Friday, October 31, 2008

If Obama wins will he have time to come to the Mohawk on Nov. 13th?

We can only hope.

RIP D-Drew - SUC

Rest in Peace my man...

D-Drew was one of the later dudes to be "inducted" into DJ Screw's Screwed Up Click. He told me the story before, I don't remember it all, but he was real young and his mom used to take him around Screw. Screw always looked out for him, and as he got a little older and started rapping, brought him into the click. It had to be pretty soon before Screw himself passed. I don't know man. Honestly, I don't know about you, but I have had about enough S.U.C. Deaths for one lifetime.

D-Drew was a Damage Control regular. He was the dude I would call, well one of the dudes I would call when it was time to do the Screw Tribute shows. He'd always rally the troops from all sides of the fence in celebration of DJ Screw. He was definitely my man in those days and he will be missed.

Word is he was found shot dead in a car. In Houston. One of the reasons I now live in Austin. And will make my way further west in to the hills as time progresses. God willing.

More details as they come in. Ruined my Halloween...

CHECK HIS MUSIC ON HIS MYSPACE PAGE. He's 2nd verse on the first song.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

In Case You Forgot Who The Black Sheep Was...



Yeah man, six years ago today. I'll never forget that night.

Here's a story I wrote about him just after his death if you care to read it and think about the LEGEND!

A Trick and a Treat for Halloween
FREE MP3's by Bird Peterson and the Prank Call King!

Well y'all, it's that time of year again. The season of Samhain is upon us. The skies get grey, there's a certain bite to the air - even in Texas, I'm serious, it sucks. And well, those of us with kids are about to be thrown into a whirlwind of candy induced maniacy for the next 3 days or so.

Then Tuesday's gonna come and Obama will make it all better. Sunny skies, back to the beach and such.

We hope.

Anyway, in the spirit of the season I offer you a trick from the "Prank Call King of Ottawa, Ontario." I got this disc from an anonymous dude a couple years back whilst on the road with Devin the Dude and Rapid Ric. It was a driving tour across part of Canada, and when we took off the next morning we immediately popped in this cd of prank calls. This one by far was the best.


I'll never forget when we played it for Rodrigo from Pound Magazine and super video director Wendy Morgan thru the car stereo with the windows open on Queen Street in the T-Dot. We played that shit LOUD and even old ladies passing by were stopping and cracking up. We had to rewind like six times. You will too. It's a classic piece of comedy.

And then this next little gem will be your treat. Bird Peterson's MONSTER MASH REMIX.

Shit is jammin' as hell and it was sewn up by one of Austin's favorite sons. Dude is a killer DJ, a master remixer, and he designs the livest flyers in town (cheap!).

Holler at the boy.


Put it in your set tomorrow night DJ folk. It jams.

Get at Bird Peterson on Myspace. I'ma go rave out over there right now. His 25 or 6 to 4 remix killin' thangs.

And holler at that monster bash up above. Them bols Nadastrom and Tittsworth up to the Beauty Bar with our boy Bird Peterson and cousin Prince Klassen. Knowm talm bout. Rave out folks. I'll be corralling kiddos thru the hood and such. And busting guns at vandals and such. And praying for my peoples in Detroit, cuz I know how they do out there.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Next Free Scion Events! Black Sheep and Nice N Smooth! to RSVP AND GET IN FREE! to RSVP AND GET IN FREE!

Buncha Photos From My Past Week

Added Captions and will try to add commentary by the morning. But it's coming...

MOP Killin' it at Warehouse Live last Monday as part of the Scion Live Metro Tour with DJ Haul, Percee P and Connie Price & the Keystones.

Dudes were partyin'

As evidenced by these photos

As were the ladies

Cept Trish mad cuz she stay behind the camera not in front

Which I understand.

DJ Haul

Ann Del Lano and Noelle cam to Houston to distribute the Texas Stand Up DVD's. You may have seen some of the YouTube clips online, but check out right now and make sure you are inspired enough to vote. I already did, you should too.

Big time writer dude Kris Ex, Perseph1, Snap, Trish

Stacy and Nancy of OGPR

Connie Price and Percee P

Freq Nasty held it down all night

MOP Killed it


Kiara, Bun B and Stacy on her birthday! Happy Birthday Stacy.

Crew In Effect

Dano Algiers, Bun B, Bird

Ah Newark...

Scavone at the bar

Queen Majesty DJ's The Fader House

Havana Joe of Stones Throw and my man CHINO!

Peanut Butter Wolf at the Stones Throw Event. That's Melvin van Peebles in the lower right


LinYee and Roxy

Queen Majesty and LinYee

DJ Protege from TEXAS

Babu DJ's the DJ Event

Kunal M from TEXAS and Jake One

My man Jonathan, My girl Jessica and my man Jake One

Jessica y mas

Evidence and Babu

Fiona Bloom and Friend


Kid Sister was way the fuck off the chain. Killed it!

Atrak assisting in the killing

Dudes at Kid Sister

Atrak at Kid Sister

LinYee and James at Kid Sister

Me at Kid Sister.

Dave 1 at Kid Sister


Puja Poured Beer

Cosmo and Ayres - CEO's et al

Ian = Official Documentarian




Renee just happened upon us and got down with the realest event of the week

Ketjl and Josh Norway in the house

Maggie and Alexis

Maggie = 1st Lady of Sabbath in the Park on the board and such

More on JD later


We had a flag at Sabbath in the Park

Ian Documenting

SPC SHOW AUSTIN at Ruta Maya Oct. 25th


Gerald G and Ryno

Ryno and Pimpin' Pen



Pimpin' Pen

Latasha Lee

Salih WIlliams

Gerald G's new work


Murder 1

KB da Boobonic and Flynn D

Sweetness TSS Mob

Point Blank


Dope E

Justice Allah and Dope E

Justice Allah, Rapper K, Dope E

Klondike Kat

K-Rino = one of the greatest to ever do it.

K-Rino with Kuwait telling the band to stop in the back.

Rapper K, Kuwait

Then James told me to tell you this.