Monday, May 31, 2010

FREE DOWNLOAD: League of Extraordinary G'z
Concealed Weapons Mixtape Album

Seriously you have to DL this and comment below. I wanna know what you think of these serious MCs and producers coming out of Austin. Also the DYNAMIC DUO of Wes Sanders & DJ Knowledge!

Click covers to see full size and print.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: League of Extraordinary G'z - Concealed Weapons

1. Ha Ha Tuk-da-Gat S. Dot Greezo Esbe
2. We gon make it Reggie Coby Esbe Lowkey produced by Mike Schad
3. Boom Boom Boom Da C.O.D. composed by DJ Wes Sanders
4. Bitch Move Reggie Coby Tuk-da-Gat
5. Home Greezo Tuk-da-Gat Esbe Reggie Coby produced by Chopsteak
6. Window Seat Remix Greezo Sandman
7. Turnt Up Remix S. Dot Chamillionaire
8. Dead Fresh/Nice Kicks Tuk-da-Gat S. Dot
9.Truth Reggie Coby Tuk-da-Gat produced by Reggie Coby
10. Drive Slo Reggie Coby Tuk-Da-Gat Lil J
11. Round Here Esbe Greezo Lil J Tuk-da-Gat produced by Nasty Kuttz
12. Go Hawd Lowkey Trae the Truth
13. Soulja Shit Lowkey Greezo
14. Buy U Sumthin Brooks City Tuk-da-Gat S. Dot Lil J
15. Over S. Dot Lil J
16. Get em Up Tuk-da-Gat S. Dot Lowkey
17. C2theO-D Tuk-da-Gat S. Dot Lil J
18. Not Afraid Remix Dred Skott Lowkey
19. Satisfaction S. Dot Esbe
20. Unthinkable Remix S. Dot Lowkey Esbe
21. Trae Day Reggie Coby Tuk-da-Gat Greezo

I really want to know what ou think! Leave a comment after you give it a good listen.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Austin's Own G-Baby on BET's Freestyle Friday!


Word to Austin! Word to Freestyling (sort of)! Word to Women on the Mic!

Man, this is actually exciting to me. Austin bout to come up and its real exciting to be here right now.

Personally I think the Brooklyn girl is Biggity Better off Leaving... Annissa don't even know how to hold a mic. Plus I like that G-Baby called her a Moonie!


Friday, May 28, 2010

Pachanga Fest 2010 Pics and Report!

Whew, finally. I can't believe it's already Friday, almost a week since this lil festival that could chugged into Austin and blew up the spot. What am amazing event!

Shout out to everyone involved as I feel this festival is not only a welcome addition to the Austin musical landscape, but a much needed experience for people who may or may not know the depth and breadth of Latin music.

It ain't all salsa, that's for sure. Every group I saw throughout the day brought their own thing to the table and totally killed it. Not a sleeper in the bunch.

Anyway, I assembled my crew, and hit the fest midday, just in time to see Brownout!

My daughters Elena and Eva

Buddy Brynn

And Zigaboo

All of whom love Brownout.

As do I. What a way to start our musical journey. With that FUNK!

Seen these guys many times, and will see them many more times. One of the bands that make Austin great.

But hands down, the best band that I saw that day was Y La Orkestra. Straight up, they came from Tucson and blew the whole crowd away.

I guess these dudes are big collaborators with Calexico, one of my all time favorite bands, and well, after seeing them Y La Orkestra has become one of my favorite bands as well.

Such energy, they showed no fear in blending style after style into their own unique sound.

Like how Calexico does, but honestly these dudes kick it up a few more notches on the energy tip. Like they REALLY Bring it.

Check out some of their jams here.

Anyway they killed it. I uploaded some video to YouTube but it keeps not showing up. Hmm, I'll update if it does.

Wait, update, here it is:

Pilar Diaz was also pretty mind blowing.

As was San Antonio's all female Mariachi Las Altenas!

See what I'm getting at here. It was all "Latin Music" but none was the same. It went all over the place.

Even to the punk rock of San Antonio's Girl In A Coma, who my daughters seemed to like the best.

Hacienda was another favorite amongst the people.

Pacha Massive from New York came with a kind of funky soul.

But really I was just getting excited to see Bomba Estereo at that point.

DJ Dus held me down though till they came out. This dude was KILLING IT! Incorporation live instruments into his DJ set and twisting the cumbia sound into oblivion.

I need to hear and see more form this dude for sure.

The legend Roberto Pulido was in the house killin' it.

I stupidly didn't take any photos of Bomba Estereo, wasn't able to get all that close. But I did get some video. Check it out and get ready for yet another festival this weekend in Austin, Chaos in Tejas is REALLY GOIN' DOWN!

Anyway I'm already excited for Pachanga Fest 2011.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

This Weekend in Austin!
OG Swisha House meets 2010 Austin!
Lester Roy & Cali Zack B-Day Bash!

