Monday, January 18, 2010

Black Milk KILLED Austin
Bun B Presents Houston For Haiti

TODAY! 4-8pm at Warehouse Live, Bun B is leading the charge in Houston in benefit of Haiti! We've all been watching the heart wrenching footage, and this is one way that you can help. Wish I could be there...

Friday night in Austin tho, it really went down. As evidenced by the video and photos below. Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate my birthday and that serious Detroit Hip-Hop. Also Austin, great openers, all that. What a night.

Word to N. Brown Clothing!

Cuz Black Milk freakin' ripped it with Daru Jones on the drums, a keyboard player and DJ Notion on them tables. IT WENT DOWN!

As you can see here.

DJ Notion!

My broz.

N. Brown in the plizzace.

G-Christ, Kwest and Black Mamba!

Parky P, my wife Melissa and Magda from Domy Books/Knitta Please

Dan from Domy Books, Emma and Mike

The girl from the Jackie Brown movie that was shooting the gun in a bikini and Parky P

in the place.

This note made its way onto the stage.

Richard Henry...

Looking awkward with the ladies...

Texas hip-hop legends Scuba Steve and Mic Dagger with friends.

Starla and Thomas

Big time writer dudes Thomas Fawcett and Austin Powell

Daru Jones, man I wish this was less blurry. Ugh. Drunk ass me.

And these youngstaz came out with their parents to this all ages show and I fully endorse this! YES WE CAN turn young people on to good music. Or maybe they are turning US on. Whatever, glad they were there.

What's next? Why, SXSW of course. You might not hear from me much between now and then.

Also I don't answer work questions on Twitter or Facebook AT ALL. So I am not ignoring YOU, I am ignoring all of you. THANKS!

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