Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Man this Saturday gonna be crazy as a MnFer!

Yo seriously, file this under there's just too much good shit going on in Austin on any given night in any given week. We are spoiled here on all levels. But check this shit out!

The good folks at Knucklerumbler are bringing Sister Nancy back to the Scoot Inn. Meet me out in the yard, we gone kick it! If you were there last time she was here, you already know that her shows are MAGICAL!

And over at The Parish, Brownout and Grimy Styles - two of Austin's finest and most forward thinking and JAMMIN' bands ever will finally share a bill.

Make your decision wisely young knave, or come to Sister Nancy early and then hit that Parish on the late night. In fact, def come to Sister Nancy early, as the Scoot is an outdoor venue I assume she will be off stage by midnight. SO MUCH TO DO! Hope to see you at both shows.

Support independent realness in ATX.

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