Monday, December 3, 2012

Pics: Doughbeezy & Killa Kyleon at Collective Status
Talib Kweli, 10YR & Lyric Michelle at The Mohawk

MAN! This past Saturday was pretty incredible here in the ATX. Besides being spring like weather, we had two heavy events for hip-hop heads. First off I headed down to Collective Status on 6th Street for the Act Badd Magazine release party where cover dudes Doughbeezy and Killa Kyleon were siging copies and hosting an open mic of sorts. Super fun, like back in the day pass the mic style.

There were even like totally chicks there even.

iPod Ammo on the wheels!

That's a great combo right there, Ammo and Doughbeezy real talk.

Killa just straight wrecked, of course

Doughbeezy is killing the game on the merchandise tip. On that table there he already has more merch than every rapper in the Houston Boom of 2005 combined and multiplied times ten. This is what I like to see.

Also I like to see lil mini Matt Groenings

As you can see it really went down up in there. I got to meet Benjamin, the owner of Collective Status and Miguel Hurtado from Act Badd Magazine. Real cool folks and I really think the next generation is on to something!

Definitely won't be my last time to stop by Collective Status.

Mohawk was insane. Over packed insane. Like totally sold out thanks to these master promoters Aaron Berkowitz of Knuckle Rumbler and Chris Proper of Proper Entertainment. BIG UPS! And thanks for putting Lyric Michelle on.

I first saw Lyric Michelle just a month or so ago. She came out to perform at a couple of our hip-hop the vote events in Houston, and I got to see her rock a couple of songs on the fly. Tonight I got to see her do a full on show and I am telling you, she WRECKED IT!

Super energetic, lyrical, and she alternated between her spoken word poetry and her raps and just killed it.

She most definitely quadrupled her fan base out here in Austin with just one show. Everytime I saw her in the crowd she was getting mini-mobbed by people wanting pictures, CDs, etc. Was a really great thing to see.

That boy Berk and DJ I Wanna Be Her, in the PLACE.

Anyway, it was live.

You can see Lyric Michelle in Austin again on Friday January 11th at the Frontier Bar. Oh yeah, 3 nights of Pushermania produced shows goin' down for FREE WEEK. To launch the new company, Pushermania. More on that later, from Pushermania.

10YR came up next and killed it once again. I have been watching them for the past year and they are still one of my favorite groups in Austin. Someone needs to get them in the studio, we need an album for real.



Lainey and Erin

Yadira pon di mic. You'll hear more from her and 10YR in 2013, I swear. It's time.

My homey Mari in the place always supporting the real music. Seen here with Lyric Michelle. Obviously.

My man Worldwide came out to support! Seen here with iPod Ammo of course. Always great to see yall.

THIS is a combination I need to hear together PRONTO! Worldwide and Doughbeezy need to get on a track, possibly with Yadira Brown on the hook.

San Antonio Super Producer J Money also in the house!

My homey Christie with B. Prophet in the place!

Mari got her a pic with Talib Kweli!

And I caught Yadira and tha Lainsta in the act of foosball

Yes, it really went down. More later.

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