Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pachanga Fest This Weekend!
Kid Sister Next Weekend!
I went out last week...

AND IT WENT DOWN! But first here's some info on THE FUTURE.


Click here for the Pachanga Fest Website for full line up and all that.

But seriously, this is one of the best annual music events that Austin has. Last year was off the chain, check my report here.

I mean yo, Bomba Estereo, Grupo Fantasma featuring Larry Harlow, Brownout, Girl In A Coma, Pilar Diaz... tomorrow I'm gonna post a bunch of videos with my favorite pics. More then.

Then Friday June 4th! One day before the Free Press Fest in Houston:

Kid Sister with Riders Against the Storm, Perseph1 and Mic Skills. That's a seriously solid line up real talk!

So yeah I'll get out of my house a bit more. Like last week, Thursday in fact. I headed out of the house and started my night at Stubbs to see Cypress Hill. Security took my camera, so I got no photos. Show was cool, Cypress always puts out for sure, and Bobo and DJ Julio G had some serious routines that gave the show that xtra something that a lot of rap shows don't have. Shit was just a whole nother element and it was dope.

I could go into a story about the first time I saw Cypress Hill at the Underground in Houston, and around the same time saw Julio G for the first time, DJing for Hi-C at the same club. I have photos from both somewhere. I'll save that story for when I find them.

So I left there and headed to Beerland, for a beer, and to hopefully see When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth.

But they were playing last so I checked out this band, that is either named Horse + Donkey, or Cruddy, as How I Quit Crack, I don't think actually made it.

But they were good. I need to see more bands around these parts for the first time on a random night and shit.

So it worked out.

Downed a beer, watched that band, and walked over to the ND where Rusty Lazer was presenting AZZ EVERYWHERE, his traveling NOLA Bounce inspired club night. And that shit was real dope too.

Big Freedia was in the house, but this party went till 4am (as far as I know) and I bounced around 2 a.m. and didn't see her perform. Or him.

It was pretty dope up in the ND.

I can see a lot more club nights poppin' in there.

They even have the capacity for acrobatics.

As evidenced by

these photos.


Aaron B!

There's Big Freedia as she went up the stairs to the dressing room.

So yeah it really went down.

Actually I must've left like 1:40, cuz I did indeed see When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth do 3 songs at their tour kick off show. So yeah. It really went down.

Killin' it as always. Catch them on the road. See all the tour dates here America.

Anyway yeah see you this weekend at Pachanga? More info tomorrow!

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