Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bavu Blakes Live in Austin TONIGHT!

Dammit I meant to post this up earlier. But you know Bavu Blakes is back in town and performing at the ACL Live Theater for the Austin Music People Benefit tonight! Exciting! He goes on at 8:20 so get yer shizz together and get down there! Then hightail it on over to the Mohawk for Freddie Gibbs, Big K.R.I.T. and more!

Peep this video, Crew54 is the bestest.

ALERT! Free Film at UT Today!
Han Bennink - Hazentijd

The good folks at Epistrophy Arts & Nameless Sound are bringing the ICP Orchestra from Amsterdam to Austin & Houston next week (see post below) and this is their drummer.

Possibly the greatest drummer to ever walk the earth. He blows my mind and is hands down the most entertaining drummer to ever walk the earth. Peep the videos below and then go find some more on the internets and entertain yourself for the rest of the day.

THEN go to UT and see the film about him. Info below the videos.

Thursday, March 31 · 5:00pm - 6:30pm
Garrison Hall 0.102 UT Campus

Free Public Screening! on UT Campus.

Movie will begin at 5:20pm

HAN BENNINK: HAZENTIJD (2009) directed by Jellie Dekker (70 mins DVD)
This stylized recent documentary depicts Dutch drummer and visual artist Han Bennink’s creative journey from art student and free-lance percussionist backing touring Americans like Johnny Griffin and Eric Dolphy, to the uncompromising improvisor he is today. His visual work, which he creates alone, silently and surrounded by nature, is shown as a counterpoint to his cosmopolitan and often noisy musical life. Bennink is seen captured in performance with Griffin, the ICP Orchestra, jamming with Ethiopian musicians and leading workshops with students and children.

sponsored by Epistrophy Arts and ICP Orchestra


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mo' League of Extraordinary G'z @SXSW

Killer Mike Showing Love to TEXAS on Shade 45

That's my bro right there. One of the greatest to ever do it. Shit I need to see that video now.

New Music From Houston!
Yep Another Free CD!
Preemo - The Magic Bullet

New jams from Houston! So happy to hear so much great music coming from Texas right now. It's goin' down.

Jammin' this right now. Go get your copy FREE right now from Rizoh over at TheRapUp.

Austin's Above All Ent at #SXSW

Send me YOUR videos y'all, I'd love to see them and post whats really real. Lemme see. This first one makes me really happy!

See More at

Austin Psych Fest Is Really Goin' Down!

Click poster to see full size (and you should)

OMG It's really goin' down! Austin Psych Fest just sent the schedule out last night, and wowsers, gonna be a great year. Peep it all out below and get your tickets soon!

The Reverberation Appreciation Society and The Black Angels are happy to announce the dates, location and full festival lineup for Austin Psych Fest 4. The 4th annual festival will be held at Seaholm Power Plant from April 29 – May 1, 2011. Spanning the full range of the psych sounds, the festival honors the past while als magnifying the modern vanguard of mind-expanding music.


The full festival schedule, set times, and dates are available on With a few more SPECIAL GUESTS to be announced, STAY TUNED.

The full lineup includes:
Roky Erickson • Spectrum • The Black Angels • Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group • Black Moth Super Rainbow • Prefuse 73 • Atlas Sound • A Place To Bury Strangers • Crystal Stilts • Crocodiles • Tobacco Fresh and Onlys • Sleepy Sun • The Growlers • Indian Jewelry • Black Ryder • Beach Fossils • This Will Destroy You • Cold Sun • The Soft Moon • Radio Moscow • No Joy • Dirty Beaches • The Night Beats • White Hills • Pontiak • Black Hollies • Beaches • The Quarter After • Lumerians • Woodsman • Young Prisms • ZAZA • Lower Heaven • Shapes Have Fangs • Christian Bland • Bass Drum of Death • The Meek • Blue Angel Lounge • The Cult of Dom Keller • Cloudland Canyon • Zechs Marquis • ST37 • Vacant Lots • The Diamond Center • Rishi Dhir • Pete International Airport • Shine Brothers • Daughters of the Sun • Weird Owl • Wall of Death • Ghost Box Orchestra • The Sky Drops • Tjutjuna • Chris Catalena • Holy Wave • Hellfire Social • AND SPECIAL GUESTS


* Please note that Dead Meadow and Jason Simon will unfortunately no longer be playing as they are doing a European tour with Spindrift in April...

