mission to revisit all my favorite spots in my old city.

See I used to live in Amsterdam, for a good year in 1996. I worked for the Knitting Factory's Euro Office, and basically ran the streets every moment that I wasn't working. It's a small city, easy to cover on foot, which is how I like to enjoy a city. Probably walked 10 miles that day, sauntering in and out of bars, coffee shops and well, regular shops that sell things other than hash and weed, and well, might have had a couple of these...

My good friend Palm stayed close by my side.

As did my cousin Hashish.

This is me after a day of pretty much just walking, barely eating, foolishly drinking a lot, and being smoked out on the steps outside the Hotel V on the Fredericksplein. See, you can't smoke inside anywhere now in Amsterdam (except at a few renegade spots who aren't having the smoking ban). So I did a lot of smoking on steps, outside.

Friday we got up early and hit the road to the Lowlands Festival. The festival is unique in a lot of ways. For one, 90% of the 60,000+ people who attend camp out in tents around the perimeter of the festival grounds. I stayed in a hotel, but kind of wished I had stayed out in a tent with the people. Cuz again, that's what Survivorman would have done.

First group I saw was Pete Philly & Perquisitte. This is like, a legendary Dutch hip-hop act. They rap in English and perform with a serious full band. It was quite a show and I was so happy to finally see these cats live. I've followed them forever.

Which is one thing that made this festival so appealing to me. There was a lot of Dutch hip-hop. Extince, who I have followed since 1996, The Opposites and the, um, lemme try to spell this without looking it up, De Jeugend van de Tegenwordig (The Youth of Today) who are really blowing up out there right now.

How often do we get to see some Dutch hip-hop? I for one miss it. Some of my favorite club experiences in my entire life are from 1996 when I'd go to like Bassline, and all the parties at Melkweg and Paradiso to see how the Dutch get down. Of course that was back when you could roll a joint on the bar and smoke that bitch right up in that bitch, which is not the case today, but I digress...

These dudes freakin' killed it!

Live bands > Rapping Over CD's.

Everytime I see something like this I think about how lazy so many rappers are. They come out with vocals blaring on their CD's behind them. They rap about half of their lyrics, and let their hype man/CD do the rest.

It's a joke. I have seen operas where one woman sang for 4 hours straight. And so many of these fuckers can't rap for 15 minutes. Pete Philly did it for over an hour.


Budos Band killed it. But I had just smoked some hash so I got all introspective while they were playing. Not really introspective, but I was thinking hard about how, well, they are great, but so many have done what they do before them, and even better. And I am sure they know this. But then I thought about rock and roll, and how it was stolen from right under the noses of the Black musicians who created it and I thought about rap music and how the Budos Band are so much better than so much of that shit that I have seen, and then I decided to just go walk it off cuz there was no reason to be over analyzing the Budos Band. They're great. They really are. Glad for their presence.

Holy Fuck too. They got it fucking going.

Never paid much attention to Hot Chip, but checked him out and he is quite a showman.

The crowd was thick, 60,000 + as I said earlier, and they didn't go nowhere. They lived on the festival grounds in a makeshift tent city of sorts for 4 days. Pretty crazy.

Smoked out My Lil Pony and then hit up...

Santogold. Also not a huge fan of hers, not against her. But you know, I found out today that she's a hell of a performer and well, again, no need to overanalyze thangs.

But what I enjoyed most was seeing all the Dutch bands that I otherwise wouldn't see except for maybe at SXSW. Gem was pretty amazing, as were the metal band Textures. Lucky Fonz III is an incredible songwriter and performer and Kraak & Smaak do the hipster electro live band dance thing better than most other I have seen.

My boy Willem

Femke from Muziek Centrum Nederlands, my hosts! She's the one with the My Lil Pony tat. That is sponsoring this post.

MY BOY FARID! Always try to link with him whence in Holland. That's my dude. He came through in a pinch for real. Who knew there were no coffee shops in Nunspeet???

These lambs have seen better days. But um, lekker.


The Opposites killing it!

My Lil Pony Found a Friend!

I mean Vrienden.


This is me and Kees de Koning outside the Anouk show. Anouk is one of the biggest singers in Holland and Kees is now her manager. Thing is, Kees is the hip-hop don of Holland. Like the Tim Westwood of the Netherlands. Started doing hip-hop radio years ago and has been on the scene, pretty much running shit for many years. He's the man. It's crazy. I had hoped to see him, so I went to the Anouk show thinking it would be easy to just get to the backstage area and find him. Well I was wrong as that stage was RAMMED with people. Just utterly insanely packed. I made it like 3/4's of the way to the stage on the right side, watched like 4 songs and deicided to give up on seeing Kees, but as I turned aorund, in the massive sea of people, there he was. So we chopped it up and took this photo. He's the man for real.

Crowd like that.

Basement DJ's were fucking killer. Two young dudes from the Netherlands who know how to rock a party thoroughly.

As evidenced by this photo.

Hard to make out, but dude on the left is Wix. He's a DJ in Holland and an old friend.

On the last night, I linked with Diplo and he did a total raver set for the masses of folks who wanted just that. Boy went off. Here's Steve Aoki and Kevin backstage during his set. Diplos smoke machines were a lil too in effect, sooo I didn't get any shots of him dancing behind his turntables.

Anyway, after a few days of walking, walking, watching, walking, standing, walking, and more walking through the event, I headed back to the citizenM Hotel at Schipol Airport, which is one of the coolest hotels I have ever been in .

The room is small, as are most Dutch Hotel Rooms, but in this one the shower and toilet are in the actual room. Under normal circumstances this would bother me, but honestly, this place was PLAYA!

They had a touch screen control on the wall for the TV, lights, wake up call, the window shades, everything. Free movies, the shower had one of those rainstorm things. Felt so good. It was a wonderful way to end a wonderful weekend.

The staff is overly nice as well. So nice. And the room was like 84 Euros. Best deal uit de Nederlands.

Anyway, there's more to say, but I need to get to work. I should comment more on the smoking ban and the changing tide toward conservatism in the Netherlands, but fuck it. I'm just going to have hope. Keep Amsterdam REAL. It really doesn't need all these changes. It's the sweetest place in the world.