Tuesday, January 18, 2011

B L A C K I E allcapswithspaces

MAN IT REALLY WENT DOWN! Apologies in advance for only getting photos of B L A C K I E, but my camera was messing up, flash not working, and I got frustrated.

UPDATE: Photos from Kydd's set here. Check 'em out and thanks so much Alie Jackson!

But I managed to snap one off. This is like 4seconds after B L A C K I E blasted on to the scene at the Mohawk. Right after Kool Keith got off stage outside, B L A C K I E hit the stage, I mean floor, inside.

He brought his own sound system. Here's why.

So yeah I thought this was all I was going to get. And wanted to throw my camera to the dance floor.

But then the crowd started thickening. Cameras came out. Crew54 was in the place with their light, and well, I got a few of B L A C K I E tearing it up.

His Spred Love album is my favorite shit right now. I got it on one sided vinyl. You can get it off him too.

On his website or maybe on the road this week. CHECK OUT B L A C K I E allcapswithspaces at these fine joints: TOUR WITH LEGSWEEPER!! -- 1/18 Canton Co-Op, Dallas -- 1/19 ACAC, Little Rock -- 1/20 Green Womb, Nashville -- 1/21 Kevin Sorbo Hut, Philadelphia -- 1/22 Dead Herring, Brooklyn -- 1/23 Princess Fortress, New Brunswick -- 1/25 Atlanta -- 1/26 Monroe -- 1/27 Triple Crown, San Marcos -- 1/28 San Antonio -- 1/29 Fitzgeralds, Houston -- 1/30 Austin

Anyway, dude is a monster. From Houston. repping both that real rap side and that real noise side. If you don't know, Houston is a classic noise city. A real hub. A spot. Man. B L A C K I E represents so much that I see as real about Houston. Super real deal. And total madness.

Which is what I'm talking about.

I shoulda got way more photos, but they'd have all come out like below, which ain't terrible I guess, but might get old after 20 or so.

My man Crite was in the house,

As was the man Mr. Cree aka Crop Diggie who ended up serving as host for the night. Seen here with Brooks Scott!

Anyway man, I am mad I don't have any pics of Bavu Blakes and Kydd but I'm gonna post footage soon so you can see how hard they both ripped it. Bavu came back to Austin with a vengeance. Boydoin' big thangs mayne I no ya fill dat, Kydd too, it's really goin' down out here. Thanks to all who came out.