Day tickets are on sale RIGHT NOW on for $40 per day. A limited number of weekend passes are still available for $100, get them while they last.


The Seaholm Power Plant is located at 214 West Avenue Austin, Texas 78701, here's a link to the location on Google Maps and the website.

Seaholm Power Plant, a decommissioned steam power plant built in a 1930’s art deco style, sits on the Colorado River in the heart of downtown Austin. APF4 will be one of last concerts to happen in Power Plant. This iconic structure will provide an amazing backdrop to an incredible weekend of music and art.


Austin Psych Fest 4 is made possible in part by the good folks at El Cosmico, do512, The Shed BBQ, Bird’s Barbershop, Laced With Romance Vintage, Tigress Group, Alta Real Pictures, cloudesign and Elevation Reservation, who will be recording festival performances in multi track HD audio for a future release.

Media Partners
Special thanks to our media partners: The Austin Chronicle, do512, The Austinist

Arts Market
Laced With Romance Vintage, Magnolia Vintage, Rima Hyena, Skully’s Records, The Psychedelic Poster Boutique, and a number of other hand picked artisans.

Food Vendors
Local Austin restaurants will providing delicious dining options on site.


We are currently seeking volunteers to help out with making APF4 another amazing weekend in exchange for weekend passes, opportunities include:

Video Documenting- we are seeking qualified camera people to help out with filming the fest. We can offer a weekend pass in exchange for helping shoot the annual film / documentary throughout the weekend. Please send equipment list and reel link to if you are interested.

Visual Artists and Decoration - there is a large amount of wall space available for film projections, 2d art and 3d installations. We’re seeking visual artists to contribute work to a showcase of mind bending artwork. Send links and proposals to

Additional Volunteer Opportunities - there are many, many ways that you can help make the fest amazing. Promo, passing out flyers, event hospitality, runners - we are looking for good help in all areas, hit us up -


Vendors - We have limited space available for food and retail vendors. Please get in touch through


Sponsors - If you or your organization is interested in being a part of Austin Psych Fest 4 please get in touch -

Great music in limited edition vinyl releases, available on

RVRB-003 - UFO Club / Nght Beats Split 10''
Christian Bland and The Nights Beats' Lee Blackwell's new project UFO Club debuts on this 10 inch split with The Nights Beats, featuring 4 songs from each band. Presale, tracklisting and artwork coming April 13th!

RVRB-002 - Shapes Have Fangs - Dinner In The Dark
Our second label release, Shapes Have Fangs' Dinner In The Dark LP us available in the store and comes highly recommended, catch this limited edition vinyl LP from one of Austin's best!

RVRB-001 - Christian Bland and The Revelators - The Lost Album
The solo debut of The Black Angels' Christian Bland is available in a 2nd pressing in red vinyl. Get your copy before these are sold out.

The Reverberation Appreciation Society

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

FIXED LINK! Another Free CD!
Big Sid - Music, Money & Motivation

This my man right here! From San Angelo! You got to jam to this one.

01. Reign On Me
02. All Business
03. 5000 Interlude
04. See You Later ft. Killer Mike
05. Streets Love Me ft. Slim Thug & Chalie Boy
06. Hustle All Day ft. J Dawg & Lacemode
07. Booty From Behind
08. 5000 Interlude
09. Music, Money, & Motivation ft. Brian Angel of Day 26
10. 5000 Interlude
12. 5000 Interlude
13. Circles
14. To The Top
15. In My Lifetime
16. 5000 Interlude
17. Window Seat
18. 25/8
19. Money
20. Who I Be
21. 5000 Interlude
22. Felt Right ft. Brian Angel of Day 26


ICP Orchestra Coming to Austin & Houston!

YES WE CAN! This is hands down my favorite musical group to see live. Of all genres. This is THAT GROUP.

Come to this show to get you one of these posters, AT LEAST, and to have your mind fully blown. I am going to bother you about this till I see your face in the place. Word to Han Bennink, the greatest.

Check out this video for a lil example. I suggest watching it on YouTube itself, going full screen, cuz I gotta resize for the blog and you need to see it in all its glory.

Thursday April 7th, 8 p.m. doors 7:30, advance tickets: $16, available at End of An Ear, Waterloo Records, Trailer Space records. $20 @ ...door.
Presented by Epistrophy Arts !!!

