Friday, May 21, 2010

ATX: The GUUD - Bend A Corner Video

Word to Robert Gabriel once again for not only sending me this video but also providing some verbiage and shit. Cuz I am so bad at that sort of thing. He done came with it. These dudes are Austin vets no doubt. Feel this. Take it away RG:

The GUUD releases BEND A CORNER video

When four seasoned rap veterans join forces and really put their backs into it, the musical results can display a synergistic effect. In this case Austin, Texas mainstays Young Nick, Trashman, Blacc Goliath, and Mirage are the vehicles for homegrown hip-hop driving headlong into a spectacular future. Known together as The Guud, this quartet of mc’s forms a cohesive conversational unit as it hits any given topic from every angle under the sun.

First and foremost Southern, The Guud lets it all hang out yet maintains an allegiance to the original South Bronx blueprint of hip-hop. Whether that’s through a close affiliation with DJ Lil Ron or through group producer Young Nick’s fiendish late-night attachment to his sampler, the bottom line is that not a conceptual stone gets left unturned under the direction of The Guud. Their debut album The Guudness overflows with diverse takes on what it means to be young black men navigating challenging surroundings.

The Guud’s first video BEND A CORNER has just been unveiled and it perfectly illustrates the ever-agile weightiness Young Nick, Trashman, Blacc Goliath, and Mirage deliver through their music. The analogy of primo marijuana certainly fits the group’s description as every serious tone they set to encourage you to dig deeper into your thought process gets matched with some form of comedy relief.

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Anonymous said...

its global74 and Im writing to commend you for your support of HipHop in Austin, Houston, Dallas, Texas, and all around the planet

great write up on the GUUD. that video is 100% pure

Unknown said...

wt up its that boy L-U-N-G-S coming though to show love to the new The GUUD- Bend A Corner Video...ATX Support The GUUD They Putting guud work in with this one... wish i could have been there, ya know i was getting my paper lol rt Shout Out AustinSurreal

Pushermania said...

Thanks yall!