Monday, May 31, 2010

FREE DOWNLOAD: League of Extraordinary G'z
Concealed Weapons Mixtape Album

Seriously you have to DL this and comment below. I wanna know what you think of these serious MCs and producers coming out of Austin. Also the DYNAMIC DUO of Wes Sanders & DJ Knowledge!

Click covers to see full size and print.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: League of Extraordinary G'z - Concealed Weapons

1. Ha Ha Tuk-da-Gat S. Dot Greezo Esbe
2. We gon make it Reggie Coby Esbe Lowkey produced by Mike Schad
3. Boom Boom Boom Da C.O.D. composed by DJ Wes Sanders
4. Bitch Move Reggie Coby Tuk-da-Gat
5. Home Greezo Tuk-da-Gat Esbe Reggie Coby produced by Chopsteak
6. Window Seat Remix Greezo Sandman
7. Turnt Up Remix S. Dot Chamillionaire
8. Dead Fresh/Nice Kicks Tuk-da-Gat S. Dot
9.Truth Reggie Coby Tuk-da-Gat produced by Reggie Coby
10. Drive Slo Reggie Coby Tuk-Da-Gat Lil J
11. Round Here Esbe Greezo Lil J Tuk-da-Gat produced by Nasty Kuttz
12. Go Hawd Lowkey Trae the Truth
13. Soulja Shit Lowkey Greezo
14. Buy U Sumthin Brooks City Tuk-da-Gat S. Dot Lil J
15. Over S. Dot Lil J
16. Get em Up Tuk-da-Gat S. Dot Lowkey
17. C2theO-D Tuk-da-Gat S. Dot Lil J
18. Not Afraid Remix Dred Skott Lowkey
19. Satisfaction S. Dot Esbe
20. Unthinkable Remix S. Dot Lowkey Esbe
21. Trae Day Reggie Coby Tuk-da-Gat Greezo

I really want to know what ou think! Leave a comment after you give it a good listen.


Jim Welsh said...

This sounds like the future of TX rap is here right now!! Very refreshing to hear real lyrics

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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