ICP Orchestra

Friday, April 8, 2011
at the Historic Eldorado Ballroom
2310 Elgin [map]

$13 General, $10 Students
Everyone under 18 gets in for free

Wheelchair Sports Camp Live @SXSW

It really went down! This my Denver people right here!

And check this video profile for more info.

League of Extraordinary G'z ft. Jackie Chain @SXSW

BiTCH I SMOKE TOO MUCH WEED TOO. Wrote a song about it, wanna hear it? Here it go.

Word to Peter Oasis and shout out to the SXSW 2009 banner in the background. Lol??

FREE CD: Big K.R.I.T. - ReturnOf4Eva
Live in ATX - Big K.R.I.T., Freddie Gibbs + More!

Not sure how much of anyone else is getting over these days. With a dude like K.R.I.T. out there REALLY RAPPING REAL. Pharoahe Monch last week, The Niyat yesterday, K.R.I.T. today. Maybe I'm getting old, but I got to say, all this > rape fantasies. No disrespect intended to the new genre of rape rap. But I mean dude, you wanna hype some shit up, hype up K.R.I.T. Word to my brother Wally Sparks.

Anyhoo CLICK HERE TO GET BIG K.R.I.T.'s - ReturnOf4Eva

And see Big K.R.I.T., Freddie Gibbs, Smoke DZA, Mookie Jones and MORE at Mohawk this Thursday Night. Can't wait.

Sorry, Post-SXSW hype always makes me a bit salty. Then I hear shit like this, and I got to ride for it. And to it.

Monday, March 28, 2011

FREE CD! The Niyat - The Recycle Bin

Yes, yes y'all. These are my bro's for years, fo life.

Since people seem to be appreciating real rapping again, I think it's time the world really got to hear The Niyat. Houston's best kept secret indeed. Dudes go in, deep, like a mug.

CLICK HERE TO DL THE RECYCLE BIN. The latest release from Houston's The Niyat.

"Just some throw away music..." (not)

The Niyat - "The Recycle Bin"

1. "Hammer & Nails" (Over production by Hakim) feat Dology, Snap, B-Boy, Tabu, Synato Watts
2. "A Warning" (Produced by Mirawge) feat Snap
3. "Henchmen" (Over production by Dr. Dre) feat Snap, B-boy, Dology, Synato Watts
4. "Starvin Artists" (Produced by Charlamane) feat Snap, Synato Watts
5. "Not The Same" (Produced by Cozmos) feat Snap, B-Boy
6. "MK ULTRA Reject" (Over production by Jake One) feat Tabu
7. "Look At Me Now" (Produced by Mirawge) feat Mirawge
8. "Hardworkin" (Produced by I.V. League) feat Synato Watts, Tabu, Dology, Snap
9. "Yeah Yes" (Over Production by Alchemist) feat Snap
10. "Most Used" (Produced by Mirawge) feat Synato Watts
11. "The Look In Your Eye" (Produced by Mirawge) feat Cabar, Rum
12. "Gotcha!" (Produced by Mirawge) feat Snap, Synato Watts
13. "Colonized" (Over production by Dr. Dre) feat Snap, B-Boy
14. "Poster Child" (Produced by I.V. League) feat Synato Watts
15. "Watch What You Say" (Produced by Charlamane) feat Snap, Synato Watts
16. "Hyde The Jekle" (Over production by Waajeed) feat Synato Watts, Snap
17. "Age Of Apocalypse" (Produced by The Are) feat Tabu
18. "Last Days" (Produced by Dock Mini) feat Praphecy, Big Shang, Tabu, Minus, Synato Watts, Mavrik, Snap, Big Ruk

And peep this video. Wish I would have seen these dudes at SXSW. Been a while. No worries we will get them out to Austin again soon.

I know its hard for a lot of you to comprehend this, but these are some real rappers. Dudes who have been doing it, and still do it, on their own terms. I fill dat.

AUSTIN RAP! Gerald G - Gone Away!

My man Gerald G back with a brand new video for the song "Gone Away."

Hoping for a big year for him as well!

Fat Tony! Chopped Up Not Slopped Up
By OG Ron C!

It's so dope to see what's going on in Houston right now. I remember when that town was pretty one dimensional, with a really cool sub-underground existing WAY below the underground that people have come to expect from Houston. Nowadays, its dudes like Fat Tony truly killing it, with something different. And well, OG Ron C helps Tony bring everything fool circle with the release of Screwedargab!

