Wednesday, December 29, 2010

AustinSurreal 2010 Year End Show
Best of 2010 JAMS!

Whew, another week without blogging. Holidaze indeed. But a wonderful holidaze it was. Last Sunday, that's Boxing Day in certain nations, I ran down my favorite jams of 2010 on the AustinSurreal Show. It really went down, even though the jams on this show represent about 10% of what I was fillin' this past year. Man what a year it twas. Link to listen and download + the track list below.


Playlist - AustinSurreal Show Dec. 26, 2010

Homeboy Sandman - Not Pop (Also received the prestigious AustinSurreal 1st Ever Song of the Year Award. This is history. But naw really, "Not Pop" pretty much sums it all up for me. I fill dat. Thanks Sandman.
Sleigh Bells - Crown on the Ground
B L A C K I E - Fukwar
The Fall - 986 Generator
Son of Bazerk - I Swear on a Stack of Old Hits (Best COMEBACK)
Son of Bazerk - Let Me Tell You Who I Am
Das Racist, Fat Tony, Bo P - Luv It Mayne
Christeene - Fix My Dick
XYX - Anel & Her Problem
Rock GVMT feat Vera - What Now?
Mexicans With Guns - Dame Lo
Nive Nielsen & Deer Children - Room
Lower Dens - A Dogs Dick
Harlem - Spray Paint
Shawn David McMillen - The Moth
League of Extraordinary G'z - Loftin' in Austin
Kydd, Y2JJ, Young Dru - Last Call
Cali Zack, NA - Somebody's Watchin' Me
Scooby, Yung Redd, King Tutt, Quest, Big Mitch - Welcome to the Sunny Remix
Bali Yaaah - Shoot It (Favorite New Austin Band Award)
King Midas Sound System - Eartha Killya (Song I Played the Most Times)
The Books - A Cold Freezing Night
Ralph White - Western Country
Trae, Lupe Fiasco - Bad Don't Seem So Wrong
Devin the Dude - All You Need

Like I said, there's a shit ton more jams I could have played but in the end, it's a 2 hour show. And that's that and it went down. Go get that and tune in every week to the AustinSurreal Show 11 pm - 1am Central U.S. Time every Sunday night. is where it goes down. And you can always hear the archives here too.

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