Friday, May 28, 2010

Pachanga Fest 2010 Pics and Report!

Whew, finally. I can't believe it's already Friday, almost a week since this lil festival that could chugged into Austin and blew up the spot. What am amazing event!

Shout out to everyone involved as I feel this festival is not only a welcome addition to the Austin musical landscape, but a much needed experience for people who may or may not know the depth and breadth of Latin music.

It ain't all salsa, that's for sure. Every group I saw throughout the day brought their own thing to the table and totally killed it. Not a sleeper in the bunch.

Anyway, I assembled my crew, and hit the fest midday, just in time to see Brownout!

My daughters Elena and Eva

Buddy Brynn

And Zigaboo

All of whom love Brownout.

As do I. What a way to start our musical journey. With that FUNK!

Seen these guys many times, and will see them many more times. One of the bands that make Austin great.

But hands down, the best band that I saw that day was Y La Orkestra. Straight up, they came from Tucson and blew the whole crowd away.

I guess these dudes are big collaborators with Calexico, one of my all time favorite bands, and well, after seeing them Y La Orkestra has become one of my favorite bands as well.

Such energy, they showed no fear in blending style after style into their own unique sound.

Like how Calexico does, but honestly these dudes kick it up a few more notches on the energy tip. Like they REALLY Bring it.

Check out some of their jams here.

Anyway they killed it. I uploaded some video to YouTube but it keeps not showing up. Hmm, I'll update if it does.

Wait, update, here it is:

Pilar Diaz was also pretty mind blowing.

As was San Antonio's all female Mariachi Las Altenas!

See what I'm getting at here. It was all "Latin Music" but none was the same. It went all over the place.

Even to the punk rock of San Antonio's Girl In A Coma, who my daughters seemed to like the best.

Hacienda was another favorite amongst the people.

Pacha Massive from New York came with a kind of funky soul.

But really I was just getting excited to see Bomba Estereo at that point.

DJ Dus held me down though till they came out. This dude was KILLING IT! Incorporation live instruments into his DJ set and twisting the cumbia sound into oblivion.

I need to hear and see more form this dude for sure.

The legend Roberto Pulido was in the house killin' it.

I stupidly didn't take any photos of Bomba Estereo, wasn't able to get all that close. But I did get some video. Check it out and get ready for yet another festival this weekend in Austin, Chaos in Tejas is REALLY GOIN' DOWN!

Anyway I'm already excited for Pachanga Fest 2011.

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