It comes highly recommended by me, been jammin' it the past couple weeks.

You can get it here!


And here.

Write a Letter to Willie D

In case you were wondering how to send Willie D a lil letter while he is away, below please find the address. I am finally sitting down to write to the man today.

Lets not forget, if it wasn't for Willie D and the Geto Boys, none of us may be here right now. They set it off, and we need to keep carrying to torch for them. And lighting theirs when need be. Neva Forget.

William James Dennis #99063179
Federal Correctional Institution
PO Box 26020
Beaumont, TX 77720

He's gone till December so send him a kite and help him get through this bullshit. And as always FREE WILLIE D.

I took the stupid adsense ads off

By the way. Not even sure why I put them on. Not sure if I made any money. Not sure what the hell that shit was about, I just tried it, and honestly have no idea. Sorry for wasting your time and eye space.

Last Night's AustinSurreal Radio Show!


Anyway last night was real fun. Don't ask me why I started playing the police scanner pon di mic, I just did.


And peep the playlist.

Boss Hogg Outlawz - What Up
LE$ - Apocalypse
Ernest Gonzales - Sunrays
Nick Nack - Life in the Speaker
Black Chow - Wonderland
Da COD, Jackie Chain - 2 Much Remix
Grit Boys - Never Been
Poppy, King Tutt, Killa Kyleon - Lost Count
Dam Fools, Poppy - Wake Up Call
Unique - Back Seat Window
Show, Mr. Greezo - My Mindstate
Yelawolf - Alabama Godam
Big KRIT, Slim Thug - Now Or Never Remix
GLC, Curta!ns, Rakaa, DJ Babu - Roadhouse
ADd - Greedy
E-40, Slim Thug, Bun B - Candy Paint
The Echocentrics - Jardim
Aurelio - Yange (Laru Beya)
Amad Jamal - Rodney King
Zion I, Grouch - I Used to Be Vegan
Low - Especially Me
Papercuts - Do What You Will
Pharoahe Monch - Evolve
Pharoahe Monch - Let My People Go
ADd - Mary Go
4th Pyramid, Rich Kidd - Carlton Banks
Rocky Business - America
Mogwai - How To Be A Werewolf

Devin the Dude + Coughee Brothaz!
Fresh Brew CD Out April 19!
Followed by US Tour!

Man it's really goin' down in April! Coughee Brothaz most jammin' release to date hits shelves, and that new Rapid Ric too, man HOL UP!

We'll have the first single off the album here on AustinSurreal later this week, and will announce all the tour dates shortly thereafter. It's 200Delevin or some shit. It's really bout to go down.

Canada and Europe look out for Devin in June as well.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

AustinSurreal Radio Show

Yeah so tune in its really goin' down. You can click right here to stream the show live 11pm - 1am tonight (and every Sunday night).

Start your Monday off tonight and every week with the new music show that is...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Crew54 SXSW Footage

Man I am not gonna even try to jack these boys for their content, go to their site and see what you missed. Crew54 are some serious dudes really putting it down making sure the Central TX hip-hop scene is properly documented. They really come with it and their coverage is amazing. Can't believe how much I missed!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oh Yeah: AustinSurreal APP about to launch

Yeah it's real. The AustinSurreal App for Android and Iphone is about to launch in the next couple weeks (I Hope) and Blackberry will be coming soon thereafter. For now its just gonna be like my blog, but mobile with some app only extras, and then links to jam the AustinSurreal radio show on Radio KAOS anytime you want to. The app will be free and will be like having the most jamminest jams in your pocket at all times.

Anyhoo, any suggestions? What would YOU like to see on the AustinSurreal app? Cuz outside of the radio and blog, I have none.

Hit me here in the comment section, or pon di TWITTER PAGE SITE TWEET THING.

The AustinSurreal Show Post-SXSW Special

OMG did it go down. After a magnificent BBQ up in the studio/crib, we done went ahead and kept everyone here to get on the radio show.

What a show! Interviews with Wouter Kellerman, Gamebouy, Bijan Kazemi, Dante Ross, Nive Nielsen & the Deer Children and MORE! I'm stoked cuz I never do interviews on this show, cuz I do it from my guest room/office/studio at 11pm on a Sunday night. Can't really have folks over. But Sunday night was special and well, like I said, it really went down. Peep the playlist then hit the link and go listen to it. I suggest Downloading it and keeping it forever. Cuz it's special. To me at least and I'd love for it to be special for you as well.

