Monday, June 1, 2009

Pachanga Festival!!!

Oh man, I tend to say this a lot, though it's been about a while since I've really said it, but suffice it to say, IT WENT DOWN! Pachanga Fest 2009 a great success and loads of fun. Word to everyone involved man. I can't really even think what could have topped this years line up. It was fresh, diverse, real, etc. From Norteno to Rock N Roll to Kids Music to Electro Cumbia madness, Pachanga Fest was one for the record books.

And Fiesta Garden's is a beautiful place to hold an event, here's the pics and a lil report.

Los Bad Apples kicked off the day for us musically. Eva and I snuck out of the house while Melissa and Elena napped and hit the fest a lil early.

What a party.

Is Zeale 32 in every funky band in Austin or what? Well, he's in this one and Boombox, I know that, and he always adds serious energy to any show.

I don't know if he ever stops rapping.

OK So it wasn't too long before Elena made it down and we hit the Pop-So-Cool stand.

As evidenced by these photos.

Brynn also made it out YAY!

The set I really wanted to see was Ocote Soul Sounds. The duo of Adrian Quesada (Grupo Fantasma/Brownout) and Martin Perna (Antibalas) enhanced by a band, MAN COME ON NOW!

Adrian Quesada

Martin playing a donkey jaw. They said from the stage that they had a few copies of their new CD for sale and that it would be in stores in a few weeks or something. I should have been more diligent in finding a copy after their set. But alas...

Yeah so....

It really went down.

Brynn was feelin' it.

Super journalist and realest dude ever Davey D was in the place! Seen here with Bavu Blakes and Terell Shahid

Richard Henry and Brandon in the place.

Gringos... I had this chicken burrito thing that blew my mind.

Set #2 for ol' Adrian Quesada. Brownout of course ripped the set!

As evidenced by the sweat on Adrian's brow, and everyplace else.

Headliners of the night Mexican Institute of Sound put on one of the most engaging and hilariously fun sets I have seen in a long time.


Had to check out the main stage though for some Norteno Action! Lookit these dudes! Michael Salgado! Killin' it.

I am not even trippin' I wish I could have seen both MIS and Salgado's sets in full but it is what it is and man, what a night!

Had to go back to the party though. I have been following Camilo and his music for some time now. Never got to see him live.

The crowd was reallynot even trippinG.

So yeah man, word to Bud Light Lime. I never thought I would ever put one of those up to my lips ever, but man, it's kind of refreshing. Now yeah, I'd rather have me a Dos Equis or a Negra Modelo with real lime, but shit, Bud Light Lime is pretty good on a summers day. And probably got me less wasted than those other beers would have.

So then Sunday we got up, possibly a little hung over, but no worries, and went and met some old friends at the Nutty Brown Cafe. If you have never had Sunday brunch atthis spot you are missing out. Just a few miles west of Austin, out 290 towards Johnson City, this is the spot you always pass with the neon cowboy sign out front (If you live out here, you have seen this). The restaurant is really great, but in the back they have this huge concert ampitheater with a festival style stage. They bring big Hill Country type names out there on weekend nights, and serve country style food, and more all day.

The buffet has everything expected in normal breakfast fare, including some pretty top notch migas, and then they have like, Chicken Cordon Bleu, um, some sort of Garlic Pork Chops, their Monte Cristos will keep me coming back many times a year, um, yeah man, it's really real out there. And the Java Jazz Band I think it was, played in the background the whole time. And they have huge parrots.

Anyway this is Libra (You may remember her from Big Brother 10), Fallon and Scott. I have been friends with Scott since 1992 I think. We moved to New York together in 1994, and now we are both back in Texas raising families like how it is supposed to be.

Eva is ready to start driving any day now. Like her daddy, she is quite restless.


Melissa and Libra the big reality TV star. She wouldn't give us any damn Big Brother secrets or inside info though. Fuckin'... never mind, I'm not gonna talk about no TV shit. But I will say it was kinda hard watching her and her housemates fight and lose their minds on that damn show. Also, it was kind of fun, but man, I never want to watch a show 3 times a week again. Note to all my friends, please don't get on a reality TV show. I hate TV. But you know, I'll watch.

Then there's me and Scott. Oh yeah, hip-hop history lesson. When I left New York at the end of 1994, Scott and company opened Makin' Records in what used to be my bedroom. They released records by Natural Resource (Jean Grae aka What What, Ocean and Aggie), Pumpkinhead, Scavone, Bad Seed and more. UTD, Group Home, Mos Def, all them used to be up in our crib um, sparkin' L's as they say. I don't know man, those were really some times for me. Anyway, it's off to work I goooo....


No, obviously it can't.


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I thought the Pachanga Festival this weekend really had some great performances, especially by MIS! I'm so glad he came to Austin. I want to share with Camilo Lara's fans a list of his favorite up and coming Mexican bands, check it out here:

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