Thursday, July 21, 2011

Big K.R.I.T. in San Antonio and San Angelo

Shout out to Big Sid, and Powerhouse TV for the dope footage. Still excited at how dope that show was. And that's saying a lot, in 2012, I mean 2011.

This is Really Real

Shout out to the Breakfast Club, NYC, and all DJs who are not afraid of whitey. Trae tha Truth is a real pro and really breaks it down in this interview.

How many morning shows let an interview go on for 20 mins? This is really real, I'm serious. Watch this video and then send an email to Radio One that says "Y'all hoes stupid than a motherfucker."

Tomorrow is TRAE DAY! Houston stand up. Burn down Babylon.

#NewTexas - Fat Tony - HOME

MAN! How'd get get the CEO of Home Skool up in the video? That tite dog.

Another jammin' jam from the man. Have you jammed RABDARGAB yet?


And since I was so late to the table on Kreayshawn, I figure I need to post this one, so I can be like, all ahead of the curve on the new music trends and such. I think this is the kind of shit that YOU like.

Compare and contrast these two videos and leave me a comment, or ten with your thoughts on the state of hip-hop 2012, I mean 2011.

(Big up's to Lisa (Suckdog) Carver's Facebook page for hipping me to this madness.)

The Monarchs Are Definitely The Next Band To Make It Big Out Of Austin

Hands down, there's no chance it won't happen, it's happening now. Have you heard them?

I don't go around singing the praises of singer songwriters often, but there's a certain soul with this group, mainly band leader Celeste Griffin, that cannot be denied and will be up in your collective earholes soon enough. This album rules...

CHECK THEM OUT LIVE IN SESSION ON AUSTIN'S KUT EARLIER THIS MONTH. KUT been showing them a lot of love, word to Jay Trachtenberg.

I've been listening to it for a year straight, from the rough demos on to the finished product. I feel like this record merits an actual review, but alas I don't review records. I don't read record reviews so why should I try to review them beyond telling you that this shit is super jammin. You either believe me or you don't. I know there's a certain art to reviewing peoples art, and such, but as such, I'd rather you just trust me and check the songs/videos below and go get the fuck up on this right here.

For this is the band you will be hearing about from Austin in the near future aka the present, as in, right now, The Monarchs are happening and you're either gonna get on the boat or get left behind. It finna leave Lake Travis at noon and won't stop till it hits all 7 oceans and every river in between. That's what the record sounds like in fact, a beautiful cruise over a murky sea. Alright that makes no sense, listen, lemme stop. Lemme just say GET THIS ALBUM THE MOTHERFUCKER JAMS and Celeste is bout fin to be a big star out this dry little pond we call Austin.

Pray for rain and dance to this song.



Anyway this is another great jam from the album:

Monarchs - "Date Night" (music video) from Monarchs on Vimeo.

And I am totally stoked for them to make this video.

I guess what I am saying, is what the Goodie Mob said to you long ago, listen to me now, believe me later on, in the future... The Monarchs are next out of Austin, hands down, for sure.

Tomorrow is TRAE DAY!

MAN Houston tomorrow is going to be quite a day once again. The Street King himself has organized yet another TRAE DAY. As decreed unto him by then Houston Mayor Bill White, for his work in the community in his city, Trae Day is a day where Trae gets major artists and activists together to give back to the youth in his city with a free concert, and a hguge back to school supply give-a-way.

This is really real and comes from the heart for sure. Who else does this shit? No one on this level really. The streets gave it to Trae and he gives it back to the streets. I have said it before and I will say it again, I don't know too many (any) rappers on Trae's level who really, really takes staying true to where he came from seriously. This dude goes and visits prisons, juvenile detention centers, troubled areas, he's actually genuinely out there with the people and Trae Day is an annual manifestation and celebration of that spirit. I commend this dude for real and this year's Trae Day looks to be the biggest one yet.

If you can't be in Houston on Friday, you can see the whole thing on's UStream Channel!