Homeboy Sandman - Not Pop
B L A C K I E - Lou Dobbs on My Knob
Day of the Woman - Jennifer Hills
Mexicans With Guns, Freddie Gibbs, Bun B - Ridin' Dirty
Lil B, Jean Grae, Phonte - Base Fo Ya Face
Gamebouy - Letter to Jayceon
Dred Skott, Devin the Dude - Let's Go
Question? - Lift Me Up
Bavu Blakes, Easy Lee - Eddie Long
The Echocentrics - Down Under
Wouter Kellerman - N' Jarinu Garab
Mnolo Collective - Unconsciousness
Lightouts - See Clear
Lee "Scratch" Perry - Bird In Hand
Ancient Astronauts - Worldwide
J*Davey - Rain Check
Nive Nielsen & Deer Children - Aquaserna


AND CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT ARCHIVES OF THE PAST 11 SHOWS AT ANYTIME. Yeah that's a lot of music. Thanks to all of you who already do this. I'd really appreciate some help spreading the word about the AustinSurreal Show. I need all my people to tell a friend about it this week, remind them on Sunday night, and Tweet it to the world at will. It's the AustinSurreal Show's TIME. Listen to me now, believe me later on, in the future.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SXSW 2011 Photos!

MAYNE HOLD UP! Finally got a chance to sit down and blog it out. I used to get way more photos of this event at hand, but every year shit gets crazier and I get less for my blog. For those who don't know, I work for SXSW, and well, while I lug my big ass camera around everywhere during the fest, I don't always get to use it. But I try and here's what I caught.


Monday night, music fest had yet to begin and I was asked to go and introduce one of my favorite films in recent years, FUBAR II - Balls to the Wall (yes that's what the US version is called).

Terry made it out, but alas, as the story goes, the Deaner was stopped at Canadian customs for having hash residue in his pocket. I have no idea if that is true or not, but it made for a good story. I would have loved to have met them both. But Terry held it down in fine form.

Director Michael Dowse was in the house as well.

We were supposed to have a beer chugging contest during the Q&A but we ran out of time. Oh well.

Music Fest started on Tuesday this year and we had shows in like 10 venues, 2 of which were mine. First band up was Houston's Two Star Symphony.

They sounded so amazing in Central Pres.

While More or Les and a buncha Canadians (and then some) rocked the packed Nerdcore showcase at Flamingo Cantina.

Gaute Solaas's Serpentine also rocked the Central Pres. And man did they rock. I never heard improvised avant garde jazz with such a funky edge. It was really something special.

D-Madness on the drums sure didn't hurt. Gary Lucas headlined that show and played a live soundtrack to the film (Spanish) Dracula. Was amazing, but there was no way I could get any photos of that, so dark. In every way. Gary is a guitar genius.

HAd to take off from my shows though and check out the legendary Psychic TV at Elysium though. Wow at Genesis P. Orridge still being a live and kicking.

Killer show. But only about half as interesting as this meeting of the minds right here.

I think Christeene and Dana Meyerstoned may be BFF's Fo Life now. Not sure.

But yeah they hit it off.

Wednesday look who came in to the reg hall to get their passes, EASY ACTION!

Loud shout out to TheSmoking Section bro'z. They presented a stage in the convention center with Danny Brown and more, and man, it made me so happy to see some real hip-hop goin' down up in the convention center. It was truly revolutionary.

Wednesday night, hands down my favorite singer/musician/band - Nive Nielsen & the Deer Children played at St. Davids Bethel Hall.

And wow, how beautiful in every way. If you listen to my radio show, you have heard their whole album. Its my favorite of 2010 hands down.

And they picked up a harpist a couple days before in Savannah, GA and brought her along to add to the magic.

Got to meet Narduwar with my man Tyler, while they were in pursuit of rappers at the Agency Group/XXL Showcase at Mohawk.

And I had to get a pic as well, as you know, I got to keep it real with my Canadian bretheren.

Thursday BET presented a panel up in the convention center. Check out the A-List folks on this one. I tell u whut.

And then Chuck Creekmur interviewed Chamillionaire up in the spot. We done came a long way up in the SXSW baby.

Thursday night the Music Hall exploded for the Village Voice/Frank 151 showcase. And Trae tha Truth did not disappoint. People went nutso.

