Saturday, February 23, 2008

Got Drank???

Cuz I do...

It's the world's first anti-energy drink! Combining Rose Hips, Melatonin and Valerian Root with a great tasting beverage to um, well, create the world's first anti-energy drink.

I'm a lil scared, but not as scared as I am of the actual energy drinks. See, I need to "slow my roll," cuz I'm a total maniac inside. Energy drinks just jazz me the fuck up. It's also why I don't do cocaine (also, I'm not a squirrel).

Anyway, yeah I got that DRANK, what you need?

(P.S. Note the prescription bottle in the logo. The promo materials, which I will have on Monday, don't have the bottle on them.)


DJ Stef said...
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DJ Stef said...

I need some of that, I can't hang with the energy drinks.