Tuesday, March 1, 2011

REPPINTEXAS: Dallas - EZ Eddie D

Real talk, EZ Eddie D is a Dallas legend. He's been doing his show on KNON since I was a youth, YEARS. He's an importer rather than an exporter, he imports the culture in all its colors to KNON and has forever. Dude is real, peep this out. FREE EZ EDDIE D. I feel him, shit happens, keep this man on the air. He spawned A LOT in his years. RESPECT.


DJ Ez Eddie D said...

Peace to Pushermania for the post. I really appreciate the tonality of your words. Hopefully things will change but it in no means that its over!!! We will continue on.We need your support!!! KDLT Vol 2 Sat 8-9pm central www.knon.org. Peace & Blessings Ez Eddie D Knon 89.3fm

Diane said...


I wouldn't be radio at UT if it wasn't for you! I used to listen to your show every saturday growin up in Arlington! You always have the freshest artists in your playlist

Mad Props

Diane (KVrx African Excursion)