I mean shit, they went nuts from band one. I wasn't there for the pre-party, but I saw Trouble Andrew, Marz Lovejoy and Rocky Business get on stage all just before Trae and EVERYONE had the crowd rockin'.

But when Yelawolf came on...

The place went straight ballistic.

Loud shout out to Trae too man, he was literally everywhere. I think he was on at the very least ten stages over the course of the week, with everyone from Yela to Wiz, to Big Sean, to man, everyone. I guess its ok for dues not from Houston to be down with Trae. In Houston, not so much. That shit still pisses me off. Never mind if you don't know what I'm talm bout THIS IS A POSITIVE POST.

My boy Ashley in the place chillin' with one of the girls that was giving out rolling papers and such.

The BET showcase at Kiss & Fly was nothing short of amazing as well. Big shout to everyone who made that happen as well, including my mans Yusufu and Reggie seen here!

Friday, fuck, I didn't get any photos.

But Saturday it really went down! I didn't have to be to the convention center till 11 am so I was able to sleep enough to get a semblance of a thought process back, and got out a lil early in the evening so I got to catch some of the Africa Day party at Flamingo Cantina. Groups from South Africa and Kenya came together to ROCK and it was hands down the best day party in all of SXSW history. No corporate sponsor branding bullshit ass bullshit, no hipster ass bullshit, just real music.

Yeah, I said it.

The young homey Gamebouy KILLED IT! He is from South Africa and got his name from the LA rapper The Game. He's a beast on the mic already, its really crazy. You can hear him live on my radio show from this past weekend. Link ABOVE this post.

Wouter Kellerman and band came out and killed it as well.

You have never heard a flute played like this, and you need to get hip to the new phenomena known as flute boxing.

Not kidding, was amazing.

South Africa's finest HHP was in the building seen here with my bro Sibu.

Gamebouy! Dude met Mack Maine's brother up in this event.

Thanks to my man right here. So lets see what happens. I think Young Money needs a 13 year old from Soweto.

PARTNERS N CRIME were in the place!

Sibu and my dear friend Tholsi!

Later in the day, Kenya's Sauti Sol hit the stage.

And brought the house DOWN!

So much positive energy was flowing from that stage. This is what music is supposed to be like. Not in sound, but vibe. They really poured their hearts and souls into the crowd and touched us all.

Ann was straight trippin'

And Brian and I were jammin' as well.

Puja wanted a lil more boom boom boom ravey ness or some shit, but she managed.

Everyone was feeling it though.

Just wonderful.

Another act that totally blew me away was Denver's Wheelchair Sports Camp.

This girl Kalyn has beats AND rhymes and a hell of a stage presence. I heard so many people talking about them after their set.

Shit is bananas!

Full band, dope DJ, etc.

I think they could be on to some big things for real.

So yeah, I totally fucked up. What you see above represents about a tenth of what I saw this past week, and about a 20th of what I did. I'll try to dig up some videos and maybe my bro OG Luxury Minds will hit me with some more photos and I'll post more shit. But um yeah, I was busy.

Then Sunday, we got to chill.

The annual international BBQ at my crib was the most perfect way to end SXSW week hands down. So nice to see so many of my folks from so many places.

Kersten from Germany.

Serg from the Bay and my homegirls from NYC.

Sibusiso from South Africa and Lizzy from Akron or some shit.

My brother Bijan from Oakland and dear friend Tholsi from South Africa

Nive Nielsen from Greenland with her band from Belgium and my wife from Austin

Homeboy Sandman from Queens

DJ Stef from San Fran, Wouter Kellerman from South Africa and SergDun from the Bryan/College Station area

Them Deer Children jamming on the porch

Queen Majesty from Lackawanna, I mean Buffalo and Tony from Austin - tho both now in the Big City

Nive again with Heidi from Denmark

Lizzy and Kersten

Scott from next door

And so on.... It really went down. Nothing but great friends in the house, eating and drinking big.

Here's my daughter Elena and Eva making clay sculptures with Queen Majesty, Tony and Dante Ross at my kitchen table.

Just really gettin' it in.

Yeah, Elena and Dante, sculpting. Best SXSW picture EVER.

And what great work.

Another SXSW has come to pass, I hope you all had a wonderful time. I sure enjoyed seeing you all and wish I had more time to hang. We got to make a point to get down this year in your city. I am ready to rock. MattSoReal is back. In fool effect.