Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Photos From Trae tha Truth's Press Conference

Man, it really went down this morning in Houston. Trae, his attorney, Warren Fitzgerald Jr., and community activist Deric Muhammad of the Houston Ministry of Justice, spoke to members of the media about the lawsuit Trae filed this week about 97.9 The Box. See the posts below if you don't know the back story, or just enjoy the photos.

Reps from the Houston Press, Houston Chronicle, Channel 39, Rolling Out, BET's The Deal,, Ozone Magazine, and more were on hand to get the scoop. Along with some other TV stations, though I'm not sure exactly who.

Deric Muhammad, Friend, Trae, Warren Fitzgerald Jr., Baby Jae, Kleankutt (Kracker Nuttz)

Trae greets the Kracker Nuttz

Warren Fitzgerald Jr.

Deric Muhammad

Troublesum, OG Ron C and Friends

Trae and Teresa from SF2

Teresa from SF2

And we round things off with Me and Troublesum.

Anyway, lets see how things pan out.

Here's some of the press so far:

Houston Press: This Just In
Trae's Attorney: The Box "Going Beyond Legal Bounds"

Houston Press: This Just In
Rocks Off Requests Trae On The Box

Houston Chronicle: Houston rapper Trae: "You can't ban the truth"

Houston's Channel 39: Rapper Suing Local Radio Station
Houston Rapper Trae Da Truth is taking on 97.9 KBXX, the box in a battle over the airwaves.

Not tripping but besides noting his name wrong above and on their site, Channel 39 had a few wrong things in their report, and really didn't need to start the report off with a scene from the shooting at TSU. But whatever, I already know if it bleeds it leads and I am thankful that they are helping to get the word out. That being said, it's TORTIOUS not TORTUROUS.

Tomato, Tomawto.

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