Wednesday, December 29, 2010

AustinSurreal 2010 Year End Show
Best of 2010 JAMS!

Whew, another week without blogging. Holidaze indeed. But a wonderful holidaze it was. Last Sunday, that's Boxing Day in certain nations, I ran down my favorite jams of 2010 on the AustinSurreal Show. It really went down, even though the jams on this show represent about 10% of what I was fillin' this past year. Man what a year it twas. Link to listen and download + the track list below.


Playlist - AustinSurreal Show Dec. 26, 2010

Homeboy Sandman - Not Pop (Also received the prestigious AustinSurreal 1st Ever Song of the Year Award. This is history. But naw really, "Not Pop" pretty much sums it all up for me. I fill dat. Thanks Sandman.
Sleigh Bells - Crown on the Ground
B L A C K I E - Fukwar
The Fall - 986 Generator
Son of Bazerk - I Swear on a Stack of Old Hits (Best COMEBACK)
Son of Bazerk - Let Me Tell You Who I Am
Das Racist, Fat Tony, Bo P - Luv It Mayne
Christeene - Fix My Dick
XYX - Anel & Her Problem
Rock GVMT feat Vera - What Now?
Mexicans With Guns - Dame Lo
Nive Nielsen & Deer Children - Room
Lower Dens - A Dogs Dick
Harlem - Spray Paint
Shawn David McMillen - The Moth
League of Extraordinary G'z - Loftin' in Austin
Kydd, Y2JJ, Young Dru - Last Call
Cali Zack, NA - Somebody's Watchin' Me
Scooby, Yung Redd, King Tutt, Quest, Big Mitch - Welcome to the Sunny Remix
Bali Yaaah - Shoot It (Favorite New Austin Band Award)
King Midas Sound System - Eartha Killya (Song I Played the Most Times)
The Books - A Cold Freezing Night
Ralph White - Western Country
Trae, Lupe Fiasco - Bad Don't Seem So Wrong
Devin the Dude - All You Need

Like I said, there's a shit ton more jams I could have played but in the end, it's a 2 hour show. And that's that and it went down. Go get that and tune in every week to the AustinSurreal Show 11 pm - 1am Central U.S. Time every Sunday night. is where it goes down. And you can always hear the archives here too.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ok Ok Ok... I made a Holidaze Mix Special for MY PEOPLE

Nevermind that the last 3 AustinSurreal Shows hath started with an hour of Holidaze Jams, this is a special one, just for you.

As you head out on that good road to join your family in the holidaze cheer time, throw this in the deck and just ride. I know u will fill dat.

Matt SoReal's Holidaze Mix 2010 Is Here - Click to Download

And here's the trackist. Happy Holidaze y'all.

Marvin Gaye - Purple Snowflakes
Marvin Gaye - I Want to Come Home for Christmas
Stevie Wonder - What Christmas Means to Me
Otis Redding - Merry Christmas
James Brown - Santa Claus is Definitely Here to Stay
Odetta - Go Tell It On The Mountain
Mahalia Jackson - Silent Night (King Kooba Remix)
James Bee & the Royal Jelly Orch. - The Christmas Song
Bing Crosby & Elvis Presley - White Christmas
Valerie Masters - Christmas Calling
Bob Marley & The Wailers - Sound the Trumpet
Eek-A-Mouse - Christmas A Come
Byron Lee & the Dragonaires, Toots & the Maytals - Happy Christmas
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings - Ain't No Chimney in the Projects
Jimmy Redd - Xmas Present Blues
Clarence Carter - Backdoor Santa
James Brown RIP Mega Christmas Mix….

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Friends Not Family Christmas Really Went Down!

OMG Thanks to everyone who came out to the Friends Not Family Christmas Party this past Sunday at The Scoot Inn. Man, that shit was outta control. Them tacos, that music, them vibez. Yeah, holidaze indeed. Peep the photos.

Was blurry up in there.

Richard Henry HEADLINED.

Ann and Lowkey in the place!

GangstaBooBarbie, April, Brittany, Lolo!

These ladies, and a lot of the folks in the house, came all the way from Monterrey Mexico! A favorite city of mines!

Mystery man in fool effect.

Lil J, Crooked T, Jazz One, Sertified GANGSTAZ

And then all them plus DA BOSNIAN, who got himself a camera.





We showed Felix the Cat Saves Christmas and Emmett Otters Jug Band Christmas on the big screen.

DJ Grenas also from Monterrey came and killed it as well. Playing drum pads along with the jams.

Word to my homey Alicia for making the chicken tacos. I handled the beans. Also her avocado salsa blew my mind.

What a great connection was made here that night

LOEGZ were int he spot. For the most part.

Sun-Jue bought me a nose hair trimmer for Christmas. Which I need, so good.

This shirt is mad controversial. RIP DJ SCREW.

Didn't need heat till like 1am. What an amazing night.

