Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Not Just Comedy This Weekend
Freddie Gibbs, LOEGz, Worldwide + more at Red 7
Twilight Circus & Pato Banton at Flamingo Cantina!

Yo seriously this is gonna be off the chain. What a weekend. Seemed like we had a few weeks after SXSW where almost nothing was going on and now Austin is back in fool swing again. Hard for elderly folks like me, but I know you younguns have got to be happy. If you know anything about real music that is. Firstly, on Friday night my brothers at have Freddie Gibbs, Worldwide, League of Extraordinary G'z, P-Dukes and more tearing it up at Red 7. This is going to be off the chain. Also on Friday night Flamingo Cantina hosts Twilight Circus Dub Soundsystem. Probably my favorite non-Jamaican dub reggae group of all time, outside of my fam, Grimy Styles. These dudes are from Canada/The Netherlands, but really are from outer space. I jam the hell out of them and I'm stoked to finally see them live. Then on Saturday night Flamingo Cantina hosts the British reggae legend Pato Banton. Real talk he's one of the first reggae artists that REALLY got me into reggae when I was like 15 years old. Not kidding. I liked reggae and bought a copy of a British reggae compilation from Graham's Records in Edinboro, PA a looooong time ago, and from there became obsessed with Pato. Gonna be amazing to see him at Flamingo. And of course on Friday night as well, my dudes Sage Francis and B. Dolan will be tearing up the spot. What a crazy weekend! Excited to see what B. Dolan brings. Hope he brings the church show series to Austin soon!
This city is insane.

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