Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I've got a question

Why the fuck is congress dealing with rap music and steroid use in baseball? They should be working to legalize marijuana and finding new ways to give welfare and health care to 30-something slacker dudes who need it such as myself.

But no, they are talking about baseball. A gazillion dollar industry that in reality has nothing to do with whats really important in our world.

They some fools to me. I say let all athletes do all the drugs they want. Extend the baseball field to 10,000 feet from the plate to the home run wall. Give us something to watch, and quit worrying about who's who and what's what. Just stop.

You're wasting my time and tax dollars. Free Roger Clemens. Free us all. Legalize steroids. Fuck it.


mophonics said...

I was just having this conversation...We are at war, our kids have no healthcare, people are getting shot on street corners everyday, and the rest of the world hates us...I wonder why

AaronQ said...

On the reaaaalll... if a bunch of grown-ass millionaires want to juice up, let 'em do it. They're fully aware of both the dangers and the disgrace that comes from doing it.

And its not helping that they're putting it all out there in the media so these young kids are looking at all their sports heroes constantly being accused of taking steroroids... a lot of them getting the idea that roids must be how they get to that next level.

Yeaaa... go 'head n just extend that field, play ball!

ProHipHop said...

I don't even understand how the government can get in on this with hearings and the like.

But I do think that players' unions are a joke. These guys are some of the best in the world at what they do and they can't even control their own destiny within the leagues.

So now they have to deal with the government.

That goes all pro sports. These players never got beyond the game they're playing to understand bigger games and now they're getting used.

And so are we.

Clyde, that ProHipHop guy.