Tuesday, December 15, 2009

CONTEST! I have 50 pair of tickets to give-a-way to
Red Bull 45's Event in Houston Friday
Cut Chemist & MORE!

MAN! It's really goin' down this Friday night in Houston at Warehouse Live! (Man I miss that place...)

Click flyer to see full size...

I don't know exactly how it all goes down, but I do know that everyone is only playing vinyl 45s (if you don't know what those are, stop reading now, you are not eligible to win). Cut Chemist is headlining, Ceeplus Badknives is opening and DJ Sun, The Are, DJ John Doe and Brett Koshkin are all going head to head, spinning the platters and such.

Seems like a fun night to me, I am all about keeping it real, and also about DJ's who play real vinyl. I assume this one is gonna get DEEP! DJ Sun is one of the most legendary DJ's in Texas, The ARE is one of the most legendary producers/record diggers in Texas, Brett Koshkin is one of the best classic soul DJ's I have heard in recent years, if not the best, and honestly I am not familiar with John Doe, but he is like in the mix with straight up Houston royalty, so he has to be dope.

So the event is this Friday Night, Dec. 18th at Warehouse Live, 813 St. Emanuel St. in HOUSTON. Doors at 8 pm and tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the door.

But yoooooou can win tickets RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW! And come party with some real jams before the holidaze really kick in.

All you have to do is email me at austinsurreal@gmail.com and send me a jpg, gif or youtube link to your favorite song ON 45. I know you can find a pic or a youtube clip of a favorite record of yours spinning.

First 50 responses with proper photos will get two tickets to the event. You will be on a guest list and will pick your tickets up at the door night of the event.

Got it? Well get to it! Feel free to tweet about this contest too! In fact, I would appreciate if you would do just that!

See you there!


me said...

Are they all gone?

Pushermania said...

Nope get yer entries in!

cybiljoy said...

Did you get mine?!?!

Pushermania said...

Yep and I replied to you cybil its all good!

me said...

I emailed you a few days ago, did you get it?

me said...

I sent you The Meters

Jason McElweenie


Pushermania said...

If you sent your name you will be on the list. I already turned it in. I also replied to all emails I got soooo I hope it is all good!

Pushermania said...

OK Just checked yes Jason you are on the list. No worries.