Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Red Bull Big Tune Round Up and More

Well not much more. Basically this past weekend my man Mr. Cree got married so my boy Scavone and his wife Astra came to visit, and well, I just haven't found time to blog in a good week. Which isn't doing you, me, or anybody else any good. So I'ma get to it.

Last week IT WENT DOWN! The Red Bull Big Tune Producers Battle returned to Houston and it was like last year only even better. The night was just straight up magical man. Everyone brought their A Game and in the end, Houston's Sound Mob reigned supreme. I'm still pulling hard for Picnictyme, cuz the boy on another planet and shit, but man, Sound Mob is REAL!

Anyway, the night before the battle, everyone got together at the Cotton Exchange, my man KB's place for drinks and appetizers and to take photos and get the run down of how the event was about to go down.

Picnictyme and S-1 came down to represent for Dallas and pretty much killed it. I think sound issues affected S-1's early showing. And well, I think Picnic was affected by not being on the home (Houston) team. He had the crowd FLIPPING OUT, but in the end, only maybe 20 people in the crowd of 900 really knew who he was. So odds were stacked against him.
But whatever, not for nothing, every producer on that stage is making moves. I'm proud of my people in my state!

The ARE won last year. You probably know him best from his work with the K-Otix. Seen here with Cozmos, who also did beats for K-Otix, and was also maybe a little affected by early sound issues. Dude is a beast on them beats.

The Are with organizers J. Moore and Jake One. Super dudes who I have to give big thanks to for creating this event AND bringing it to Houston two years in a row.

T-Gray held it down on the tables during the pre-event.

The ladies of Red Bull. MY PEOPLE!

T-Gray was DJing outside the event on the huge Red Bull TANK of sorts, seen here greating Baby Jae of the Krackernuttz.

Cozmos and Baby Jae outside the event

Michael Watts of the Swisha House was our featured DJ, he opened up the night with nothing but new, underground Houston bangers. And Mr. Lee was our featured producer for the evening. He produced MANY Houston bangers, and more.

Picnictyme once again!

Marcus, another organizer who I gotta give it up to!
(PS Send me a new GOODS hat. I been wearing this one for 365 daze and shit)

Fiyah and freind. Fiyah did a lil beat box during Willie D's set and KILLED IT!

Where's tyhe YouTube of Willie D's set? Also, how many y'all mothafuckaz voted for Hillary Clinton? Man I bet that bitch mad than a mothafucka.

You don't have to understand that right there.


EQ came in second. She's off the chain as well!

Giselle and super producer MIKE DEAN!

Kay of the Foundation! I gotta hip you to this dudes skatboard he has out with Cipher. Also pick up his project he just did with Nicolay from Holland. Straight bangers.


DJ Domo and Willie D. Y'all gonna see the Geto Boys at Warehouse Live Friday or what?



Lil Young is the newest signee to the Swisha House. RECOGNIZE!


Legendary K-O!


Super Producers in the hizzy - Domo and Mr. Lee

Willie D and them folks!


Mic of K-Otix and his lovely wife

Mr. Lee and my bro Lil J da Mex Connect!

GANGSTA RAP LEGENDS! Mr. Mike and E-Rock of the 5th Ward Boyz. If this was a baseball card in a set it'd be #0001


Perseph1 and Kam are MY PEOPLE! Kam is the best in the street promo game out there. Holler if you need someone in the streets of the H and I'll hook you up.

I don't be cuffin'.

T. Piper!


Ricky Baby held it down for Mr. Lee during his segment making sure everyone in the house knew exactly who they were hearing.

Smoo-G got the footage!

Anyway it was a magnanimous event. Youtube links after these:

WORD TO CHRIS AND ANNABELL EDWARDS! Finally tied the know. I have known Chris, aka Crop Diggy aka Mr. Cree since Andre Walker introduced us in 1991. He was in a group called Sociopath Left, and early Austin institution. Wild, underground, avant garde, weird, boom bap hip hop from early 90's Texas! We ended up living together in Brooklyn for most of 1994, where we met Scavone...

Seen between us in this pic right here. Was nice to all reunite.

Anyway, it's official; now. Check out some of the videos from the BIG TUNE big night, and if anyone has video of Willie D's set I NEEEEEEEEED IT!


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