Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Wifes New Biz

Scheisser! I got scooped by The Statesman on the subject of my own wife. Damn real journalists! Well, anyway, if you happen to read the paper, you may have seen a piece in the Style section on my wife and our friend Wendy's new business, Modplexi.

If not click here cuz here it is. Thanks Victoria!

Click the photos to see 'em bigga.

Basically they are making all sorts of cool frames and address plaques out of plexi glass and such and well, as Chalie Boy might say, THEY LOOK GOOD.

So yeah, you were wondering what to get your mother, girlfriend, husband, cousin, boss, Secret Santa Victim, etc for Christmas? Here it is!

I mean seriously, you could have YOURS by Christmas.

Enough sales, but suffice it to say its really goin' down over here. We gone be rich.

Click here to see their blog. It's like an AustinSurreal for the Austin art scene. It's really bout to go down in 2010.

The record cover frames are a big hit. You can win one of these if you come out to the Friends Not Family Christmas Party Event this Sunday night, Dec. 20th at The Mohawk. 10pm. I am DJing Holiday jams.

The possibilities are endless.

So yeah, it's really goin' down over here. Click here to check out the ModPlexi Blog and then click here to order you some frames and address plaques. So daddy can just sit back and watch the money roll in.

Rapid Ric - WORK - coming soon.........

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