Man this may be one for the record books. Check the line up. If everyone shows up that says they are showing up this could be legendary. And it's at Flamingo Cantina. You might could find me up thurr pon di deck.

LC Entertainment Presents:

Lester Roy & Cali Zack Birthday Bash
:::May 28, 2010:::
Doors Open @9 pm
Flamingo Cantina

::::Hosted By::::
Mista Masta Archie Lee of Swisha House

:::On tha 1's & 2's:::
DJ Aspekt & DJ Wes Sanders

::::Performances by::::
Lestor Roy & Papa Smurf
Cali Zack
Gerald G
Die Slo

::::Special Guest::::
Coota Bang, Magno, JDawg, Gerald G & What it Dew, & Throwback Swisha House

Peep the Facebook Page here and say YES WE CAN.

There's really just too much to do in Austin.

Also Katey Red & Vockah Redu at the Beauty Bar? WHAAAAAAAT? It's really goin' down this weekend as always in Austin.

Mazzi Presents: Peace In The Middle East

It's a short 3 part doc of his travels through Palestine, Israel and Egypt. Peep it as it shows a good look at hip-hop on that side of the world.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Free Mixtape DL: Whatahustler 2

Will Hustle & DJ Hoodstar Present!
Whata Hustler Texas Edition 2
Hosted By Willean of the S.U.C & BOTANY BOYS

And you can Download it for free on AustinSurreal.



Track List

Disc 1
1. Willlean- Intro
2. Will Lean Ft Z Ro, J Dawg, Lil 0,
3. Lil Ke Ke – This A Thug Life
4. Trae Ft Plies, Slim Thug – Tell Then Some Thing
5. C Loc ft Bun B, Z Ro – Ogs
6. Will Lean Check IN
7. Beat Them Cheeks – Magno
8. P-L-A - Shawty Go Live
9. Luxuray – Cory Mo ft 4 Eize
10. Willlean – Got Them Blocks
11. J Dawg – Got To Get It
12. Incognito- King Kyle Lee
13. Die Slo – Get Some Mo
14. Tum Tum – Down South
15. Free J Kapone – Bag Full Of Money
16. Dorrough – Get Big
17. Grit Boys – Go Harder
18. Scarface – The Beat
19. J Ton Ft Rick Ross, Young Buck – Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown

Disc 2
1. K Paul – Exclusive Freestyle
2. I Rep – Slim Thug
3. Checkmate ft Free T- Weeze, Pacboi Tank -Till They Say Ok
4. 290 Conection ft Charlie Boy – George Jefferson
5. Quit Calling 2010 – Trae
6. I Salute You – J Dawg Ft Mug
7. Scarface - Hustle Game
8. P-L-A Ft Party Marty, Big Six. O.G Fatal
9. Killa Kyleon ft Gudda
10. Thug Mafia – Hood Star
11. Will Lean – City Of Lean
12. Lil C ft J Dawg – Pocket Full Of Cash
13. P-L-A Ft C Green – Swagga Jacking
14. Willlean – Mr. Tripplebeam
15. Mac Grace aka Dat Boy Grace ft Z Ro & 3 2 – Im A G
16. C Green ft Break, P-L-A – No Good
17. 8 Ball & M.J.G ft Slim Thug – Life Goes On
18. Willlean – True Story
19. Willlean Outro

More info hit up
GET DISC 3 - a 4 hour video mix - by purchasing the retail version.

Grupo Fantasma to tour the world!
Free MP3 from their new album El Existential!

OMG It's really goin' down this summer for one of Austin's hardest working bands. And one of our best.

Grupo Fantasma.

I been jamming these dudes for some years now. I'd always hear about them, then around the time just before their first album I believe, Bavu Blakes introduced me to Adrian Quesada and I have been jamming them ever since. From the livest dancefloor at the hottest club, to the freakin' lawn at Central Market, these dudes can tear up any stage. Definitely catch them if they come to a city near you in celebration of their new LP - El Existential.

You can download a track from the new album called "El Consejo" by clicking here!

I was looking at the dates below just wishing I could catch them somewhere outside of Austin, like I don't know, Vancouver, France or the Netherlands Antilles. But alas and alak, I dunno. I'm one of the lucky ones though, I get to see Grupo Fantasma on their home turf all the time. Definitely try and catch them live and check out the mini doc at the bottom of the post. It's on the making of this album, in a house in the middle of Austin. Pretty dope.

