Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I keep telling y'all...
Austin Texas is Hip-Hop City
AustinSurreal.com endorsed events this week!

MAN HOLD UP! I am sayin', I keep sayin', Austin, Texas has more rap shows than any city I have ever lived in, including New York. I mean seriously, I don't promote all the shows in town on here, cuz there's simply not enough time. But when shows come up that really catch my eye, I'ma make sure and let you know. This weekend is looking pretty insane (Not to mention the Bun B and Friends show happening in Houston on Saturday at Warehouse Live. I don't know how much I can tell you on this here blog here, but um, one of the friends is a dude that is on the radio 24/7 at the moment that the young folks just LOVE, 2 of the dudes are a couple of the best performers in hip-hop, a bunch of the dudes are Houston's finest, and a couple others will just throw you for a Lupe, I mean, loop. So yeah, I suggest being in Houston Saturday night and going to Warehouse Live. BUN B IS DOING IT HUGE!)

Anyway, this is about Austin. Check this shit out. Thursday night at Mohawk - Bizzy Bone and B-Real. Friday night at Club 8ball - Project Pat. Next Thursday night at Mohawk - 2 Live Crew and DMG & X-Rabit or however you spell that shit.

Anyway man, here's the flyers, I suggest you get tix in advance for all of these cuz it's gonna get crazy.

Bizzy Bone & B-Real!

Project Pat + Staci Russell + MORE!

2 Live Crew

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