Thursday, January 8, 2009

Get Your CHEAP Flights To SXSW NOW!

Yo for real I know it gets a lil pricey making the trek down to SXSW every year, but UM, if you got it, get 'em now. I just did a quick search of and found these fares so you know, IT'S REALLY GOIN' DOWN!!!!

My search was for arriving in Austin March 17th and leaving March 23rd.

From NYC on Continental DIRECT - $233, on American with a stop - $240

From LAX on American with one stop - $200 even!

From San Francisco - $185 on American with one stop.

From Chicago - $263 Direct on American (Why they trippin'?)

From London - $476 on US Airways!!! $525 on Continental!!!

From Oslo - $772 on American.

From Amsterdam - $729 on multiple airlines.

From Toronto - $389 on Northwest, $390 on American, GET WITH IT T-DOT!

From Tokyo - $1,028 on Continental!!!

From Sydney - $1,030 on United.

Y'all can look up the rest if you like, but seriously if you are planning on coming to SXSW this year, BUY YOUR FLIGHTS NOW. I cannot see them getting any cheaper... And if you already bought your flight and that particular flight price went down, youc an request a partial refund!



dubai cheap flights said...

Wow the fair you have offered is really cheap compared to other airlines I have concerned. I will contact you soon for flight booking. Thanks dude.

Unknown said...

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