Monday, March 28, 2011

FREE CD! The Niyat - The Recycle Bin

Yes, yes y'all. These are my bro's for years, fo life.

Since people seem to be appreciating real rapping again, I think it's time the world really got to hear The Niyat. Houston's best kept secret indeed. Dudes go in, deep, like a mug.

CLICK HERE TO DL THE RECYCLE BIN. The latest release from Houston's The Niyat.

"Just some throw away music..." (not)

The Niyat - "The Recycle Bin"

1. "Hammer & Nails" (Over production by Hakim) feat Dology, Snap, B-Boy, Tabu, Synato Watts
2. "A Warning" (Produced by Mirawge) feat Snap
3. "Henchmen" (Over production by Dr. Dre) feat Snap, B-boy, Dology, Synato Watts
4. "Starvin Artists" (Produced by Charlamane) feat Snap, Synato Watts
5. "Not The Same" (Produced by Cozmos) feat Snap, B-Boy
6. "MK ULTRA Reject" (Over production by Jake One) feat Tabu
7. "Look At Me Now" (Produced by Mirawge) feat Mirawge
8. "Hardworkin" (Produced by I.V. League) feat Synato Watts, Tabu, Dology, Snap
9. "Yeah Yes" (Over Production by Alchemist) feat Snap
10. "Most Used" (Produced by Mirawge) feat Synato Watts
11. "The Look In Your Eye" (Produced by Mirawge) feat Cabar, Rum
12. "Gotcha!" (Produced by Mirawge) feat Snap, Synato Watts
13. "Colonized" (Over production by Dr. Dre) feat Snap, B-Boy
14. "Poster Child" (Produced by I.V. League) feat Synato Watts
15. "Watch What You Say" (Produced by Charlamane) feat Snap, Synato Watts
16. "Hyde The Jekle" (Over production by Waajeed) feat Synato Watts, Snap
17. "Age Of Apocalypse" (Produced by The Are) feat Tabu
18. "Last Days" (Produced by Dock Mini) feat Praphecy, Big Shang, Tabu, Minus, Synato Watts, Mavrik, Snap, Big Ruk

And peep this video. Wish I would have seen these dudes at SXSW. Been a while. No worries we will get them out to Austin again soon.

I know its hard for a lot of you to comprehend this, but these are some real rappers. Dudes who have been doing it, and still do it, on their own terms. I fill dat.

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