Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Texas Relays Events in Austin This Weekend!

Man! It hits me every freakin' year. Just a couple weeks after SXSW ends, the Texas Relays start. That's way too much partying in two weeks time for even the most fervent college age spring breaker, let alone my old ass. But I'ma try and see what I can see. Rest assured these flyers only represent a small percentage of what's gonna be on and poppin' in the city this weekend.

I heard Bizzy Bone and Hurricane Chris has a show at the Expo Center and Bavu Blakes will be live in concert at The Highball. Need to find those flyers.

Also Happy Easter. Click all the flyers to see them full size!

First up a benefit for the big homey J. Kapone. As some of you may know, he was picked up on federal charges as part of a bit of a sting in Austin recently. Well J. was picked up in Memphis, but it was part of a bigger thing. Help the man out, he, like everyone else in this world, deserves a fair trial.

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