Monday, March 22, 2010

DJ Stef done laced us with some SXSW Videos!

Man every year since I started working full time for SXSW I say "Here's some photos/videos and I'll write a bit more later." Well honestly, I don't know if I am going to write anymore, but I have a handful of photos to post and here's some videos my favorite DJ in the world, DJ Stef done gave me from her flip cam. Peep em out, there's so much to tell, but whatever, this is a good start. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen man, it was MAGICAL! Hip-Hop at SXSW is not going to stop...

Click Here to see SXSW Rap Videos on!

And check these clips out that my girl DJ Stef done gave me! Click em and watch em on YouTube full screen and such, they all out of wack on the blog.

Chalie Boy Live at the Best In Texas Hip-Hop Show!

Peter Rosenberg's Noisemakers with Bun B

And well, suffice it to say, the New Orleans Bounce show WENT DOWN!

DJ Jubilee

Katey Red

And here's a video from a pre-SXSW show that I went to with DJ Stef. FREE FALL! See below for photos and more info...

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DJ Stef said...

That New Orleans Bounce showcase was the best!!