Check the press release below:

The Fourth Annual Trae Day will be going down this Friday, July 22, in Houston, and for the first time ever, it will be live broadcast on XXL’s UStream channel.

Houston native Trae Tha Truth first created the celebratory community event four years ago, and in the time since, it has become a yearly ritual that community members as well as artists and fans from near and far look forward to. In the past, upwards of 10,000 people have attended the event, which includes live performances and rides.

As in years past, free school supplies, including backpacks and uniforms, as well as immunizations, will be made available to those in attendance.

In addition to Trae, who dropped his latest album, Street King, last Tuesday, Lupe Fiasco, Rich Boy, YC Worldwide, Tity Boi (2 Chainz), Twista and more will be hitting the stage.

XXL will be in attendance, capturing the event, performances, and interviews with the artists so that those at home can tune in.

Attendance for Trae Day is completely free of charge. For all media information or attendance to Trae Day, contact Nancy Byron at OGPR Marketing & Public Relations, Inc. (832) 220-6071 or —XXL Staff



Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Big KRIT, Question?, Shame Gutta, Worldwide + MORE Live in San Antonio!

Maaaaaaan it really went down, last week, I know, I know, I'm late. It gets harder every day for me to sit down and do a proper post, I know, but man, seriously, don't let that take away from the fact that it REALLY WENT DOWN! WHAT A SHOW!

How often do you hear me say that about a rap show? OK Sometimes, but not all the time, that is for sure.

Also San Antonio rules. What a refreshing change from going to shows in Austin. Such energy. Shit was really real.

DJ Wally Sparks, Big KRIT, Big Sant (With Samaan, Teresa and Dutch in the background)

But before the show I had a little time so I had to do a little exploring, which turned into a lil trip back in time for me. If you don't know, the Pearl Brewery is becoming the hippest area for music and art in Texas. Just off the Riverwalk (sort of) it occupies a part of that beautiful section in San Antonio, and is not all commercial and whatever, it's um, as stated before, really real.

And thank God for it. Every city should have a district like this.

And an award winning beer like Pearl, though I have to say they are tripping for not having them lil stubby bottles anymore (real heads know the deal.)

So yeah, after having an incredible sandwich at Sam's Burger Joint, I walked around a bit in the area and lo and behold I didn't even realize I was right by the legendary San Antonio bar, Tacoland. I had just read this article in the San Antonio Current, about it's owner, RAM, who was murdered behind the bar one night some years ago, after years of supporting indie music in this ramshackle lil spot that probably shouldn't have been as amazing as it was.

Read the article for a little background, but in a nutshell, Tacoland was THE spot in San Antonio for local and touring punk bands to play. Ram took great care of everyone who ever played his joint, and gave everyone a chance. Even my "band" played there once. When Monster Soup and Feared Alien Voodoo would do shows together, me, and members of each band, and my boy Karl would play as PENIS, an improvisational hardcore band that featured me on xylophone and vocals. We played 3 times I think, I don't know. One time, Shawn David McMillen from Rubble was in the band. I dunno, we were a mess, but I totally remember our night at Tacoland, cuz as stated above, it was the realest.

Anyway, one night a crazy man came in and murdered Ram and one other person, and injured another, for no apparent reason that I know of, and really that was a huge loss for San Antonio and music in general. I haven't been there in so many years and have to say that I was sort of happy to see that it was still standing as is. A shrine to a man who really took some real music under his wing.

Anyway, San Antonio is a great city.

And the show was amazing. I have to say, if I am going to be a bit critical, there may have been a few too many opening acts. When they were good they were great, when they weren't, they were pretty boring. But honestly I can't complain, I don't get out that much and it was really great to see a wide array of Texas acts on one stage, in a thowed environment on that particular night.

Trillmatic Ent.

Trillmatic Ent.

Trillmatic Ent. Fillin the Angry Birds Shirt.

Big Trouble out of Waco, TX

Big Trouble

D'Andre from South Padre Island

D'Andre from South Padre Island

Question and my man Axsel of One Deep Clothing. Man I haven't seen Axsel in so long, was great to catch up.

