Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm On Trae's Side
Pics and video from Trae tha Truths show opening for Drake in Austin last week killing it

O.K. a couple days late on this one. Real life keeps on happening and such and well I can't always get right to the blog. But man, shit, this past Friday night I was one of the lucky folks who got to go to Stubb's and see Drake live in concert with Houston's own Trae tha Truth opening up. The show was sold out, packed to the gills with young folks who love Drake.

Turns out a lot of them love Trae too. I was floored to see how so many of them were rapping and singing along to the songs and showing their serious support of Trae. You can see all this in the 3 videos below. Yeah, it really went down.

And the Trae Town Hall Meeting is really goin' down as well.

More info on that this week in a later post. It needs it's own post, and Houston, you need to be there.

En masse, like the crowd here at Trae Day 2009.

Did you get your shirt yet? J. Prince and co. have.

Drake and Trae after the Houston show.

And for the real, you're gonna really have to get this disc.

Anyway on to the pictures from Stubb's!

As you can see...

It really went down.

As evidenced in the video below as well.

It's no joke, Drake is one of the biggest artists in the hip-hop game right now. He's got the radio and the youths ears on lock. I didn't know if the crowd in the house was going to go as deep as Trae, but man, they all knew Trae and he came out and straight killed it!

Straight up did "Swang" in the crowd.

You can see it in the video below too.

I've got a follow up piece coming this week regarding the ban and his lawsuit against Radio One.

Lina sort of seen here with Trae, I dunno what happened to the flash and shit.

I got my shirt. Did you?

Then Trae headed back to Houston to perform on a show with TI at Hush I think, and I went out and watched Drake perform.

Dude's a star for real. And I appreciate that he came out in a black tee and some black pants, no chain, just came out and performed. Shit was dope.

Then Iwent to see Two Star Symphony kill it at The Scoot Inn. The End.

I mean, then I saw the Jesus Car. The End.

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