Sunday, July 27, 2008

Killer Mike Live in Austin + Round Rock Express Holdin' Down Round Rock Knowm Talm Bout

It sure as hell WENT DOWN last night up ta the Parish down here in Austin. There's not a lot of MC's/Musicians that can make me make the trek down to 6th Street on a Saturday night, but Killer Mike is special. He's one of the most important voices in hip hop today and well, shit, I guess a lot of you don't really give a fuck about that.

Cuz a lot of y'all missed out. But whatever, the show was off the chain.

Coulie FLy opened the show rather early but I am glad I caught his set. I didn't get to speak to him but I seem to remember him rapping when he was crazy young, way back in the day in Austin and Houston. Wanted to ask him if he was the same dude.

Da COD came on second and really wrecked. Look out for them.

Matter of fact all the acts tonight are ones you should look out for. It was a real diverse line up and a great sampling of the current state of Austin. D tha Sandman of Southbound seen here.


Gerald G and Staci Russel brought the house down once again

Kush aka Dope E of the Terrorists WENT OFF!

The Mighty DRED SKOT!

Kevin and his brother Phillip Marshal. Kevin is part of Same Struggle and put together one hell of a show.

Melissa and Shana.

Pimpin' Pen and OG Bootleg (who surely got way better flicks than me. Peep him out HERE.)

Tanner and Kevin PUT IT DOWN! Thank's so much for bringing Killer Mike to Austin y'all.

1/2 Da COD and Bavu Blakes

Starchy Archie & Scooby of the Grit Boys

Will Hustle

Grit Boys on stage!

Killer Mike and Rapid Ric

He went OFF.

SL Jones up next

And then it was over and we got the fuck out of the damn vicinity.

Friday night however, we made the trek out to Round Rock to watch the Express trounce the Grizzlies. Word to Craig Stewart for passing on his tickets to us. I love this lil stadium. It even has a pool.

Real talk knowm sayin'?

Zigaboo in the place

That my boy right thurr.

Melissa & Sun-Jue

This dude hit a home run for real

Anyway this is how we do.

Summer's almost over....


Thurogood Wordsmith said...


Cooley Fly and I went to Austin MediaTech Institute back in ’04. He’s been puttin’ it down since before that in Austin. His CD is nice too. He has gotta a style all his own.



claphands said...

Loved that show. Everyone was on point except for the fucking Grit Boys. Ghetto Reality in Texas is an awesome album and deserves national recognition, but it's sad that they weren't going to earn any Austin fans with that set. Though playing a "size of our rims" set (which can be great) after Dred Skott plays some pretty hot disses against bling rap certainly isn't an easy thing to do.