Serv C, I guess he has a song with Royce da 5'9

Shame Gutta came out and WRECKED!

And he had Worldwide with him as well.

Was great to see those two in action killing it.

Texas Dream Team

Texas Dream Team

Texas Dream Team

Man then my bro Question? Came out with his group DEAD BROKE and straight wrecked. I can't lie, I was yawning at this point. So many acts, many were good, but seriously I am old and can't take so much sometimes, so I felt bad, but then Question came out and KILLED IT with the live band, which always helps.

Seriously, they WRECKED.

Came to get busy and such.

But the show of the night, of course, went to the headliner, Big KRIT.

This dude connected with the crowd and just went OFF immediately.

Was so dope, I had no idea that so many folks were so up on Big KRIT, but they are.

The whole crowd was rapping along to every word he spit.

So dope!

And it was super dope in the end, he stuck around and signed a ton of autographs.

So many people got their shoes signed, I don't know whats up with that. But they really did.

A great time was had by all. BIG BIG MAJOR UPS to Big Sid and for putting this show together. They truly did everything right. I need to go to San Antonio more often, and I will...

Noisey 088: Fat Tony

MAN! Them good folks at Noisey done did a whole 5 part series on one of Houston's finest FAT TONY! What's next? B L A C K I E maybe??? DAMN this is fresh, get with it!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Big K.R.I.T. Live in San Antonio Thursday
NEW MUSIC: Big Sid + Big K.R.I.T. + Killer Mike

It's really goin' down in San Antonio Thursday night! Big K.R.I.T. is THE BEST in the game at the moment real talk. Excited to see him again. Word to Wally Sparks!

Also excited to see Question? with his live band and Worldwide, and Shame Gutta, and well everyone. Will be real cool to see a show like this in San Antonio.

And if you haven't heard it yet, Big Sid just dropped a new jam with Big K.R.I.T. and Killer Mike! You can download it below and you should!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Radio Doc: Rhymes and Revolution: Soundtrack to the Arab Spring


My man Jackson Allers is from Houston, but lives in Beirut, Lebanon and for years has been my connection to Arab Hip-Hop. There's some amazing things happening out there. It's a real, living, breathing revolution, and hip-hop is the soundtrack. All hip-hop fans, and fans of revolution and freedom need to listen to this 30 minute radio documentary that first aired on July 4th, 2011 on Free Speech Radio News.


Fun Fact: Jackson Allers was a big part of getting Damage Control on the air at KPFT in Houston in 2002. Renee Feltz who has reported for Free Speech Radio News was as well. When I first submitted the proposal to do Damage Control on KPFT, it was them and a few other good people who stood up and explained to the station (in great detail, more than once) why they should allow Damage Control on to the air. And the rest is history. And here's my man Jackson almost ten years later giving the world a serious look at what is happening in hip-hop in the Arab world. This documentary is amazing. Everyone needs to hear it NOW. Much respect to my brother Jackson.

AUSTIN MUSIC! The Warriors - All Good


Straight up I love this song. What a great jam for the summer. Seriously. I have known Ahmad from The Warriors for many years...

Funny story, first time we met, literally like 1994 or 95, he introduced himself and said "I'm Rugged, dog." His former rap name was Rugged. But he said to me, "I'm Rugged, dog."

So I used to call him Rugged Dog. A real good dude, and I am so glad that he and The Warriors are still doing it. They do Holy Hip-Hop, but really they just do dope hip hop, that happens to be positive, and real. This song is a hit.

Bring Back That NY Rap: I AM MANY

Homeboy Sandman been hipped me to this dude earlier this year, and just sent me a link to DOWNLOAD HIS MIXTAPE, which you can do as well by clicking that link. And he just sent me this new video "Coo Coo Crazy," reminds me A LOT of the New York raps I grew up loving.

Which is a good thing. I'ma dig into all this today, you should as well.

Check this bonus accapella flow too... Dude is nice.