Anyway it really went down. The calm before the storm as they say. Friends coming together to celebrate the holidaze in a proper manner.

But enough about them, here's some beautiful pictures of my family.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

HOLIDAZE FLASHBACK! Little Joe Washington Live on KPFT's Damage Control
Christmas Night Dec. 25th, 2003

(What you are about to hear is not from this album)

MAN! I was just in Houston earlier this week and something triggered my memory of the night (one of the nights) Little Joe Washington ended up at KPFT during Damage Control and kicked it with us. This particular night was December 25th, 2003, yep Christmas night. I was at the station, not alone cuz there were definitely some folks in the house, but without my usual co-hosts.

Anyway, I walked into the station lobby at about 11:45 p.m. and there was Little Joe Washington, laying under the conference table. He got up and greeted me, and may or may not have asked me for money at that point. He came into the studio with me, and the result is what you are about to hear. The Houston Blues Legend, Little Joe Washington, basically freestyling on Damage Control, on Christmas Night.

zSHARE - LittleJoeWashington_onDamageControl_Christmas2003_MP3.mp3

LATE PASS: The Flat Rock Steady Monday

Ah and what a daze it was. A Monday night in Houston at my favorite club night in Texas, hands down. Why I prefer Monday nights to Friday nights, I'll never know. I just do. I bet in 2010 I was out till 2am on more Mondaze than I was on Fridaze, it just is what it is. Killing the pain of the beginning of another week and such, I suppose.

Anyway, it went the fuck down.

DJ Sun invited me to come down and play my collection of skewed holidaze jams and I was like WHAAAAAAT? Of course I'll come play at like I said, my favorite club night in Texas for years hands down, of course I would. Why wouldn't I? Truth be told, I was praying that I'd get to Houston sometime during the holidaze season, I got mad family there yo, and some of my favorites came out to hang. And I mean, DJ Sun, that's one of the greatest DJ's on the planet right there. On par with anyone you consider to be great, if not better. So yeah, what an honor.

My brother DJ Chill came out and I can't tell you how thankful I am that I got to spend some time with him over the holidaze. I'll never forget the time he came to my house on Christmas and fell asleep in a crown hat and my kids laughed, and laughed and laughed. I get sad sometimes thinking about what I left behind in Houston. Damage Control, the radio show I hosted with DJ Chill for almost 6 years, still lives, but I truly miss being a part of it. Man do I miss it.

This the picture I was talm bout.

I was also happy that my sis Tish came out, ON HER BIRTHDAY! So it was like a double whammy, got to see Tish (also Herb) for the holidaze, AND her birthday. She was actually a big part of getting KPFT to put Damage Control on the air, if ya dun know. She rules.

And HADEEL as well. My Lord, so glad I got to see my sis Hadeel as well. Feel the holidaze realness, that's fam.

The moon was very low on this particular night. Not that you can really see that in this picture. But whatever. Crazy thing is, I was standing in a circle, nee, a cipher, with Tish, Herb, Hadeel, Chill, etc, and someone said "You know there's supposed to be a meteor shower tonight." So we looked up and I am not kidding within one second we saw a HUGE shooting star just go zinging through the sky. It was a really amazing moment, for us all.

DJ Sun really does rule. He has a new release set for January so we gone have to get him to Austin for a set soon.

My bro Bubba is not supposed to have his picture on the internet, but whatever dude, it's Christmas. Seen here with PHIL.

DJ Chill and Giselle in the place!

And then Giselle made me take a pic of the three of us, cuz "I'm always taking pictures of myself like that."

Another one of the GREATEST DJS ON THE PLANET, the one dem call GOOD GRIEF! seen here with Brother Phil once again.

And here's Phil again, seen here with Teresa of SF2, who you can see, had a grand time. Always so good to see my sis Teresa too. She does such great things for the hip-hop community in Houston, and her store, SF2 hath become a real hub for all things hip-hop in Houston.

My homey Debra was swept off her feet by this woman who said she was from Venezuela. According to Debra she asked her if she was a lesbian, when she said no, she said "Me neither, but I want you." And swept her off her feet and onto the dance floor. And then bought her some fruity shot that looked like it would probably hurt in the morning time. Silly pseudo lezboz.

Anyway this was the last photo I took of the night. Pissed I didn't get photos of everyone who came out to party, I DUN NO WHAT WRONG WIT ME! But my man Wayne, David Anderson III, Shea Serrano, Krang Da Brain, DeAndrea Wright, um, so many good folks were in the house, and it truly warmed my heart for the holidaze. Austin, I love you, but Houston, I miss you so much.

I need more Houston in my life these days, and way more DAMAGE CONTROL. I think I need to upload the Damage Control show I did one Christmas night, when Lil Joe Washington came in and joined me, in fact, I'ma upload that today. Check back to AustinSurreal later, you GOT to hear this....