US & Canada Dates
6/9 Iowa City, IA @ The Mill
6/10 Minneapolis, MN @ Cedar Cultural Center
6/11 Chicago, IL @ House of Blues
6/12 Madison, WI @ Marquette Waterfront Festival
6/14 Memphis, TN @ Hi-Tone
6/16 Dallas, TX @ House of Blues
6/17 Houston, TX @ House of Blues
6/18 San Antonio, TX @ Scout Bar
6/19 Snoqualmie (Seattle, WA) @ KEXP World Music Festival
6/22 Tucson, AZ @ Rialto Theatre
6/23 Phoenix, AZ @ Rhythm Room
6/24 San Diego, CA @ Casbah
6/25 Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey Theatre
6/26 Flagstaff, AZ @ Orpheum Theatre
6/30 Little Rock, AR @ Revolution Room
7/1 Huntsville, AL @ Flying Monkey
7/2 Chattanooga, TN @ Miller Plaza / Nightfall Concert Series
7/3 & 7/4 Dayton, OH @ City Folk Festival
7/5 Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Ballroom
7/7 Ottawa, ON @ Ottawa Blues Festival
7/8 Toronto, ON @ Horseshoe Tavern
7/13 Northampton, MA @ Iron Horse Music Hall
7/14 Boston, MA @ Middle East
7/16 Corvallis, OR @ DaVinci Days
7/18 Great Neck, NY @ Steppingstone Park Waterside Theatre
7/20 New York, NY @ TBA

Abroad Dates
7/23 Sainte Croix Volvestre, France @ Festival Terre De Couleur
7/24 Vic Fezensac, France @ Tempo Latino Festival
7/29 Sines, Portugal @ Festival Musicas do Mondo
7/31 Luzern, Switzerland @ Blue Balls Festival
8/4 Paris, France @ New Morning
8/5 Karlsruhe, Germany @ Zeltival
8/6 Brugge, Belgium @ Klinkers
8/7 Vence, France @ Nuits Du Sud
8/12 Vancouver, BC @ Venue Nightclub
8/13 - 8/15 Salmon Arm, BC @ Roots & Blues Festival
9/4 Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles @ North Sea Jazz Festival Curaçao

Aceyalone live in Austin this weekend!

Once again thanks to Robert Gabriel for contributing this.

Aceyalone of the mighty Freestyle Fellowship once again pays Austin a visit from his hometown of Los Angeles.

Saturday May 29th at Chupacabra Cantina, 400 East 6th Street, Austin, Texas

Opening acts include: Riddlore of CVE, Riders Against the Storm, Crew 54, and DJ Chorizo Funk.

Watch Aceyalone's latest video "Can't Hold Back"

As a member of Freestyle Fellowship and a figurehead of LA's 15-year-old Project Blowed movement, Aceyalone revives old school hip-hop energy as if it never faded. Joining forces with longtime collaborator Riddlore of Chillin Villain Emprire, Aceyalone's rap repertoire is sure to harken back to the glory days of the Good Life Cafe.

At the corner of Crenshaw and Exposition in the heart of South Central Los Angeles, the Good Life Cafe was a weekly open mic night that ran from 1989 to 1995. Catapulting artists including Freestyle Fellowship, Volume10, Ahmad, Skee-Lo, The Nonce, and Jurassic 5, among many others, to national acclaim, the Good Life Cafe has recently been memorialized by a thorough documentary film titled This Is the Life.

Watch the This Is the Life documentary here.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm On Trae's Side
Pics and video from Trae tha Truths show opening for Drake in Austin last week killing it

O.K. a couple days late on this one. Real life keeps on happening and such and well I can't always get right to the blog. But man, shit, this past Friday night I was one of the lucky folks who got to go to Stubb's and see Drake live in concert with Houston's own Trae tha Truth opening up. The show was sold out, packed to the gills with young folks who love Drake.

Turns out a lot of them love Trae too. I was floored to see how so many of them were rapping and singing along to the songs and showing their serious support of Trae. You can see all this in the 3 videos below. Yeah, it really went down.

And the Trae Town Hall Meeting is really goin' down as well.

More info on that this week in a later post. It needs it's own post, and Houston, you need to be there.

En masse, like the crowd here at Trae Day 2009.

Did you get your shirt yet? J. Prince and co. have.

Drake and Trae after the Houston show.

And for the real, you're gonna really have to get this disc.

Anyway on to the pictures from Stubb's!

As you can see...

It really went down.

As evidenced in the video below as well.

It's no joke, Drake is one of the biggest artists in the hip-hop game right now. He's got the radio and the youths ears on lock. I didn't know if the crowd in the house was going to go as deep as Trae, but man, they all knew Trae and he came out and straight killed it!

Straight up did "Swang" in the crowd.

You can see it in the video below too.

I've got a follow up piece coming this week regarding the ban and his lawsuit against Radio One.

Lina sort of seen here with Trae, I dunno what happened to the flash and shit.

I got my shirt. Did you?

Then Trae headed back to Houston to perform on a show with TI at Hush I think, and I went out and watched Drake perform.

Dude's a star for real. And I appreciate that he came out in a black tee and some black pants, no chain, just came out and performed. Shit was dope.

Then Iwent to see Two Star Symphony kill it at The Scoot Inn. The End.

I mean, then I saw the Jesus Car. The End.