Tuesday, July 5, 2011

AUSTIN MUSIC! The Warriors - All Good


Straight up I love this song. What a great jam for the summer. Seriously. I have known Ahmad from The Warriors for many years...

Funny story, first time we met, literally like 1994 or 95, he introduced himself and said "I'm Rugged, dog." His former rap name was Rugged. But he said to me, "I'm Rugged, dog."

So I used to call him Rugged Dog. A real good dude, and I am so glad that he and The Warriors are still doing it. They do Holy Hip-Hop, but really they just do dope hip hop, that happens to be positive, and real. This song is a hit.

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Unknown said...

nice lil joint, i needed to hear something new and refreshing today, thanks for posting this one