Tuesday, May 15, 2012

AUSTIN! We have a Guiness Book World Record Holder in our Midst!

David Didonato done did that! Last night just after 7pm he broke the official Guiness Book World Record for longest guitar solo! I'm not totally sure how long he actually went, but the record before him was 24 hours and 18 minutes. I took the kids down to Red 7 after school to check it out, around the 21st hour or so I guess, and dude was SHREDDING, I am talking about really, genuinely getting it in on the guitar, in a Bad Brains t-shirt, in front of 10 people and 2 cameras, just GOING. Respect to him man, I am so glad we got to witness a little bit of history. IMPORTANT history at that.

David Didonato Doing Da Damn Dang

My two chicks posted up at the bar.

The good life indeed! Thanks David for bringing this to ATX!

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