Monday, June 8, 2009

This is a Very Important YouTube

Man, found this lil gem on where I also DLed this RAGING REUNION SET FROM JESUS LIZARD! And also found a link to Download an old Punching Contest 7". THAT kinda blew my mind.

But seriously this is how I feel about Black Sabbath too. Not the Dio version, but the original. But yeah man, I feel this dude.



JuliaErvin said...

My areola is extremely moist now. I love the way the guitar player from Sabbath fingers my vulva. His unique hand makes it feel much more drippy. Thx.

Gene Steele said...

lmao that would've been even better if the band wasn't there and he was just screaming about Black Sabbath for no reason. That guy probably works for a law firm or something like that and carries himself very professionally...until somebody brings out the Sabbath.