Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Week Thus Far
Bun B Footage of Dizzee Rascal at Glastonbury

Michael Jackson Rest In Peace.


I know there's more mixes out there, send 'em on to me. DJ Ayres had posted one but the link expired, RE POST!

Also this is one of the realest songs ever.

And I mean, once again this young death has me contemplating life, and how much I treasure my family and friends...

My kids Elena and Eva seen here at Barton Springs with Johan Hugo

Anyway last week we had plenny goin' down here in the city. Freakin' heat had a lot of us stifled and stuck to our couches (believe me, I considered it). Heading tot he Mohawk on Thursday evening, the sign on the side of I-35 said it was 91 degrees at 10:00 p.m. And it didn't really let up all night.

Had to go down there and catch that 2 Live Crew show though, really just out of curiosity. XRabit & DMG$ opened. I think, as all I ever heard yelled was DMG.

They got that shit started and even did a version of "Get It Girl," which I found funny at a 2 Live Crew show. 2 Live Crew did not do "Get It Girl."

But they got the young girls dancing.

No Luke, no Mr. Mixx, but they did have this man, AUSTIN LEGEND BABY LUKE in the place with the silly string. How many of my readers remember this mans records?

You know, yeah it really went down.

Ann and Erin were in the place

Audra in the place!

With that boy Russell

James Dean, Swift and friends!

Anyway then we also went out Friday night. Three nights of going out in a weeks time, yeah, the old grey mare he ain't what he used to be. But I also wasn't the passed out on the table in the bar after this show last night...

Terry Lynn - new dancehall vocalist from Jamaica, and our boy Johan Hugo, from Radioclit/The Very Best, threw down at this special Red Stripe promotional event. Free Red Stripes all night and great mutant reggae music.

I say mutant cuz Johan is taking it in all sorts of different directions.

Yeah so it really went down. I was carrying someone like 20 minutes after this point, so I didn't get any more photos. Missed Grimy Styles too. ANYWAY MORE SOON. Holler after that USA - BRAZIL Game tomorrow. I am predicting an UPSET!

Also earlier today Bun B performed at Glastonbury in the UK (Word to the JOHN PEEL STAGE!) with Dizzee Rascal. He filmed some footage with his phone and here it is. First the intro to the show - the crowd is bananas - then the intro to Bonkers.

Anyway, obviously it went down. If anyone has footage of Bun on stage, I have got to see it!

And oh shit here's him and Semtex and Scope doing Bonkers, surely from the BBC.

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